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Bike Features

Bike Features

At last, Bandit gave us the go-ahead to reach out and find some choice bikes for the site. This area won't feature the same bikes that mags do. This will cover bikes with style and class, a few nicks, some for sale, others because of what they do, not how they look. The gallery begins with a selection of Bandit's bikes, from the broken and barely running, to some of the sweet rides of late.
Let us know if you want us to feature your bike. Send a clear, crisp shot to: 
200 Broad Ave
Wilmington, CA 90744
Or E-Mail Bandit : Bandit@bikernet.com 

The Resurrection of the 1966 Red Dragon

Shannon Sweeney Tracks Down All the Rare “Teeth” for his Honda

Story and Photos By Paul Garson
While the mythical dragon may have been rooted in early discoveries of fossil dinosaur bones, today the image of the dragon is a popular subject in many cultures where it appears in many forms and colors, but symbolically sharing common attributes. In the pantheon of animal imagery originating in the East, the dragon is seen as the mas...
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The Dream Turbo Dyna

Larry Settle Built this Trask Turbo 103

By Bandit with photos by Peter Linney
It's a fascinating Story of motorcycle love, business survival and toughness. But if you mentioned this to Larry, he would tell you to, “fuck off.”
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1934 Husqvarna Factory TT Racer

This One of a Kind Blast from Past Was Recreated Piece By Piece Over 3 Years Of Hard Work

Text and Photography By Paul Garson
 Many moons ago I made my way to Stockholm, Sweden, where I found work in a restaurant at the Hotel Domus, and very much enjoyed the endless summer days and the local fauna and flora—lots of it very blond. At that time, vehicles drove on “the other side of the road” as in England, and I dodged many a Volvo and Saab, but not one Husqvarna...
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Bike Feature — Buffalo Chip Legends Ride Custom

Paul Teutul Jr. Unveils Buffalo Chip Legends Ride Custom on Discovery’s “American Chopper”

By Bikernet
A custom motorcycle built for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip by celebrity builder Paul Teutul Jr. on Discovery’s hit TV show “American Chopper” was revealed during an episode that aired May 28.
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Yard Built Garage Creates A Radical Yamaha XSR700 Sprint Racer

Custom Builder Brice Hennebert sets his Sights on Sultans of Sprint Competition Factory Class

By Bikernet
 Yard Built custom bikes are usually made to inspire Yamaha customers; to make their VMAX, SCR950, Bolt, XSR900, XSR700 or SR400 motorcycles unique. For this project, Yamaha is breaking the rules. This XSR700 isn’t a bike built for standing still, this is a bike Brice Hennebert built to be a sprint dominator. Low, long and very fast, the Workhorse S...
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Funky Panhead 2017

With Swap Meet and Brat Style Inspiration

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
I about shit my pants. I had just scored a sharp rigid frame, a set of fatbobs, and I knew I had a 5-speed Softail transmission at the Bikernet Headquarters. What the fuck? Hell yes, I needed a Panhead engine!
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The Two Sides of Cherry Noir

Carpe Nocturne, or Seize the Night and Go for a Ride

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
This modern day classic chop was featured in the December issue of American Iron. I saw the clean masterful Markus Cuff images shortly after he shot the tastefully constructed mild chopper built by Glen Jones. But something bugged the owner David Elan. “Every time I opened the garage and slipped the cover off, the flames stole the show,” said David. “Something had to change.”
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Hanging Out at Heroes Motorcycles Melrose

Bikernet Feature

By Paul Garson
A while back we introduced you to a new L.A. bike shop called Heroes Motorcycles, purveyors of rare and historic motorcycles, the operation run by Serge Bueno who in 2014 had arrived from Paris with his wife, four kids and a ton of awesome bikes.
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