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Biker Bars Near Me: Colorado

America’s Southwest and coasts have long been destinations for cross-country rides, but that doesn’t mean the states in between don't have something to offer bikers. The Rocky Mountains are also a great place to hit the road, whether you’re talking the Utah’s desert or the open roads of Colorado. Actually, Colorado is a killer place to ride through, and there are plenty of good places to stop off along the way.

Next time you cruise through Colorado and need a spot to take rest and enjoy a cold brew, Bikernet has you covered. There’s a range of places throughout the Rockies, but we know some of Colorado’s finest places for bikers.

Colorado’s Best Bars & Hangouts

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to stop in and play some pool, enjoy some good food, or simply grab a quick drink, we know the best places to do it. Check out our bars and hangouts pages for a full list of biker bars by state, and take a look below for Colorado’s best.

Stagecoach Saloon

2077 CO-83, Franktown, CO 80116

A biker-friendly bar with badass cars passing through as well, Stagecoach Saloon is a must go for anyone passing through the area. With good food, a cool atmosphere, and plenty to do, you’re in for some killer times at Stagecoach. They’ve got special nights weekly, with poker on Wednesdays, while you can catch live music every Friday night. They even have a backyard/patio area with events regularly.

Get there: Hwy 83 south of Parker at the corner of Hwy 83 & Hwy 86.

Jerry D’s

604 8th St, Dacono, CO 80514

Though the building's exterior may not look like it, Jerry D’s is an awesome biker-friendly spot. As with most places, they offer live music weekly, alongside nights like Bike nights, Tallboy Tuesdays and Ladies Night on Thursdays. There’s also a beer garden in the back. All in all, it’s a great place to stop in and hang out for a while. The food’s good, beer’s cold, and the atmosphere is relaxed.


104 CO-105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133

O’Malley’s is a very biker-friendly joint where you can grill your own steak or burger if you choose. They also have a nice selection of brews, as well as outdoor seating. Moreover, there are a ton of bikes during here riding season. In addition to good food and drinks, they have karaoke weekly, and always have Rockies and Broncos games going. Overall, O’Malley’s has a good atmosphere and it’s a good place for bikers. It’s must-hit stop if you're in the Colorado Springs area.

Get there: Head South on Colorado 105 out of Monument. O'Malley's will be on the left as you come into Palmer Lake. Just look for the bikes parked out front!

Triple Tree Tavern

201 2nd St, Clifton, CO 81520

Triple Tree Tavern always has bikes parked out front. It’s a low-key place, so you normally won’t have to deal with crowds. Plus, it has zero tolerance for assholes. They have live bands playing occasionally, and do Taco Tuesday every week. In short, it’s a real biker-friendly joint with no frills. Come in, relax, have a drink, and hang with other bikers.

Get there: Take I-70 and turn east at the Clifton exit. Hang a right at the big stone church.

Enjoy the Ride with Bikernet

If you’re looking for more bars and hangouts throughout the US, be sure to check out our site for more options in every state. And, if you want more resources, or just want to see cool stuff about motorcycles, check out some of the pages below.

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