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Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Brand to be Offered by Mecum Auctions 2018

By Paul d’Orléans
In their 1920s heyday, the competition between the Big 3 made for the most exciting racing anyone had ever seen between the fastest and most advanced racing bikes in the world
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Harley vs. Indian Special Petersen Museum Exhibit


By K. Ball with photos by Markus Cuff
The Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting a new exhibit opening on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, which will showcase the rivalry between America’s two greatest motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson and Indian.
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The Ultimate Brat Style Chout

Two Indian Legacies Mated to Form a Classic

By Bandit Ball with photos by Michael Lichter
This turned into one of those stellar awakening motorcycle moments. Our major focus this round is this red Indian. To the naked, unknowing eye, it’s a classic slightly modified scout, but it’s way more. First, it started with 1940 Indian Chief motor and matching transmission.
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Bikernet Treasure Hunter: Vintage Icons

History's 10 most legendary bikes

Content care of Cycle Trader
Bikernet finds a Cycle Trader Blog post that has great vintage bike throwback countdown.
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The INDIAN Restoration Saga Continues

A Chief for My Son

Photos and text by John Arbeeny
It was late August 2013, and I had nothing to do that Saturday, so I took a look on the internet for motorcycle events that day. A wild day was about to unfold...
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Bikernet Feature: Seeing a Red Blur

Heroes Motorcycles Indian Board Track Racers

Story by Paul Garson – Photos by Serge Bueno & Paul Garson
You can spot a vintage Indian board tracker racer a mile away thanks to its drooping handlebars as well as spindly “hardtail” bicycle type frame and narrow 2 ¼ inch tires.
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Scott Jacobs 2015

An Updated Report on Photo Realism after 23 Years

By K. Randall Ball with photos by Markus Cuff
For a glimmering example of the purely positive, a few motorcycle diehards flourished, and Scott Jacobs was one of them. Like a very select group in our niche of niches industry Scott and his family exploded their art business.
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THE STURGIS MUSEUM'S Henderson with sidecar

The brothers Henderson and their motorcycles.

Text and some photos provided by Christine Paige Diers - Other photos provided by Bob T.
It was 1911 when brothers Tom and William started in the manufacturing business. They built their first four cylinder motorcycle in 1912 with a long wheelbase. The ads of the day stated “The long wheelbase of the Henderson, 65 inches, permits the riders to sit between the wheels, reducing road shocks to the minimum.” The Henderson was well-known for its durability following the first ever round-th...
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