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Salt Torpedo 2

5-Ball Bonneville Racing

Salt Torpedo Chapter 27

We're Close to Heading Out

By Bandit with photos from Wrench and Dr. Hamster so far...
A Salt torpedo progress report rested high on my to-do list, but the 83rd Sturgis rally hit today, yikes. We have less than three weeks to prepare and roll to the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials is Wendover, Utah on the 25th.
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Outlaw Runs Outside the Notorious Buffalo Chip

By Bandit with photos from Calamity Vickie
There are a lot of flat, straight, open roads in South Dakota. It included the frontage road beside the magnificent Chip. It goes 1.5 miles straight. It up-shifts to the north past the Sturgis airport. Then it’s a straight 4 miles until it slides onto a rough gravel surface.
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From the Streets

By Bandit with photos from the Redhead and Wrench
The constant hum of action prevailed daily, with the rumble of V-twins, non-stop shows, concerts, celebrations, parties and jamming bars are just the tip of the chromed mountain leading up to the rally. Keep in mind, this is the first time I’ve lived in Sturgis during the Rally.
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Salt Torpedo Chapter 25

Prepping for Bonneville 2022

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
We’re beginning to prep the Salt Torpedo for the BMST event from August 27 until September 2 in Bonneville, Utah on 65-square miles of salt.
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SAVE the SALT Bonneville Report

Restore Bonneville hopes new data will speed salt flat replenishment

Photos and text by Brandon Gillogly, Hagerty Media
While the salt flats are still quite vast, they have shrunk to 1/3 their former size and the salt thickness has diminished due to several factors, forcing land speed racers to move and shorten their courses over the years.
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Life and Times 2020

New Adventures Everyday, Sorta Chapter 25 of the Salt Torpedo

By Bandit, with photos by Frankie Jr., Bob T., and Wrench
This is going to be a tough one. Hell, this is one of the toughest years in a while. How the hell do you judge it. In a sense we don’t. We just deal with it and move on.
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Salt Torpedo Chapter 24

Secret Desert Test Run

By Bandit with photos by Zack C.
On Tuesday, January 22, we nervously took the Salt Torpedo into the desert for some passes on a desolate paved road. I can’t tell you where we went. It’s a top-speed secret, that only coyotes and bleak desert bikers know about. What a trip.
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Salt Torpedo Build Chapter 23--Prep for Runs


By Bandit with photos by Wrench
The only pass we made was around the block and I was knocked out, but we weren’t going to make it to Bonneville this year. So, what was plan B. First, we deserved a glass of whiskey to celebrate. In basically eight months, we went from a trial mocked-up to a functioning streamlined trike.
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