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Biker Bars Near Me: Maryland

The east coast makes for some fine cruising. Riding your hog up and down the coast provides you with fine views and open roads. If you are riding through Maryland, you’ll be sure to run into farms, the coast, and seafood. No need to rush through the state with the many great pit stops throughout, either. There are plenty of places to stop, grab some grub, and drink a cold beer.

Anybody who rides knows that pit stops and beers are best when shared with fellow bikers. Luckily, there are plenty throughout Maryland. There are tons of hot spots to check out for touring bikers, but if you want to properly get ready for your trip through Maryland, get to know the best spots for burgers and beer with Bikernet. If you want to find cool spots around the US, see the full list of biker spots.

Maryland’s Finest Biker Bars

Maryland offers variety. A ride through the state will give you lakes, mountains, and beaches. Considering the scenery, you can count on biker havens all over the state. Take a look at some of the best bars to visit on the ride through Maryland.

Big Falls Inn

11818 Philadelphia Rd, White Marsh, MD 21162

Bikers come here for the cold beer and the pit beef. This is the place to stop and get a huge bite to eat and play some pool. They are biker friendly, have pool tables, and let you drink outside by your ride. You can take it easy and hang out with other bikers in the area.

Four Corners Tavern

400 N Bridge St, Elkton, MD 21921

Be sure to stop here on a Monday. Bike Night lets you buy beers for $1.25 a can and $2.00 a bottle. This place is a hot spot for bikers because of the cheap beer and food. You can easily wet your whistle and take it easy in Four Corners Tavern.

Sylvester’s Saloon

7326 Golden Ring Rd, Essex, MD 21221

Aside from the awesome Rocky reference, Sylvester’s Saloon is a great place to stop for cheap drinks and down to earth barmaids. They’ve got live entertainment on Saturday nights and are biker friendly. This is the perfect place to hang out with local bikers and talk about the open road. Be sure to grab a cold beer and hang out on the patio.

Union Hotel

1282 Susquehanna River Rd, Port Deposit, MD 21904

Any given Sunday draws 300-400 bikes during the summer. Their space may be small, but everybody hangs out outside looking at bikes anyway. You can chow down on some BBQ, drink cold beer, and talk bikes with other bikers. It’s a great place to listen to good music and meet other bikers who are passionate about the road.

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