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Cultural Interest


A Creed Or perhaps pre-Birthday blues

by Wayfarer
Looking back at culture & lifestyle of our parents, ourselves and the generations that came after us. Comparisons of it are not of any practical validity. Times will change, so will people. Many times, history repeats itself.
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Classes on what to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident.
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RIDE FREE or DIE Documentary Review

And Waco Shooting Report and Lesson: Don't Ever Be a Witness, "Officer I dropped my glasses."

By Amy Irene White, the Wicked Bitch
A lot of people have made a lot of documentaries about biker profiling, 1%ers, and the ATF. But, there is something different about this one… along with the interviews with several people and patches we all recognize.. it also has coverage of the Waco Biker Tragedy, including interviews with Waco Bikers Paul Landers and Sandra Lynch. 
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A Modern-Day Incarnation of Lincoln Cosmo Carrera Panamericana

Delightful tribute Rally Car showcases masterful rally mods

by Sajeev Mehta from with additions from Bandit and the Hamsters
This Cosmopolitan is a modern-day recreation, made to race in the late 1990s and now boasting a significant number of accolades. Plus this stinkin' Lincoln is directly connected to and 5-Ball Racing. How much an all-original, perfectly-restored 1952–54 Carrera Panamericana Lincoln race car would fetch these days is hard to say, but there’s something to be said for just driving the whe...
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Music, Meaning & Motorcycling

Rocking On Requires Some Rolling

by Wayfarer with mages from
In this article, a few examples are offered of some myths & inspirations from iconic Rock group ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ music & songs. Often people assume meanings of songs based on lyrics, music style or other socio-cultural information from the period when a song first appeared.
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Zero to Zen: The Health Benefits of Motorcycling

Good Vibrations & the Road to Wellness

by Gary Mraz
Naysayers are quick to spout the dangers of motorcycling but friends, countrymen lend me your helmetless ears. The psychological and emotional benefits of riding are real. Motorcycle riding also has physical health benefits.
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Black Biker History

Recognizing Black History Month 2022

by Nick Resty and Mama Tried
"I have always found it to be important and respectful to learn the history of the source of my passion. One aspect of chopper history that has always fascinated me are the black chopper builders and motorcycle clubs."
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SAVE the SALT Bonneville Report

Restore Bonneville hopes new data will speed salt flat replenishment

Photos and text by Brandon Gillogly, Hagerty Media
While the salt flats are still quite vast, they have shrunk to 1/3 their former size and the salt thickness has diminished due to several factors, forcing land speed racers to move and shorten their courses over the years.
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