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Thursday Edition


Japanese Bike Show Rocks with Bikes

Photos by Mike Morgan

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I have hundreds of photos I shot at Mooneyes 25th Anniversary Yokohama show. I was there shooting for Hot Rod and Road Kill, but they don't use bikes much, so... Let's use them on Bikernet.

See what you can do.
--Mike Morgan 
We will. The wheels are turning and the bikes were cool. Thanks for thinking of Bikernet, Mike.--Bandit
We announced last month at the end of the year that the date for the 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 was confirmed for Sunday December 4, 2016. That didn't change and the show rocked.  The organizers continued the campaign to keep the noise pollution down around the vicinity of the event area. 
Two years ago, we began the campaign with “Be Calm Not Loud – SHIZUKANI” and last year we use the slogan “SAVE THE YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW”. 
The campaign slogan this year is, “Respect Our Kulture – MAMOROH!” which you may have seen posted on Mooneyes Express Blog by Shige Suganuma. The Japanese word MAMOROH means to honor and protect or abide by the rules, hence respect the kulture we care about. We will carry this campaign through the year until our show next December.

Planning has already started for the 26th HCS2017 as well. It was posted today on Mooneyes Express Blog by Shige Suganuma.
This year for automobiles, they kept it simple and stick to their title with the theme “Hot Rod & Custom." For motorcycles, the theme was “Triumph Chopper." 
More details will come later. See below.
Mooneyes Express Blog: http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/express


HCS2016: http://yokohamahotrodcustomshow.com/



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