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Mike Parti sadly passed a few years back, but his bikes and his legacy live on

By Michael Fitzsimons
Mike Parti, a leading sidecar racer from the 1960s and later became one of the foremost restorers of antique motorcycles in America.
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Come to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

By Bandit and Jackpot
The Sturgis Museum and Hall of Fame curation committee recently received the opportunity to vote in and display this historic collection of bikes. They will be on exhibit in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum during the rally.
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And he's sticking with it!

by Buck Lovell
The term suicide clutch came into being when choppers were born. I’ll tell ya why. Back in the good old days, a long time before foot shift was standard equipment, tank shift with foot operated -clutch was original equipment on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
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A Touch of Motorcycle Engine History

J.A.P Prestwich, otherwise known as J.A.P.

By Sam Burns
Of all the manufacturers of proprietary engines, possibly the most famous was J.A. Prestwich, otherwise known as J.A.P.
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Bicycle Racer to Motorcyle History Legend

First motorized vehicle to cross the U.S. wasn’t a car - it was a bike

by Jeff Peek from
George A. Wyman made a name for himself as a bicycle racer, but he reached legendary status when, 119 years ago. He rode a motorized two-wheeler from San Francisco to New York becoming the first person to cross the North American continent aboard an engine-powered vehicle.
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Five Motorcycle Sales Trends Shaking the Vintage Market

Prices for classic motorcycles are changing

by James Hewitt from
There’s a Hagerty Motorcycle Price Guide that uses thousands of transactions to track values on 9751 motorcycles. Here are five trends that stood out to us in the most recent update, released in June.
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The Mysterious 1913 Jefferson/Waverly

One of the First Overhead Valve Engine Configurations

By Wilburn Roach with photos by Markus Cuff and from the St. Francis and Marquette Museums
This is a strange one. I was also told that only one twin OHV Jefferson is alive. As the years pass the stories fade and alter.
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Mike Egan Story 1943-2021

Mr. Big Candy Finds Motorcycle Nirvana

by Bandit, with photos by Markus Cuff
Mike Egan recently passed away. I worked with Mike and his wife Patty for about 40 years covering his restorations, working with him on project bikes such as the Dicey Knucklehead which I still have.
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