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Biker Bars Near Me: Arizona

No matter where you find yourself on the open road, you always need a place to wet your whistle, unwind, and meet with fellow biker brethren. Whether it’s the desert roads of Arizona or open plains of the midwest, biker bars and hangouts are everywhere—you just need to know where to find them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to town or just cruising through on a long ride, finding a bar to kick back and take a load off isn’t always easy. To find the baddest hangouts in town, though, Bikernet’s got you covered. For those passing through Arizona, we’ve listed some of the best biker bars and hangouts in the area below. You can find the full list of biker bars here (just pick your state).

Arizona’s Best Biker Bars & Hangouts

Sure, you can find lists of places to hang online, but typing “biker bars near me” online is going to bring up a load of shit to sift through, so we’ve done the work for you. From the type of food and drinks to the types of riders hangin’ around, get all the details on Arizona’s best bars below.

The Hideaway Grill

6746 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Hideaway Grill is a great riding destination from all over AZ. Beers are cold & affordable. Women are beautiful and friendly. All makes of bikes are both welcomed/tolerated and the crowd gets along well. The food isn't half bad, either. Big burgers, philly steaks, BBQ chicken—you name it, they got it. Harleys are big here, but like we already said, riders of all makes call it their hangout.

Get there: Cave Creek Road from Central Phx-N/E, right to the driveway.

Steel Horse Saloon

1818 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023

The Steel Horse Saloon is the original bar for motorcycle enthusiasts in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a meeting, eating, and party place for all types of riders and anyone who wants to have a good time. There is always something going on at this establishment. They have a pool league, live music, ladies night, and a ton of other stuff going on weekly.

Hungry? Steel Horse has a killer menu, whether you’re looking breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Grab a hearty breakfast here and hit the open road, or end the day of riding with a nightcap before heading back to hit the hay.

Get there: Off Hwy 17 go East on Bell Road to 17th Avenue. Right behind Jack-in-the-Crack.

Buckskin Tavern

2321 N Main Rd, Fredonia, AZ 86022

This place is the place to be if you’re in Madera or close to it. They have a live band Wednesday through Sunday, 3 pool tables, some hot chicks, dart boards, a dance floor, and more. There’s a good selection of cold beers and all sorts of bikers stop by. It’s a great place if you want to catch a game, and have a few drinks—and the drinks are known to be strong. So what more could you ask for? If you’re hungry, though, you’ll need to find another place. Buckskin Tavern is for drinkers. Go check it out and take a load off. And remember, it’s a cash only joint.

Get there: Right off Hwy 99, take the downtown exit and go through town (doesn't matter which way just head for the opposite end of town you came in on). It's just about in the middle of town. You can also take the exit by the fair grounds, go east, make a right on Gateway, then follow it down about 1 mile on the right. Can’t miss it.

Obviously, there’s a plenty more bars and hangouts in Arizona, but these are some that surely won’t disappoint. If you’re a biker and what good drinks, killer food, and may some hot chicks, check out the places above should you ever find yourself in the area.

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