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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

Doug Coffey's RetroMod Panhead Part 4

RetroMod Rigid Panhead Fuel Tank

Text and Photos by Doug Coffey

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I started building my gas tank with a King Sportster tank shell available from Paughco. In this picture I have already cut the ends out to receive the tunnel in the bottom.
In this picture I have already started building the bottom from a flat piece of sheet metal I cut out and a tunnel. The tunnel is 1/2 of a piece of automotive exhaust pipe I cut with a plasma cutter and cleaned up on a belt sander.
The elongated slots are for adding a rubber mount system.
Test fitting. Clearance all around the frame tube is required for rubber mounting tanks. The elongated slots left me room to tack weld mounting tabs to the frame. (This was way too complex, I have an easier way of doing it now)
This picture shows the rubber mounting system welded in the bottom of the tank.
The bottom is welded in the tank and tried on for size. Time for fuel tap bung, gas cap and speedo. Speedo????
This picture serves two purposes. It shows the rubber mounts welded onto the frame and the special tool I turned to mark the bottom of the tank to align my speedo mount. The speedo wiring will run down through the frame through the old unused stock speed drive cable hole.
Speedometer mounting gear. I turned the cup from steel bar stock on my lathe and welded a piece of DOM tubing to it for wires to run through the gas tank into the frame. The slight bend it to get everything to line up.
Test fit the Dakota Digital speedo in the tank. Looks good.
Good to go. Mark the tubing, Cut it off and weld in place.
Pop up filler cap welded into place. Top right is best for refueling while parked on the side stand.
I welded a fuel tap bung in the left rear corner so no fuel is wasted.
After leak testing the inside of the tank is sealed with Red-Kote.
Last coat of clear. Ready for buffing.
The RetroMod Panhead is Provided by Doug Coffey with   

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Reader Comments

Nice ride Doug, who did you get the rear fender from?

Campbell River, BC, Canada
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Editor Response Rear fender came from metal 7 west. Here’s a link to website. . Keep your eyes peeled should have an article on the fender & mods shortly.

--Richard Kranzler

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