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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

Pride and Joy of Ross and Pokey

It all started with a custom frame!

By Robert McLeod

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This is Robert McLeod from Troy Montana, I would like to share the story about two friends of mine Ross Rouhoff and his wife Sharon (Pokey) Hogue that were tragically killed while riding their custom motorcycle on August 11th 2013 in Troy Montana.
Ross & Pokey both loved to ride. They also spent a very long time building their pride and joy, a custom motorcycle. It all started with a custom frame that was supposed to replicate a 1994 Harley FLSTF Softail Fat Boy. They slowly (as a retired couple) built their bike from the ground up. After they received their frame they had a vision and the next step was a motor and transmission. They chose to make this a real head turner and saved up and bought the Polished 115 RevTech motor with chrome 6 speed. Then from there it was the big 6 gallon split tanks and all of the other custom parts and pieces to finally finish the build. Ross had a very intense custom deep eyes skull paint job that was absolutely awesome. 
I remember when Ross finished his bike. He came right to my office and told me “It lives!”, and boy were they proud of their creation. Ross was a perfectionist and I have to say it was the most extreme sounding and looking bike I had ever seen in person.
Ross and Pokey loved to ride and show off the bike. Everyone said when they came down the road they did not even have to look because their bike sounded so awesome and one of a kind, people would just say “Here comes Ross and Pokey”.
After their tragic accident last August I was able to help the rest of the family that lives out of town. Ross’s daughter lives in Portland and Pokey’s son lives in California. I was able to contact them and help them through the process of taking care of the property and assets. The bike was in a wrecking yard in Libby Montana and was building up storage fees. I agreed to pick up the bike and store it in my shop until the family decided what to do with it.
Well in late winter the family agreed to transfer the bike to me. I told them I was going to completely rebuild the bike in memory of Ross and Pokey.
This was not an easy task. Let me tell you just rebuilding someone’s bike that you don’t know is one thing, but rebuilding a bike from a friend that tragically passed away was very difficult. I spoke to them in the beginning asking their permission to rebuild the bike and told them I would make them proud. I had to completely remove everything from the bike because everything except the left gas tank was destroyed. 
Starting from the front with every piece I would talk with them and ask them what they think of this or that and then go with my gut feeling. This was a very emotional rebuild. I wanted to make the bike something different and not try and rebuild what they had; besides that was theirs and I don’t think I could replicate what they had nor could I ride it. I still have all of their parts and just can’t discard them. I put them in boxes and will always keep them in storage.
I had a vision and followed that vision until it was to where it is today. It is getting very close. Oh what a joy when I hooked up the battery and got her to run for the first time. It shook my shop and rattled the neighborhood bringing new life into what I have built in remembrance of them. The bike is still in black primer but looks great, when it finally goes to paint it will come back Harley flat black.
This is just not a bike off the shelf or a bike that was bought from someone down the street or across town, this bike has a background. The amount of respect and pride I have every time I start it up to ride and I know Ross and Pokey are with me cheering me on.
This summer on August 9th, 2014 Ross and Pokey’s children will be traveling to Montana to spread their ashes. When they come we will spread their ashes and then travel to the Home Bar in Troy Montana (where Ross and Pokey liked to visit). I am having the left tank mounted on a mount and it will be hung in the Home Bar for everyone to enjoy and remember Ross & Pokey.

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Fantastic article! What a great tribute to Ross and Pokey. They would be very proud of what Bob has done. Thank You Bob. Will be a very special time in Aug.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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