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New, Less Expensive Advertising Opportunities

By Keith Ball and the crew

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NEW BIKERNET AND Bikernet Blog Programs

To keep Bikernet moving forward in the New Decade, our Roaring '20s, we've shuffled things around a bit.  We now focus on the Bikernet Blog as the Free active section, made selected Bikernet Content available for free and all archived 24 years of content in Bandit's Cantina. Unlike almost any other journalistic web site, when you read an article, you won't be buried with ads and pop-ups.

The Bikernet Blog will be action-packed daily and accessible for free. 
 So, from a business side here’s how it will work for 2020 and beyond. We will continue to build great content featuring the Weekly News, a variety of features and tech articles.
This is what the 2-year membership scores, sometimes more.
This is what the 2-year membership scores, sometimes more.

Our readers can stay abreast of all the archived action on Bikernet by joining the Cantina for as little as $24 yearly or $39 for two years. They will also receive a special package containing an assortment of Bikernet goodies, bling and a signed book from K. Randall Ball.


Industry members, if you'd like us to keep supporting your company and promote your products, events or services with editorials, we will do so for a mere $98 a year. Keep sending your press releases and we will take care of them.

For the company that wants to reach thousands of Bikernet Blog readers, Bikernet fans and be apart of our twice a week email blasts (plus a 2 million social media reach) it's just $165 a month. Your logo will be featured constantly on the Bikernet Blog home page and the Bikernet Home Page. This also means all of your company content is archived on Bikernet for the duration working 24/7 and supported with your direct link or banner ad. 
The more we write about you, the more banners are placed, no extra charge. At the end of one year you could have 30 plus banners featured on Bikernet.

All the best for our Roaring '20s!
Keith R. Ball

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