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APRIL 2019 THREESOME REPORT: Trike News, Autocycle Adventures and Sidecar Views

Ever-Changing Three-Wheeled World Coverage

Complied by Ujjwal Dey

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Super bikes have nothing on this twin-turbo V8 trike


This wonder trike-thing with three wheels or less is unusual and it just needs to be shared.


Enter the latest project from ProBoost, a Finnish company that has specialised in modifying motorbikes and snowmobiles since '94.



With their motto "power is everything", it's only fitting that a custom trike powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 is currently being built by the garage.


The engine, gearbox, wheels, differential and subframe are all taken from an BMW E38 740i.



The V8 made 210kW/400Nm, but with forced induction, numbers should be over 270kW/520Nm.


Previosuly, ProBoost made a bike called the M1, which runs the same twin-turbo BMW V8 and is somehow road legal.




ProBoost even sells the frame, so people can make their own BMW-powered monster trike.


ProBoost website



Love Bug project turned into a wedding car


Cape Town – Corrie started working on the dream car he wanted to drive to his wedding before he even had a partner to propose to.


Parow resident Corrie Oosthuizen started his love project after returning from Thailand, where he had been living for six years.


“I had dated a Thai lady while living abroad and it was there that I was given the nickname ‘khn thì mì hawc thì dì’. It was only after about two years that I asked my then girlfriend what this nickname meant, and was told ‘the man with a good heart’.



“This stuck in my head and I decided I had to live up to this name and live out its meaning,” he said.


While living in Thailand, Oosthuizen said he had a good relationship but missed home and his language very much.


“So I prayed about it and asked God to give me my soulmate and was specific about what I wanted.


‘‘I always say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it,” Oosthuizen said.


Shortly after returning to South Africa, he said he started work on his customised “car trike” through the help of good friend Jan Botha, owner of Insane Customs.


“Jan called me one day and said he saw a Volkswagen Beetle rear end for sale. I bought it and that’s where my five-year journey with the Love Bug started. Jan’s work is just insane,” he said.


Oosthuizen said he wanted his car trike to reflect his nickname and shared his vision for the vehicle with Botha, who worked tirelessly on creating the perfect car.


Botha, a plumber by day, said he created custom vehicles as a hobby.


Oosthuizen said: “While working on the Love Bug, I had told all my friends that this was my wedding car, and they would laugh and mock me because I had no partner or love interest at the time.


“But I kept at it and told them this car was going to drive me to my wedding.”


Nearly three years ago, Oosthuizen met his now-wife Sonja.


“Sonja is my son’s mother-in-law and we got to know each other better when I moved back to South Africa.”


Oosthuizen and Botha, who were determined to drive the custom car on the wedding day, worked on it until 3o’clock on the morning of the Oosthuizens’ wedding.


“The gear lever broke but we fixed it and I got to drive my dream car with the woman of my dreams,” said Oosthuizen.


The Love Bug, with its custom-built steel body, is available for rentals for any occasion. “Even divorces,” Oosthuizen laughed.



Ten-race World Sidecar calendar announced for 2019


World Sidecar bosses have this morning announced a six-round, ten race calendar for 2019.


The season will kick off at Le Mans in April and finish at Navarra in Spain at the end of October.


-       20 April FFM Le Mans France

-       29-30 June MAMS Pannonia Ring Hungary (2 races)

-       20-21 July DMSB Oschersleben Germany (2 races)

-       18 August KNMV Assen The Netherlands

-       23-25 August HMS Grobnik-Rijeka Croatia (2 races)

-       19-20 October RFME Navarra Spain (2 races)



8 Cool Things About the Can-Am Ryker


In the ten years since that first Spyder, these unique Can-Am three-wheelers have become a legitimate, even popular alternative to motorcycles.



The base model starts at $16,000, and goes to over $25,000 for a loaded Touring model. The new Ryker is Can-Am's entry-level trike, starting at $8,499 and built to give the same fun and stability on twisty roads as its bigger models. Here's what to know about it.



You Can Get Two or Three Cylinders - The standard 600cc twin-cylinder develops 47 horsepower and 35 lb-ft of torque. Plunk down another $1,500 and you get a 900cc triple with 77 horsepower and 56 lb-ft of torque. The Ryker 600 is 22 pounds lighter (594 pounds) than the 900 (616 pounds).


It's Really Easy to Ride -Ryker is accessible to new riders ruling out a manual transmission, and a semi-automatic dual clutch would've been too expensive to keep the base price under $9,000. So Can-Am used a twist-and-go transmission that it's had experience building: a CVT.


“You worry less about shifting and spend more time enjoying the drift," says engineering product manager Vincent Varaldi. And no one likes a manual transmission in traffic.



It Fits Just About Anyone – Sitting on the Ryker is not a problem - the handlebars and foot pegs can be adjusted fore and aft without any tools in just a few seconds, which can be helpful if you change road conditions.


Good Cornering - The Ryker sits lower, with the seat only 23.5 inches above the road. When you hit a set of switchbacks, it feels planted. And the steering is manual, but it gives you that connected-to-the-road feedback. The downside: that precise steering can be too sensitive at freeway speed and can follow undulations in the pavement.


Rally Edition - This costs $10,999 and includes adjustable KYB dampers, an inch more wheel travel, and tires developed for enhanced off-highway traction. The seat also has more foam, to soften some of the rough road bumps.



You Can Adjust the Stability Control -  Ryker 900’s instrument cluster has a rubberized button for you to toggle through Eco and Sport modes. Engaging Sport loosens up the stability-control program and allows for smoky burnouts.



Swing Arm Is a Work of Art - The Ryker uses a shaft drive to get the power from the engine to the rear wheel, and without a belt drive or chain, the single-sided aluminum swing arm looks clean and beautiful. Varaldi says a chain would have been too long and a belt would have required the seat to be raised, which would raise the center of gravity. Shaft drive on some motorcycles can produce a clunky, jacking effect in the driveline, but the Ryker was easy.


Color customization – Ryker is fitted with flat black body panels and wheels and looks especially futuristic, like something created by Batman’s Wayne Enterprises. But if you wanted to go orange, the panels can be swapped in about five minutes.



TruNorth Global™ Launches With Custom Trike by Paul Jr. Designs Featured on American Chopper


CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A second custom bike designed for TruNorth Global™ by Paul Teutul, Jr. of Paul Jr. Designs was featured last night on the Discovery Channel's American Chopper. TruNorth Global™, the leader in medium and heavy-duty truck protection, commissioned the custom build in conjunction with the launch of its new offering for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks,, powered by TruNorth.


The "dually-trike" was unveiled at an exclusive, invitation-only event for TruNorth Warranty customers and dealers held at the Daytona Beach Brewery Company in February 2019, and taped for last night's Season 12, Episodes 7 and 8 of American Chopper


It Features an oversized, dual rear wheels, a trailer hitch, and custom crash bars and floorboards aligns with the new brand's focus on medium-duty commercial work trucks.


"Knowing TruNorth and understanding their brands, customers, and position as an innovative force in their industry, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do for the bike," Teutul said. "It probably helps that I have a long history with work trucks. In my family's steel business, we would get trucks without the beds on them and build rack bodies for our welders to accommodate their torches and everything else you need to do steel fabrication. I practically lived in work trucks early in my career."


Teutul wanted to take a futurist approach to the type of trucks he grew up with, but still "maintain that work truck vibe" with the hitch on the back and bigger wheels to give it a 'beefy' look. To carry out his vision, Teutul designed a trike with dual rear wheels. "It's six feet two inches wide in the rear but only nine feet long. We wanted to make it feel really stout, so we shortened it up in the back and put a shorter front end on it with a fatter front tire," he said.


"The bike made quite an impression in Daytona. I don't think anyone was expecting a trike—let alone one capable of pulling a race truck," said Tru North Global™ CEO, William Eskridge. "Paul nailed it once again."



"It was really a 'prefect storm' scenario," said TruNorth Global™ CMO, Barry Wilson. "We had engaged Paul with our NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series program, and he designed the paint scheme for the race truck, which also debuted the same day as the dually-trike reveal, in the NextEra Energy 250 at Daytona International Speedway. So, using the dually-trike to tow the #45 race truck — during race week in Daytona — was a huge hit with our dealers, many of whom are longtime fans of Paul's work."


One of the challenges Teutul and his team faced during the build was how to make the dual rear tires appear proportional. "When we built the trike, I liked it, but I wasn't completely satisfied. I knew I had to do something about the width," he said. "I decided to do crash bars and built-in floorboards to transition the eye from the front of the bike to those fat back tires, creating a triangular shape, which also resulted in a higher-functioning bike."


Towing capacity presented another challenge. "That's not something we ever had to consider in our previous builds," Teutul said. "To make it work, we put a very tall sprocket on the rear and a small sprocket on the front in order to gear the bike low enough to pull the truck and, at the same time, overcome the height of the rear wheels."



"When you have very tall wheels you have to gear the bike low to get it started," he added. "Once you're going it's fine, but it's got to get out of the hole, or it tends to stall. With those modifications, the trike pulled the race truck like it wasn't even there."


"I have to say the trike is unquestionably one of my favorite projects of all time," Teutul added. "There's not another trike out there like it—period. It's one of one; the Trü North folks actually call it a dually-trike."


The custom trike represents the third collaboration to-date in the TrüNorth/Paul Jr. Designs relationship. Episode 2 of this season's American Chopper, which aired on February 19, featured the TrüNorth Warranty™ custom chopper build.


TruNorth plans to take both bikes on tour to client dealerships throughout the year.


About - offers the most comprehensive coverage available for protecting commercial work trucks with the highest limits and lowest cost, making it easy and economical for owner-operators, fleet owners, lessees, and used truck dealers to protect their valuable work truck assets. Our standard program Class 3-7 commercial work truck warranties cover five major components: engine, transmission, differential, turbo, and after-treatment. And there's no waiting period. All warranties offer day-one coverage and real-time claims tracking through the industry's only mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


·       10 years old and newer vehicle coverage

·       Multi-year options for Engine, Transmission, and/or Differentials, as well as Turbo and Emissions packages

·       24/7 live claims service

·       Multilingual call center assistance

·       Experienced claims and warranty support associates

·       Mobile claims app and GPS location technology



About TruNorth Global™ - At TruNorth Global™, our commitment to keeping our customers on the road drives everything we do, from providing the most comprehensive aftermarket coverage in the industry through our TruNorth and OEM2 warranties, to our TruTow roadside assistance service, programs for Class 3-7 commercial work trucks, and flexible private-label programs based on the needs of our dealer partners and their hard-working customers. Our real-time GPS tracking technology and 24/7 direct access to claims representatives via phone, web, mobile App and text are just a few examples of our ongoing resolve to continue paving the way for the future of our industry.


By employing the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary and customer service, and offering outstanding program value, we have solidified our position as the global industry leader in transportation-related warranty programs and services. More importantly, we continue to earn the trust and confidence of the fleets, finance companies, drivers, dealers and communities in which we operate through a reputation built on honesty, integrity and financial strength. For more information visit 


Contact: Barry R. Wilson, CMO TruNorth Global, 704-875-9028


SOURCE TruNorth Global



Boss Hoss Lamborghini, Party At The Front And At The Back


This  is the work of German shop Boss Hoss Cycles Germany. The concept, commissioned by a client—who might or might not be sporting a mullet and gold chains—was to combine the front-end of a Boss Hoss, famed V8 motorcycles maker, with the backend of a Lamborghini Aventador.



The Tike—is a 445-hp, 6.2L V8 engine. It offers the 445 hp, 445 lb-ft torque LS 445 mill which is the power inside this transformation. The Chevy six-liter block produces higher hp and torque.



The powerplant is the weapon of choice since the founder Monte Warne created the first Boss Hoss in 1990.


The American Boss Hoss who built it, that’s actually half right because it was actually put together by their branch in Germany.


THAT’S THE TRIKE TRIVIA AND NEWS FOR NOW – Write to us at for sharing your adventures, experience, reviews and feedback.


Let us know if you are a Dealer or Custom Builder and we will give you a global platform to share your work and accomplishments.



RIDE ON!!! - Wayfarer

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