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Biker Bars Near Me: Florida

When you find yourself cruising around Florida, there’s a list of badass bars and hangouts to drop by for a rest and cold beer. Whether you’re cruising along the coast or traveling across the state, you’re gonna want to beat the humid air at some point and get some A/C, food, and good times at one of Florida’s best establishments.

As any biker knows, taking pit stops and drinking cold beers are best done in the presence of fellow bikers, and there’s plenty of us around Florida. It’s long been a hot spot for touring bikers, but it’s all about knowing where to go. For the best biker bars in Florida, take a look at the few we’ve listed below. If you want to find cool spots elsewhere, check out the full list of biker spots.

Florida’s Finest Biker Bars & Hangouts

Considering the size of the state, and the haven it is for bikers, Florida is home to a range of badass joints. You’ll probably find some along your ride no matter what, but if you happen to pass any of those listed below, definitely stop in. Check them out below.

Flossie’s Bar & Grill

3985 Ravenswood Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Flossies, located just behind the Ft Lauderdale Airport, is totally biker friendly, especially Sunday afternoons when there is always a live band and about 200-300 bikes. They also hold live music Friday night, as well Wednesdays. As for the food, they’ve got a great menu. And the drinks are no different. The atmosphere and vibe are mellow and nice—everyone is accepted here. They’ve also got an outdoor bar. If you’re passing through the area, Flossie’s should be first on your list.

Get there: Take the I-95 and get off at Griffin Road. Head west to the first traffic light (Ravenswood Road) and make a right turn. Go over the Dania cut-off Canal through one traffic light and you’re there.

Cheyenne Saloon

337 South U.S. 17, East Palatka, FL 32131

Cheyenne Saloon is a good ol’ fashioned biker bar. There’s always free peanuts (shells on the floor), a full liquor bar, as well as a full menu including breakfast on the weekends. Plus, they have an outdoor bar that’s open when the weather permits. Moreover, they allow smoking inside. Other than that, the bartenders are awesome and the beers are cold. What else can you ask for in a biker-friendly bar?

Get there: Cheyenne Saloon is 1 mile South of 207 on Hwy. 17 South (on the right). If you're coming from the South, it’s 1 mile North of Hwy. 100 (just past the weigh station on left).

Froggy’s Saloon

800 Main St, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Located in the heart of Daytona Beach, there’s no better place for bikers. From Bike Week to Biketoberfest, Froggy’s Saloon is a great place to stop off and surround yourself with fellow bikers. A veteran biker bar, in fact, Froggy’s caters to all types of riders. With good music and shots ready at all times, it’s the perfect place to get let loose at the end of a long day. In short, Froggy’s is a haven for bikers, and you can always hear the sounds of choppers as you sit and enjoy a cold one.

Tip Top Tavern

512 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205

Biker owned, Tip Top Tavern is another must for big time bikers. As the oldest bar in town (est. 1946), Tip Top calls itself the World Famous Biker Bar, and regardless of whether that’s true or not, it’s a killer place. Harleys are huge here, but any type of rider is always welcome. In short, it’s a badass biker bar that welcomes everyone. Great music, great beer, and good times had by all. Check it out if you’re cruising through.

Get there: Go west off of Highway 301 onto Manatee Ave W. Go 1 mile and you’ll find it on the right side of the street.

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