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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition

Re-Birth of a Shovelhead Part II

Engine, Frame and the Charolette Show

By Mike Pullin with photos from his lovely wife, Vickie

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It has been awhile since I gave an update on my Shovelhead project. Things happened, that we had no control over, including hurricanes and flooding, but we survived.

The past couple of weeks we have made BIG progress!

The frame is off to powder coating and the frame will get a chrome swingarm. Interesting about the swingarm, you can buy the chrome version for less than the black version. Shows how styling trends have changed, black is the hot finish nowadays, but for me it has been overdone. For an ‘82 Shovel the chrome fit best.

The wheels are a 21-inch front and 16-inch rear. The tires are Shinko, and I have heard good and bad about them but they are new and were on the bike when I got it, so I am giving them a try.

The wheels are getting new drilled brake rotors. Handlebars are 12-inch apes by KromeWerks. Hand controls are polished GMA units. There will be a new Le Pera two up seat with diamond stitch.

The heads are dual plugged and the bike had two coils. I opted to go with one coil with four outlets to clean it up a bit. There are a lot of other things that are new, little detail things.

When I first set out on this adventure I was just going to fix the starter drive and ride it. I am a detail freak and the more we did and the more I looked, the more my list grew, because I knew I would never be satisfied with not doing it right and making her shine. ?

It is not a show bike it is going to be a rider, but I have always had an eye for detail. With that being said the old girl got a lot of chrome Allen bolts and chrome acorn nuts.

One of the fun parts for me doing a project like this is finding and gathering parts. Some guys have to have everything original and that is cool but not me. I like the custom side of bikes. I found a couple of original parts at the swap meet but most have come from aftermarket suppliers. Several distributors have catalogs devoted to older bikes. Some came from J&P’s Vintage catalog, BIKERS CHOICE and TEDS V-TWIN.

Remember when I said it is not a show bike, well with that being said if things go as planned I am entering it the EASYRIDERS BIKE SHOW here in Charlotte, NC January 26--27 for the fun of it. After all I remember that is what we used to do, build all winter and be ready for the shows! Some of us still do!

I would like to thank again Jay and Dean at Hollywood's Cycles and my wife Vicki for never complaining and her encouragement.
Until next time, KEEP BUILDING!






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