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Yosemite National Park Presari Digital Explorer Travel Guide with Real-Time Search and Interactive Maps

New ebook on Amazon

by Paul Krupin

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New!  Yosemite National Park Presari Digital Explorer Travel Guide

Elearning with Real-Time Search and Interactive Maps 

I am a retired/rewired federal government physical scientist and once-upon-a-time attorney and I write the outdoor column for the Tri-City Herald in SE Washington. 

I just created a very unique Kindle ebook dedicated to Yosemite that does real-time search for hiking and backpacking info, interactive topo maps, and a whole lot more. 

Yosemite National Park is designed to be an extremely helpful time saver for people who desire to be more tech savvy and educated while adventuring outside. 

The purpose is to help money- and time-strapped travelers find the best travel information to meet their needs fast even using their smart phone on the road. 

They all work the same. Each ebook searches using Presari, CalTopo, the National Park Service and other hand-selected search engines. 

You open up the Kindle ebook, then swipe or scroll to a destination and then click on one of three icons.  Go ahead – try it, just click or touch, just like this: 

Park Maps

Yosemite Valley National Park Map Image   YOSEmap2

Yosemite Valley Area National Park Hiking Trails Map valleyhikes   valleyhikes

Yosemite Valley Area

Yosemite Valley Hiking Trails   Image map.html#ll=37

Yosemite East Valley Floor Trail   Image   map.html#ll=37

Happy Isles to Vernal Fall Trail   Image   map.html#ll=37


This is a small slice. 

Yosemite National Park includes, the day hiking and backpacking trails for the National Park and vicinity by area, the adjacent National Forests, Wilderness Areas, and Wild and Scenic Rivers. Over 100 key destinations are covered. 

With a click or a touch, you get current search results from search engines, news media, social media, travel media, outdoor media, and CalTopo and NPS interactive maps (if available) for every destination

The sources are all hand-selected, well-known, highly regarded, and represent the most authoritative and expert sources for information online. 

Please let me know. I can send you a pdf file or an ePub or both. 

Yosemite National Park

The book was published on February 7, 2020.  Each book has an intro that teaches how to get the most out of it, then presents the destinations and links, and the Appendix contains a Digital Hiker’s Manual based on a hiking and backpacking school safety course.  There’s also a biography and details about how Presari and these ebooks were created over the past 17 years.

The Amazon Look Inside the Book feature opens up 25 percent of the book with live search links. 

I believe you will be surprised at how useful this ebook is. I have not found anything like it online anywhere. 

This is a powerful and quick way to get better information-and since each click or touch triggers a search, the results are always current.  The results change constantly and offer people new insights and information.  People can always add words to refine results even more using the slice and dice and time tools at the search engines anytime. 

These ebooks will open your eyes and show you how to get more from searching than ever before.  They add a whole new dimension to elearning with smart phones. You will improve how you search and get better results. 

You will find that Bing Maps is far better than Google Maps for travel information including hiking trails, campgrounds, and other key topics of major interest. It is less commercial and more educational – an online illustrated travel guide with real-time reviews, ratings, and drop-down tools/filters for accommodations, gas and prices, restaurants, grocery stores and more. 

One of the more fun things to do with any the national parks, is to click on the shopping buttons at Google and Bing.  This will make your mouth drool if you love the parks. 

And you can live stream the interactive Cal-Topo digital maps while traveling from your smart phone to a computer screen in your car via Bluetooth. 

I very much appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions by phone, video or email. 

I would also be happy to receive a request to focus on a local, topical, or technical question and create a unique digital explorer feature story for you.

Please let me know how I can help you.  

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