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Ride Forever -
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2014 Indian Chief Classic Build, Part 4

Paint, And a Barnett Clutch for the Ride to the Smoke Out

By Bandit with photos by the crew at American Biker

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We are less than a month from Riding from Charleston, SC to the dreaded Myrtle Beach with a military escort just to party at Suck Bang and Blow, and then it’s off to SmokeOut 16 in RockingChair, NC for three days of solid party action.

In many respects this is a new motorcycle brand so we have the opportunity to run with any new aftermarket parts available. Barnett is a natural with a long history of solid clutch parts and cables. I’ve wanted to try Barnett Clutches for a while. I’ve used their cables and cable making system for years. They are one of the classic names in the industry.

“I recently ordered a custom clutch cable from Barnett’s for my S&S Race Bike,” said Ray C. Wheeler the Bikernet Performance Editor. “I swear when they set the phone down they dashed to the shop, made the cable, and slammed it in a box. It arrived the next day. Incredible!”

Plus, my Indian paint is almost done, but I suspect foul play. I don’t think the Indian dealership owner, Rich Worley, from American Biker, in Charleston, SC, wants me to see the final paint just yet. I complained about the flat chested girl on the tank. I’m a tit man, and maybe he took it to heart. Who the hell knows, but I only have a few teaser shots from the paint so far.

I’m hoping to talk to Rob, the American Biker Indian Tech, about the Barnett carbon- fiber clutch install. It's almost a kick to be replacing a brand new Indian clutch with this high-performance job and a set of five heavy-duty springs and six Barnett steel plates. Here’s the Barnett description:

Barnett Complete Clutch Kit- 2014-15 Indian Chief/Chieftain

Barnett has added a new clutch kit to their long line of clutch applications and this time it’s for the 2014-15 Indian Chief/Chieftain. This complete clutch kit features Barnett’s exclusive Carbon Fiber segmented friction plates, which provide better oil flow for cooler clutch temps and smoother, more consistent performance.

Completing the kit is a set of tempered steel plates and a set of heat-treated, heavy-duty coil springs. To order, please contact your dealer or visit us at Made in the USA.

Part #303-40-20014
MSRP: $186

Barnett Clutches & Cables
2238 Palma Dr.
Ventura, CA 93003
Ph: 805-642-9435

I caught Rob from American Biker near closing time. “There’s not much to say,” Rob said. The cover was off, so I just removed the shouldered 6 mm bolts holding the pressure plate in place, replaced the clutch pack and re-installed the pressure place.”

I asked him to compare the Barnett clutch with the Indian unit. “There is more carbon fiber clutch surface on the new Barnett plates and the springs are heavy duty,” Rob added.

He torqued the spring bolts touched with blue Loctite, to 115 inch pounds and the system was good to go. “Have you seen the mufflers?”

I hadn’t.

The shop modified them, since D&D still didn’t have a two-into-one system developed.

“I’ll send you a photo tomorrow,” Rob teased. Hang on for the next report.


American Biker, Charleston, SC

Click for more info: 679 Treeland Drive, Ladson, SC 29456. 843-641-0258
Click for more info: 679 Treeland Drive, Ladson, SC 29456. 843-641-0258



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