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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

Head Wear that is Fashionable, Functional and Fits!

DesignWraps Brands Headwrap.

By Mistress Chris

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I received this Headwrap just as winter set in, and decided I wanted to try it out on a bike and give it a really good test ride.  So, that being said it’s taken this long for the rain to stop and Lord only knows we have seen a LOT of rain and cold up here in the Pacific Northwest!  With a few good sunny and somewhat warm days we took the bike out and I had the chance to test my Headwrap.

I originally received the CLEAR RHINESTONE TRIBAL SCROLL – Black Stretch Total Wrap from Jan Peterson at Design Wraps Brands in a very speedy manner with 2 day delivery and Priority Mail.  It was nicely packaged in a see through plastic bag, which showed a black headwrap with a crystal tribal design.  It is very pretty, eye catching and compliments my riding gear nicely.

There were two cards attached to the package.  One said Lycra® Brand and Supplex® Brand – Lycra® fabric plus Supplex® fabric adds cottony soft touch and aesthetics with all the comfort and fit that you need

More details about this exciting new fabric: DesignWraps Brands, LLC, is excited to introduce its new SUPPLEX® fabric. INVISTA's SUPPLEX® fabric offers consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Cotton’s natural texture and aesthetics make it the fabric of choice in many garment categories. Garments made with cotton tend to crease and shrink easily, and they often fade in color. INVISTA scientists wanted to give consumers the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls. They did so by developing SUPPLEX® fabrics—a family that combines the traditional appeal of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. SUPPLEX® fabrics are breathable, hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color.

Not only does the SUPPLEX® fabric offer superior fabric performance, but DesignWraps is thrilled that it is also MADE IN THE USA! SUPPLEX® has replaced the black and heather gray cotton/poly/lycra previously used. 

The other label was for Wraps of Hope – headwear with flair.
"Your purchase supports the Wraps of Hope Foundation." was printed on the label.

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Our purpose is simple.  Empowering women worldwide by offering security and comfort through fashionable headwraps made with exceptional quality.
With every purchase, a portion of that sale goes to Wraps of Hope Foundation.

Headwraps are indeed very useful, almost essential if you have long hair as they stop the wind whipping your hair into and around your face.  They help keep you looking stylish before and after your ride. No more rats’ nests when you pull your helmet off after the ride. They are very comfortable, fitting extremely well as the soft fabric just molded itself to my head, and were easy to tie on and adjust to a comfortable size.  

They can be worn with or without a helmet and are just as comfortable with a full helmet on over them.  They also sell headbands, beanies and other attire, all made to the same high quality.  There is an easy to use sizing chart on their website, so ordering the right size online is not a problem.  I highly recommend them to anyone whether you have long hair or short hair; they look fantastic and feel wonderful!

These headwraps come in many different styles and many different choices.
There is something for everyone!

For more information on Design Wraps please read this Article
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