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Biker Bars Near Me: Illinois

When you find yourself driving through the open road, it can be great to find a place to relax, unwind, and wet your whistle. The midwest offers scenic rides through rolling hills and greenery. Illinois is loaded with biker bars and prime stops as you make your way through the state. If you want to find the best stops on your trip, you need the right place to look.

If you are riding through Illinois, there’s a huge number of bars to stop for a bite or drinks. You can chill out with your biker brethren and take a load off before you hit the road. If you wanna find some of Illinois’ best spots to check out, take a look at Bikernet. You can find a full list of bars & hangouts (filtered by state).

Illinois’ Top Biker Bars

It doesn’t matter where you are in Illinois. Lincoln’s home state offers stops throughout. While there’s a huge list of joints to sift through, you can check out some of the top choices below.

Softails Bar and Grill

246 N Main Ave, Ladd, IL 61329

Located off the I-80 W just a couple hours outside of Chicago, Softails Bar and Grill is an excellent stop when going through Illinois. This is a great bar with a killer menu of pub food and cold beer. People typically stop here on their way to the racetrack for some races. It’s got a solid atmosphere for bikers of all types.

Cave Inn

111 W 2nd St, Byron, IL 61010

If you’ve made the trip up to northern Illinois, this is the place to stop for the best damn burgers and steak sandwiches in the state. Great pricing for killer food. Their friendly staff will make sure you can get geared up for the road ahead.

Kelly’s Tavern

2902 Broadway St, Quincy, IL 62301

This biker friendly pit stop is a fun place to eat and drink. It’s right across from Hot Bike of Quicky & Extreme Custom’s Motorcycle Shop. You can get some gear for your bike while you stuff your face with pub food and beer. Sit back and relax in this Irish pub.

Weebles Bar and Grill

4136 N Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702

This place draws in a crap load of bikes. Kenny and Donna run this place like pros. They’ve got daily beer and drink specials so you can always sit back with a nice cool drink. They’ve got friendly bartenders and a menu that will satisfy your stomach.

On The Search For More? Find it With Bikernet

No matter where you are riding, Bikernet has the stops to keep you fueled. Whatever you need in Illinois, you can use Bikernet to find a quick drink, repair shop, or even a map. Check out the resources below to get more out of your ride:

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