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Ride Forever -
Monday Edition

Works of Texas Artist Brittany

Tribal, Goth, Ornamental, Pinstripping, Tattoos and more

by RFR

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RFR met Texas artist Brittany and shares his encounter with us at

 RFR Says - So I met a couple at church a few weeks ago, he does vinyl, graphics and signs, and I discovered her on Instagram. She's an aspiring tattoo and pinstripe artist. 
Her current selection of artwork, done with a pen and ink is pretty cool!  Unfortunately my level of art includes stick figures, I drew as a kid or those attempts to recreate the original Woodstock logo on a school book covers.  Seeing how that is about my art knowledge, I’ll let Ms Brittany share more about herself.  But her title is confusing and impressive. She is a Texas, Canadian, Christian, Goth, Artist!

 Brittany tells us about herself in her own words - Hi, my name is Brittany, I grew up in Canada, but currently live in Houston Texas. I immigrated to the U.S for love, my beloved husband, and the journey just never ends. Blessed is truly an understatement of it all. God has taken me places I never dreamed I would.

Part of how he's woven me is through my art. I am shy in person, therefore often the language I speak is through my art. The words I can't say, but can only show you visually.

My art has developed through various styles through time, hints of my native-american background, tribal, gothic and ornamental. There is so much beauty out there, I can't just stick to one specific style, except when it comes to the color black. I am stubborn towards anything but black. It's just who I am and the color I speak.

I've also tried a little pinstriping, tattooing, painting oars, etc. Currently trying to build my business online, wanting to take my art to various platforms. Thanks for considering my small bit in this massive world of art. I hope I can be a blessing somehow to another, God bless!

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