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Biker Bars Near Me: Montana

While there are plenty of places to ride throughout the US, not many areas beat the open roads of Montana. Hell, Montana is all open roads and sky. And we bikers are perfectly cool with that. Though cruising through the big skies of Montana is always a treat, there’s still plenty of times you’ll need to stop off for a rest, and a cold one—and Montana is a great place for that.

Montana’s a fairly large state, and there’s a good amount of bars and hangouts for bikers all over. If you want to find the good places though, you need to know where they’re at, and Bikernet has you covered. If you’re cruising through Montana soon, check out the top bikers bars below. If you want to find cool spots to stop elsewhere, you can view a complete list of bars and hangouts here.

Montana’s Best Biker Bars

Like we said, Montana is an awesome place for bikers, and it’s got plenty of places to stop and take in the scenery over a cold drink. For some of the best spots in Montana, take a look at the bars listed below.

Beacon Ice House

1349 13th Ave SW, Great Falls, MT 59404

Beacon Ice House is a great watering hole. They have live music on most Fridays and Saturdays, with an outdoor deck right next to the sun river. Sometimes, Beacon Ice House even holds outdoor concerts in the summer. The staff and locals are friendly to bikers, and good fun is always had by all. With the river nearby, you can do some skinny dippin’ at dark—if you’re drunk enough. Sometimes the party goes on by the river after hours, too. In short, it’s a fun place to hang out and have some fun.

Get there: Exit I-15 at 10th Ave. south. Then take exit 0 to the light. Go right through one light until you come to a tee, then right again. It’s on the left by the river past apartments, can’t miss it.

Stoneville Saloon

13680 US-212, Alzada, MT 59311

Stoneville Saloon has been called Montana’s best biker joint. With a classic saloon look and bike parking out front, it really is the ultimate place for bikers. If you’re around during the Sturgis Rally, you have to stop by to take part in some of the fun with fellow bikers. Plus, the food and booze are pretty damn decent. Even if you’re not in the area, put Stoneville on your list of places to hit for your next trip—it’s a badass bar.

Stillwater Bar

6699 US-93, Whitefish, MT 59927

With free camping, awesome food, and a deck in the back overlooking Stillwater Lake, Stillwater Bar is a pretty cool place. In other words, it’s a great bar to stop in for a beer or six! Of course, it’s biker friendly and they’ve got a jukebox with some damn good pickins’. Cold beer aside, you just can’t beat the waterfront view in the back. If you’re around, it’s definitely worth stopping by.

Get there: Stillwater is off Hwy 93, about 18 miles north of Whitefish. As you approach, it’s on the southbound side of the road, next to the end of Stillwater Lake.

New Atlas Bar

528 E Pike Ave, Columbus, MT 59019

Whether it’s for the food or awesome drinks, New Atlas Bar is definitely a good place to stop and take some time to relax over a cold drink. The bar is filled with taxidermy, and they’ve got pool and darts to kill some time. Plus, it’s in a pretty cool part of town. Don’t miss this place if you’re passing through town—the taxidermy alone is enough to sit down and enjoy a cold one.

Get there: From Tacoma, you take the 16 going to Gig Harbor/Bremerton. Before Bremerton, take 3 to Belfair and follow the Belfair State Park signs. New Atlas Bar is next to Belfair State Park.

Find More with Bikernet

If you’re passing through Montana, be sure to take a pit stop and wet your whistle at one of the places above. Biker friendly with drinks all around, Montana bars aren’t like anywhere else. For more biker resources, check out some of the pages below:

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