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Ride Forever -
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Fair Warning...

By Dave Arthur with images by Wayfarer
So what does all that have to do with going to prison because you bought an electric car. The answer is "nothing."
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by Jon Juniman
Ace sat at a booth near the back of the bar and sipped his beer. The Midnite Club, a private club in the French quarter of New Orleans, was where he liked to go when he had to lay low.
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BikerNet Fiction: You Can't Go Home Again

At the moment, Buzzard was cruising up Route 842 in rural Pennsylvania

by Jon Juniman
Nobody knew Buzzard's real name. There was a reason for this; if you had a name like Horace Hieronymous Toozfetz, you probably wouldn't go around advertising it either. Some people might say that it's a bit of an overreaction to become an outlaw biker just because your parents gave you a name you didn't like.
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BikerNet Fiction: The Set-Up by Jon Juniman
Francis "Ace" Calhoun awoke with the fear, accompanied by guilt, which was a bit odd. It wasn't that Ace didn't have plenty to feel guilty about. In his 32 years, he had been involved in as much debauchery as any 10 pimps or con men.
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Run What Ya Brung Street Drag Race Day is Here!

It was such a trip to be able to line up and race down Idaho Avenue in Oldtown.

By Algie Pirrello – Killing Machine Choppers
Finally, Saturday! Race day was here, and right off the bat we got rain. It didn’t last long.
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Killing Machine Choppers -- Run what ya Brung Drags -- The Beginning

Drag Racing down the strip in Old Idaho town.

By Algie Pirrello – Killing Machine Choppers
Killing Machine Choppers had a Grand Opening that has turned into a yearly Run What ya Brung drag race down the streets of OldTown Idaho.
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Heading to Utah, the River Brings New Friends

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
On the way to Utah, stopping at the Hot Spring Park and meeting new friends - another wonderful tale from Scooter Tramp Scotty
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Killing Machine Choppers - The Good 'ol Days Chapter 5

Quadruple Bypass Surgery and Grand Openings.

Photos and text by Algie Pirrello, Killing Machine Choppers.
In October 2008, I had quadruple heart bypass surgery to bypass 6 blockages. If it weren’t for the Hardtail Harlot’s relentless nagging, I wouldn’t be here to share my adventures.
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