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Wednesday Edition

S&S Super E and G Carbs - Now available in black

By Bikernet

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NEW S&S STUFF ALERT - S&S Super E and G Carbs - Now available in black

Carburetors are a bit magical. They drink from a tank of volatile liquid, mix in oxygen they found laying around and create a perfectly proportioned explosive mixture, yet allow you to control the delivery with a subtle twist of your wrist. Magic, indeed. 

The folks at S&S Cycle have long ago sorted the wizardry of mixing air and fuel into a joyous recipe for horsepower and happiness and their latest blacked out version takes that to the next level. Having previously only been produced in limited quantities and sizes, the Blacked out Super E and Super G will now be readily available for your next big twin, FXR or H-D Sportster build. 

These highly tunable carbs can be had through your local dealer as well as direct from S&S Cycle. Click here to learn more: https://www.sscycle.com/black-carbs/

--David Zemla


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