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Thursday Edition

Count Down to Bonneville 2014, July 17, 2014

34 days and the 5-Ball Racing team will be on the way to Bonneville.

Ray Wheeler

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34 days with a sleepless night and an early get-the-hell-up and your 5-Ball Racing Team will Haul ASS in an easterly direction on the cool black top at a rapid pace. Destination is the Bonneville Salt Flats. 

Distance from the well oiled gate exiting headquarters front door to the city of Wendover, Utah is a leisurely 644.95 miles, 10 hours and 27 minutes.

The “Raycer” is RUNNING

Monday morning bright and early spoke with Dan Thayer at  in Confu, New York.  The gremlin from last year was discovered. The airflow sensor was not doing the job. The faulty unit was replaced and the 124 inch Twin Cam, Hyperformence/R&R Cycle, Series 66 Aerocharger Turbo combination FIRED and idled on 91 Octane pump gas. 

Dan was headed to the local Hot Rod Fuel distributor for 10 gallons of Race Fuel. The “Raycer” is scheduled for Dyno time Thursday or Friday.  

Keyboard Shipping has scheduled a New York pick up on Monday the 21st, delivering to Headquarters in the Port of Los Angeles,  Tuesday the 29th. 

Clicked on the  site and used their handy calculator to determine the Co Efficiency of Drag and needed horsepower to achieve targeted speeds.  

You and your latest love have got to be slippery to go fast. A coat of Lemon Pledge everywhere except the seat and seat of the  hide saving Vanson Tuxedo. 

A 200 mph pass requires 219.411 HP…. 210 MPH, 253.647 HP, 220 MPH, 291.294 HP. The faster you roll, more resistance is encountered and more horsepower is needed.  A 250 MPH pass requires a mere 426.588 HP.  But, wait, there’s much more. Don’t forget, traction may also be at a premium for a multitude of reasons. 

With our Screamin Eagle 6 speed the math indicates we’ll cruise at 200 MPH @ 5,576 RPM in 5th gear.  Try to remember, it’s all Blue Sky and Bullshit until the official time slip is lowered by a length of fishing line, in a tin can from an SCTA official stationed in the timing tower with your timed and printed numbers.  

Haul Ass!
Ride for Your Life!
Ray C Wheeler
Performance Editor

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