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Wednesday Edition

Oil Pump and Cam Plate for M8 powered H-D models

By Bikernet

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NEW FROM THE S&S MASTERMINDS - Oil Pump and Cam Plate for M8 powered H-D models.

Oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of an engine and getting it into and out of the right places at the right times can be a matter of life or death for internal components.


This is where the folks at S&S step in with their proven dual scavenge pump technology in a brand new design for the M8 drivetrain.

Independent scavenge sections for flywheel cavity as well as cam chest combine to create a superior tool for distributing oil throughout your engine, debris screens and a powerful magnet keep the flotsam from following it. 

Increased flow capacity on both feed and scavenge side as well as adjustable pressure relief valve are all designed to keep lubricant flowing throughout your engine under even the most extreme conditions. 

Matched to the billet aluminum S&S cam plate and you’ve created the perfect combination of oil management in your M8 powered touring or H-D Softail model. Check out the details at www.sscycle.com/m8-oil-pumps-cam-plates/



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