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Count Down to Bonneville 2014, June 19, 2014

5-Ball Racing Report

By Ray Wheeler

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Life is non-stop from sun up to midnight or later at the Bikernet Interplanetary Headquarters located in the Port of Los Angeles.  This Sunday is another day of racing at ElMirage…. 

The 5-Ball Racing Teams Raycer is closing in on the last pieces of a multiple piece puzzle. Every piece from the frame up has been tried and changed numerous times in an attempt to build a… 'Keep It Simple Machine' for a shot at a safe adrenaline gushing, near heart stopping ride on the salt at the BUB Speed Trials in August. 

The Crew at Marc Susmans shop in Anahiem, CA., Classic and Custom Rides seem to be on a roll these days. The head fabricator, Juan is creating our latest air plenum in-between my freeway challenging road trips to Long Beach for trial fitment on the hot rod after the pieces are tacked. 

Seems we have a final fit as of Wednesday… 

The inside of the air plenum and all piping will be polished to a microscopic fish hook finish that may or may not make a flyin shit in the fuel atomization process at warp speed. All in the honor of the salt gods, we are offering all we can muster.

Starting with the backing plate out, Marc has created a first class, heavy duty unit capable of storing and delivering ice cold air and fuel in abundance.   

The intercooler will be sealed and equipped with a serrated ice tray designed to hold dry ice pellets…. minus 110 degrees of cooling directly above the intercooler. 

Fresh air will be delivered via 2 air scoops strategically located in the tail section. Location to be determined during wind tunnel time scheduled for early August. 

Dry ice provides temperatures between -78.5 degrees Celsius to -109.3 degrees. Dry ice is colder than water ice and leaves no residue as it changes state. 

The composition results in low thermal and electrical conductivity. 

Damn good thing as the fuel lines, electrical fuel pump and one filter will be under the tail section next to the dry ice pellets, providing cool fuel to the Horse Power Inc 62mm throttle body.  

Stay tuned we have a few more surprises in store. Here's a sneak peak at the latest creation out of Marc Susmans Classic and Custom Rides shop.  

These stellar hubs are offered with one piece or lug drive composite rotors from Paul Kittrell at Lyndall Racing Brakes.  Amazing. 

That’s all for now…Stay Tuned…Ride often, ride safe and Haul ASS!

Haul Ass!
Ride for Your Life!
Ray C Wheeler
Performance Editor

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