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Of Cultural Interest

Wilmington Waterfront Sculpture and Transportation Suggestion

Community Efforts from the Bikernet Janitor

By K. Ball with art from Aubry Sheldon and Emilio Loza
I’m not posting these for entertainment, but you might find them interesting. They are just a couple of community projects, which may never go anywhere. On the other hand I designed them and worked with local artists to inspire something that could help.
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Editorial from Bikernet Staffer

By Mike "The Stealth" Pullin
I work at a dealership and can't count how many times I hear excuses for not riding. Probably my favorite or should I sat my least favorite is " My wife won't let me have one?" For me I can't imagine not having a bike and riding. Every morning before I take off for work I thank god for giving me the ability to ride
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Biker Culture - "A Poetry in Motion"

Biker poetry grew out of the predominantly American lifestyle of the Biker

by Ujjwal Dey
Biker poetry is a movement of poetry that grew out of the predominantly American lifestyle of the Biker and Motorcycle clubs following World War II. Biker lifestyle is what refers to the changes in society through what was Biker Culture.
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"Are your peaches sweet?" he said to all the girls

By Axle Idzardi, reprinted courtesy of Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine celebrating their 15th year
“The Wolfman” was born Robert Weston Smith in New York City, January 21, 1938. He was the youngest of two children and grew up in Brooklyn, where he became a huge fan of rhythm and blues music.
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The Millennial Question

Kids Want Freedom Like the Rest of Us

by Ujjwal Dey
If anything happens in USA, which is different from what happened 20 years ago, every genius investigative journalist, social media user and idiot will tell you the Millennials did it.
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New Hall of Fame Inductee Speaks on Art, the Museum and Motorcycling

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, images from Harley-Davidson
The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is featuring Hall of Fame Highlights of this year's outstanding new group of inductees. We took the opportunity to sit down with this year's Hall of Fame inductees to talk with them about their career highlights and influences on the motorcycle industry over the years. We asked our inductees a handful of questions and this month we are highlighting worl...
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Indian Names Semi Finalists for Scout Bobber Build-Off Competition

The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off

by Fiorella Bergandi
Indian Motorcycle has announced the semi-finalists of The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off contest. Sketches and renderings from 12 non-professional builders are posted and available for a fan vote until April 19. Fans can vote daily. After voting closes on the 19th, three finalists will be announced on April 24.
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Here’s Why Bandido Jake Will Remain a Free Man

Provided by MPP
The first trial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal has come to an end. As an expert consultant to his defense, the MPP refrained from releasing anything related to the trial in an attempt to avoid any negative impact or potential conflicts of interest. But the trial is now over and it’s time to speak the truth.
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