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An Interview with the MB Master

Mario from MB Leathers in San Pedro.

By Buster and Bandit with photos from MB Leathers
Buster is a social media master, who works full time for Saddlemen seats. He’s also helping around the Bikernet/5-Ball nerve center and he’s a major motorcycle enthusiast. He’s going to bring some of his connections to the Bikernet family.
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In Memoriam: Jessi Combs

The Woman Who Changed the Racing Game

By the 'Wayfarer' Ujjwal Dey
Jessica Combs (July 27, 1980 – August 27, 2019) was an American professional racer, television personality, and metal fabricator. She set a women's land speed class record (four wheels) in 2013 and broke her own record in 2016. She was known as "the fastest woman on four wheels". Jessi Combs had more than one job description to her name. She was most famous as a television show host and was equ...
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Harley-Davidson Needs To Go Through A Major Paradigm Shift

A talk with ATK Motorcycles President and CEO Frank White.

by Atta Khan with Seeking Alpha
He talks about Harley-Davidson's recent strategy and what they should be doing right now.
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QUICK, an Interview with the World Champ Fred "Krugger" Bertrand

German Engineering – Worldwide Appeal

Interview by David Campbell , Earl's Garage, Photographs by Thierry Dricot
Fred “Krugger” Bertrand is not a new player in the world of international motorcycle builders. At the age of five he had his first motorcycle and started racing at seven. At nineteen he ended his racing carrier and then started an apprenticeship in coach building. This included sheet metal repair, metal shaping, and painting.
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An Interview with Heyltje Rose

Jewelry designer, leather smith, vintage lover and soon to be hoarder.

By Mistress Chris and Heyltje Rose
Heyltje Rose LLC is the brand owned and operated by Heyltje Rose Bond,  jewelry designer, leather smith, vintage lover and soon to be hoarder.
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Garage-Girls Profile: Karlee Cobb

Karlee answers some questions about her life.

Text and photos by Sara Liberte
Best known for her land speed racing, the second generation of the Klock Werks family, Karlee Cobb, 21, just launched her first design effort
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"It's about Freedom, man. Freedom."

Road 2 Smoke Out Documentary -Interviews with the Filmmakers.

By Stealth
Road 2 Smoke Out captures the experience of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of infamous biker magazine The Horse Backstreet Choppers.
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Bikernet is Called to the Front to Investigate

By Bandit
The e-mail came in Monday night, “Get over to MetalSport, crawl in the window and grab the boss when he walks in the door.”
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