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Wednesday Edition

Stretched Softail From KustomFab

Hawaiin Mystic Memories And Bike Building Blues

By Renegade with photos from KustomFab
6/10/2010 1:26:41 PM

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rear view bike 
on lift

Take a sunlit beach and surround it with arching palms, and blooming ruby hibiscus plants and you're nearing heaven. Then peer into the turquoise waters to the pearly depths that are so warm they call to you in the night. That's Hawaii and in a deeper sense stock cars and bikes shouldn't be allowed to roam the rich dense tropical hills. There should be a goddamn law that if your vehicle ain't custom and painted with graphics and flames that capture the gorgeous nature of the islands, you lose your license.

close up tank 
and frame

Fitting the extra-stretched D&D tank to the Nuie modified frame.

Take for instance this single loop chopper built by Roger and Darren from KustomFab (808) 523-1112, in Oahu. Imagine this sleek monster slicing through the hillside, not a structure in site, except for rolling crops of pineapples, coffee beans and grapes backed by red iron-rich earth. I'm losing it. I conjure wild unleashed nature to roam, chasing half-dressed women, freedom from high rise buildings and traffic jams. Yeah, I'm a dreamer, but Hawaii is close to heaven and the broads are unbelievable, but don't mention women around Mel, Roger's partner for 15 years. He was burned bad recently.

engine in 

Powered by 96-Inches of S&S brute.

Mel works construction operating heavy equipment and cranes. Together Roger and Mel built bikes out of Roger's home. "Mel's the front man," Roger said, "we describe him as being stealth like. He slips in and out of the shop unnoticed."

frame w tank 
rear fender

Since they merged to open their KustomFab shop four years ago Mel works sales, is responsible for purchasing and running the business side while Roger and Darren build bikes.

front of bike on 

Mel is referred to as "Mr. Mayor" at the shop for his ability to befriend a vast array of folks, from all walks of life, throughout the islands.

working on 

The Kustom Fab gang at work.

"We never had time to build bikes for ourselves," Roger said. "I have a polished Shovelhead motor in the corner collecting dust. Mel had a Daytec frame he wasn't happy with. It sat around until he took it to Nuie's and ask them to modify it into a single-loop job."

top view tank

Then four months prior to last year's toy run Mel entered the shop in his "stealth" fashion. He slipped in, took care of business and disappeared.

top view rear 

FatKatz rear fender for Softails.

"The next morning I noticed a crumpled note on my desk," Roger admitted. It read, "You don't have time to work on my bike..."

mel with bike 
on lift

The Kustom Fab Mayor with his rolling chassis.

Roger got the hint. "We got the 'fed up' notion crystal clear," Roger confessed. The next day they hit Mel's project like hungry dogs. "We mocked up the frame and in six weeks built his Hot Match custom." In KustomFab fashion they hid as many components as possible.

kustom fab 
logo painted on part

The KustomFab logo painted and striped on the Paul Yaffe coil bracket.

"I kept thinking," Roger added, "he was justifiably upset, but while under construction he smiled constantly from ear to ear." We hand built the bars, asked D&D to stretch the tank to a point and installed the idiot lights in the tip."

fender w 

Dennis, from Cosmic Paint in Honolulu, goes Celtic.

With that the island conversation ended, and I drifted back to my dream of riding free through the Pacific islands surrounded by verdant growth, red dirt and coral sand. I pondered the attack on Pearl Harbor and the many changes the picturesque island outpost has endured. From the Marquesans, Hawaii's first settlers, the islands were over-run by islanders from Tahiti, Bora Bora and Ra'iatea. Chinese followed until half of the businesses on the islands were owned or run by Chinese, then Japanese and Koreans came, not to mention the notorious whites that Captain Cook brought to the fresh lush ocean oasis. He brought trinkets and angelo diseases that wipped out half the population. Still Hawaiian's smile and know that they embrace freedom and serenity like no others. I'm floating again.



finished bike 
left lead shot

Spec Sheet

Owner: Mel Takano
Make/year: Special construction
Fabrication: KustomFab (808) 523-1112
Assembly: KustomFab
Build time: five WEEKS

finished bike 
right lead shot

Size/type: S & S 96"
Cases: S & S
Flywheel: S & S
Rods: S & S
Pistons: S & S
Cylinders: S & S
Heads: S & S
Cam: Redshift
Carb: S & S
Ignition: Crane Hi-4

lights in dash

Clutch: Rivera Pro clutch
Primary drive: Billet 4-u

rog on rolling 

Year/type: Grumpy's single-loop
Rake: 45 degrees
Stretch: 3-inch
Swingarm: Billet 4-U
Rear suspension: Softpension
forks: Cycle engineering
Extensions: 6-degree
Triple trees: Perse

finished bike 
right side

Wheels,Tires and Brakes
Front: 19 x 1.85 Avon
Rear: 17 x 7 Pirelli
Brakes: HHI front / Rear Tolle

finished bike 
left side

Painter: Dennis, COSMIC PAINTING
Graphics: celtic
Color: Black/Silver
Polishing: Mike's polishing

cutie on 
finished bike

Bars: KustomFab
Risers: Accutronics
Hand controls: PM
Headlight: Ness
Taillight: Billet 4-U
Gauges: none
Electrical: KustomFab
Fuel tank: FatKatz/ KustomFab
Dash: none
Oil tank: KustomFab
Front fender: Ness/KustomFab
Rear fender: FatKatz/ KustomFab
Fender struts: FatKatz
Pegs: Ness
Foot controls: Billet 4-U / KustomFab


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