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Why Voting for Trump In 2024 Is Actually Good Idea

Even If You Don’t Like Him

By J.J. Solari

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Dear Bikernet Reader; assuming you are not having this read to you by the nurse; Ya know, there’s a lotta good reasons to vote for Trump for a second term even if you think he’s an asshole. For one thing he’s never been an asshole to you personally, has he. Plus he’s never personally insulted your wife and family. Or your mom. Who should be on her knees thanking Jesus because EYE hear she was this close to being a target. No: he insults people people who clearly have it coming. In fact… Wikipedia has a long long itemized list of all the nicknames he has given to the apes and assholes he was forced to work with for 4 years.

I mean, this is some funny shit right here. What makes it even funnier is that in that whole list of Ignorant Trump-Abuse he has claimed that one of them is actually incorrect. “No, I never called him that,” Trump informed whoever was making this list. That was on one of them. On the others?… “Yeah, I said that, that’s correct, mm-hmm, yeah, called him that, correcto-mundo, yup, fuckin’A.”

Now you might be saying “Well, I shouldn’t vote for Trump just because he calls people names.” Yeah you should. None o’ the names are undeserved, for one thing. Well, you might say “That’s still rude and ignorant, these are all respected representatives and office holders and dutiful safeguarders of our sacred democracy.” No they’re not. They’re all piles of gestating mucus.

They’re writhing science fiction monsters of uselessness; fat, smelly, drooling ill-tempered snotty children, employed at jobs that have no actual product or service other than barking orders and demands and having positions at high rates of pay you’re paying for that have no actual job descriptions, just vague activity-checklists that siphon money from your pocket or else just legally create it out of thin air for the purpose of making things worse, never better. And they all have two personalities, a private one and a public one.

Unlike Trump. Who has just one personality. The insufferable one. He also has an actual job-history, and unlike the people on the insult list who smile and wink and say cute things and do nothing constructive…Trump actually tries to do something: namely remove all the roadblocks to what used to globally be called “American Exceptionalism:” roadblocks that all the people on Trump’s insult list have relentlessly hammered into place.

There’s a reason everyone on the insult list…is on the insult list. And there’s a reason everyone on the insult list hates Trump. And it’s not because they’re on the insult list. They don’t hate him because he calls them names. If they did they’d be barging into his office and asking him what his fucking problem is. You’ll notice they don’t do that.

Most of them are even afraid to say his name in front of a reporter who they’re also afraid of because they’re all little shits of cowardice and duplicity and whining fuckness. The reason they hate Trump is because Trump is impeding their determination to make your personal life too impossible to actually live.

Which is another reason everyone else in DC hates him: he actually enjoys being alive. Unlike everyone else in DC. You notice all those assholes on the insult-list who come out of a fart-filled room and waddle up to the failed-novelists journalists when both groups have their little blowjob session in the hallway so that David Muir can at 6:o’clock put both palms flat on his desk like he’s ready for action and tell you what the two groups accomplished in the way of fucking with everyone and claiming they’re keeping everyone safe by doing so?…. you’ll notice they’re never fucking happy.

They stand there with their sour, Mitch McConnell sad faces, and give grim forewarnings of sadnesses to come. Meanwhile Trump is calling them names and having rallies and everyone is all up ’n’ attem and yee-haa and meanwhile all the people he’s calling names, they’re all droopy and crying and saying our “sacred democracy” is in danger because Trump’s too happy and he calls people names. This democracy crap must be pretty shaky business if Trump can topple it by calling Mitch McConnel “a disloyal sleazebag.” (see Trump Namecalling List referenced above.)

Another reason you should vote for Trump is that he actually has a livelihood. Unlike everyone else in DC, and basically anyone in any office in America. Trump actually knows what a job actually is. To every other bureaucrat in America a job is where “the owners of production exploit the workers.”

That’s what a job is to a bureaucrat: because it’s what Karl Marx says it is. He’s their fucking guidance counselor. Which is why they’re all fucking idiots and they all talk in brain-eroding riddles of verbal mush. Because they’re students of Karl Marx. And Karl Marx was not just an idiot he was a diligent one. He not only said stupid things he backed them up with stupid arguments, imaginary proofs, relentless obviousities, lots of “it’s the science,” and this is how it is’s and because I said so’s. Kind of like how the “pandemic” thing operated. Where do you think the CDC and the WHO got the idea of “keeping the sick ‘safe’ from the healthy” from? That’s right, from the idiot: Karl Marx.

Donald Trump isn’t an idiot. Sure, he may not be Mr. Dignity, but he’s not an idiot. Unlike Karl Marx, he’s actually had jobs and earned money. Unlike Karl Marx. At least before his book of insane-asylum nonsense became an “intellectual” best seller. Which I think someone else actually wrote. Sure, someone else wrote Trump’s books too, yeah, ok. But unlike Marx, Trump was busy at his real job while someone else was writing his books, PLUS they’re easy to understand. The only people who understand Karl Marx’s book are rioters, looters, arsonists, child molesters, and the fucking Squad. (see list above.)

And that’s another thing: Trump is not a child molester. In fact, I don’t think he can stand even being around kids. Even his own. I know I wouldn’t want to be around them. Trump can’t waste his time with kids. What can kids do for him? They have no money to spend. Everyone else in office?…..always with the kids. Can’t get enough kids involved in their unsavory shit. Sitting in commie classrooms with the kids. Sliding their hands up and down their torsos. Now they’re saving kids from their grandparents. So their grandparents won’t die. Kids are a danger to their grandparents. Why? Because kids are healthy. They’re not gonna die from the annual flu season, they’re just gonna carry it to granma. And kill her. When they ain’t caressing someone else’s kid they’re killing someone else’s kid. I’d be surprised if Trump knows kids even exist. I bet he makes his own kids wear name-tags so he knows who he’s taking to. You seen his kids? Jesus. Obama has more normal looking kids. Plus Obama’s kids shave their faces. Unlike whatever the fuck Donald Junior is doing with that kisser o’ his.

Now, I admit Trump has about as much knowledge of virology as he has about exercising. But who cares. Do you care? Do you care if Donald Trump knows or doesn’t know how to protect us from a fucking pandemic that sure as hell didn’t kill me. His medical knowledge nor his fucking lack of it had no effect on my health. At least he didn’t start tossing flu protocols around and threatening businesses with losing their licenses if they didn’t obey “health” edicts designed to bankrupt business while doing nothing to prevent the spread of the annual winter flu. Which was claimed to be not the flu even though it was identical to the flu in all its symptoms.

Enough about the fucking flu. Trump didn’t care about the flu. He just got duped by the flu and the propaganda being spread by the people he calls names blaming him for every flu death. I’m actually surprised they didn’t claim Trump created the flu inside Trump Tower in a secret biological sub basement. They pro’bly just haven’t thought of it. If they read this, then that’s pro’bly on the horizon with the New York Times breaking the news.

Now, all that you have read so far are just incidental reasons why all the people on the name-calling list hate Trump. Which I am sure is just a partial list. For all I know I might be on it myself. Anyway, the above reasons are just incidental reasons they hate Trump.

The prime reason they hate him is because “he’s not Presidential.” He doesn’t regard the office as a religious sub-category of divine holiness. You listen to that hammered face of Nancy Pelosi and her vermin ilk of bottomfeeders like Schiff and Schumer and No-Nads Nadler and the harridan harpies on the Squad and everyone else in office - according to those shitheads, being part of government is a sacred calling of sanctity and dignity and holiness filled with selfless caring about others that comes from an inner superiority of righteousness. That you are being ordered to get on board with believing. Or you are immoral.

In other words, if you are Presidential you don’t go around calling the high priests and priestesses of government the same back-alley names you would call a bum you were arguing with in a back alley. No. The people you are calling names and nicknames like some school kid, these are noble, sanctified and in some cases canonized saints of the Higher Knowledge Dimension of human existence who waft the pleasing scents and odors of lilacs from their amazingly beautiful crotches and their scenic and delightfully aromatic anuses.

These are not pontificating tyrannical idiots who would be unemployable at MacDonalds. These are “lawmakers,” undertaking the painstaking task of forbidding you to do things for your own good. These are the selfless overseers of your safety and your welfare and your health and your common good as taught to them by the ancient masters of the sacred numbers of the holy entrails of the gods and goddesses of the Egyptian celestial secret passageways of Light and Wisdom and Knowledge.

Trump, however, thinks they’re all self-absorbed, untalented, unaccomplished sociopaths deserving rude nicknames.

Now you might say “Well, Trump is self-absorbed.” That’s totally true. But he’s self-absorbed with being Trump. He likes being Trump. He’s his own thing. He’s totally into himself. But he’s not a sociopath. When he builds a building he doesn’t put booby traps everywhere. He puts nice things everywhere. And he doesn’t order you to stay there. He tries to coax you to stay there. He likes doing that. He’s a self-absorbed, full-of-himself businessman trying to build - not “back better” - but build forward.

He doesn’t need to build back better. He builds something, it’s done, he moves on. If it fails it fails. He moves on. When he was President he started using the office to un-manacle all the business the Holy People In Office spend their lives trying to manacle in order to “save” people not even involved.

This whole covid thing was the entire population now experiencing the regulating of business. Not just the businesses experiencing it. Business and customers got a dose of it this time. Business and the customers got a dose of what the people Trump calls names are capable of via sheer sadism all in the name of helping people. And that’s the norm for sadistic sociopaths: they always say it’s for your own good and that if it feels like punishment it’s because you are unwilling to sacrifice for others and that you are morally guilty of not being saintly and if you were truly holy it would not feel like pain it would feel like calming medicine because society is a grand and wonderful church of parishioners on a path to perfection and godliness that you need to join and enjoy.

These maniacs are lucky Trump and everyone else are just calling them names.

These “safety protocols” for a mystery ailment no one ever discovered the source of - because it was likely imaginary, like most of the things bureaucrats and journalists talk about - these would have no more occurred to Trump to do and proclaim than it would occur to him to stop ogling broads and calling people names.

Speaking of name-calling, you’ll notice not one of the people on that abbreviated name-calling list ever got into Trump’s face and pushed him against a wall ever said “What’s your goddamn fucking problem, asshole, calling me a fucknuts imbecile, you fucking prick.” Never happened. Nope, they just went before a herd of failed-novelist journalists and said “Trump is not being Presidential calling me and other self-sacrificing servants of the People these lowbrow, caustic, abusive epithets. It’s sad. He lacks all sense of dignity and decorum.”

What they really mean is “Trump does not realize he is in the Office of Majesty and Authority designed from On High as the guardian of Morality and Holiness in our effort to elevate all of humanity to their destiny of godlike empowerment.” Hell fucking no: he thinks the Presidency is where you start to take the manacles off the people who, like him, want to actually make progress, where the people who actually know what the fuck they’re doing - none of whom are in office - can haul everyone who doesn’t know how to do anything along with them to a higher standard of living rather than trying to lower Americans’ standard of living out of “fairness” to countries that Trump routinely calls “shitholes.” Which is another thing you’re not supposed to do in office: demean another nation for being a backward, prehistoric stone-age sewer of stagnancy and spiritual depression. Trump said fuck that I’ll just called them shitholes. Because they’re shitholes. Like what we’re becoming: in order to stay safe and to encourage all the shitholes to approve our “morality.”

So, yeah, Trump’s the better guy to vote for. He’s a fucking human being, not some delusional priest of a higher magnitude of creation put here to bring sanctity and mystical holiness to all so that our planet - Gaia by name - won’t feel pain and cry at night to the other planets that she is being tortured and raped by machines and exhaust and choked with plastic Coke bottles to where the oceans and rivers are now her tears. In the real world this is called childish insanity requiring calmatives and Happy Meals from trained medical staff. In government world it’s called planet abuse: we’re denying Earth her environmental rights. Meanwhile you can keep your kids away from granma forever because your kids are a threat and you can kill the ones that ain’t outside the womb yet. Because we care about the Earth.

Trust me, Trump’s the better candidate: he calls assholes assholes and does it on the record. Because they have it coming and he wants the fucking credit. And I don’t blame ‘im. He’s earned it fair and square. Plus all the names are accurate. Not only is he calling them names he’s calling them the correct names.

He’s better at name-calling than all the people in government he’s calling names are at governing. He’s better at being vulgar than the people in government are at being holy. That’s why they hate him. Because he’s good at what he does; which is name-calling. And they suck at what they do; which is nothing.

They can’t even do nothing competently. They hate him because he’s a fucking normal American. Not a member of the global priesthood of fucking doubletalk-dribblers claiming to be speaking in the Secret Language of the Gods. Trump’s language everyone can understand. He’s a normal human being who got elected into the world of abnormal freaks and he started telling everyone what he was finding there; a menagerie of worthless, slimy monstrosities.

Who else in American history has ever done that. Who else has ever entered American public office and on his first day said “Holy fucking shit, everyone in here is smellier and more worthless than rectal pus from a hyena with an ass infection.” No one. Not that Trump said that. But he will. And it will be hilarious.

the end

--jj solari

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Motorcycling Events, News, Updates, Products, Reviews and More....delivered to you once a week for free. Click & Go !!!

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