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Wheelies: Taken to a New Level

Unknown Industries 13th Level

DVD Review by Gary Koz Mraz

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I loved pulling wheelies on my bitchin 1970 Schwinn Sting Ray Fastback. This baby was blue metal flake with a 3-speed stick shift!  Butterfly handlebars, tuck and roll banana seat, bobtail fender and aftermarket high-rise sissy bar.

It was badass and the envy of the block.  In fact we shut down the street with full on wheelie competitions.  

Been through a lot of bikes since then and wheelies are out of the question on my Road King. Truth is I have never pulled a serious wheelie on any of my Harleys. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to, and when I ran across Unknown Industries 13th Level DVD, I was hangin off the edge of my seat. Oh man, these dudes are crazy!

Gravity defying wheelie by 13th Level
Gravity defying wheelie by 13th Level

Enter Buddy Suttle and Nick Leonetti, these are big guys on 670lb Dynas.  Pulling almost vertical wheelies, radical burnouts and wild stunts on Harley Davidsons.

Buddy started riding BMX at 4 was expert class at 6 years old.  Nick Leonetti was raised riding dirt bikes and bought his first Harley at 18. Nick met Buddy and it was game on.  Harley Wheelies started as a YouTube phenomenon, filmed with Go Pros, lots of shaky cam and guerilla street video tactics.

Unknown Industries 13th Level DVD is a first look into the world of these young bucks.

They just finished participating in the Road to Sturgis Tour, 26 cities, 26 riding demos in 32 days.  John Oaks, tour manager saw the fans reactions nightly  “ The crowds went crazy when these guys started burning rubber and doing wheelies on their Harleys”  With a total run time of 27 minutes 13th Level is full of two wheeled fury, pushing the edge and provoking the outlaw in all of us.  


13th Level wheelie
13th Level wheelie


Knowing the limits of your bike and your own fears keeps real world riding in perspective. The dynamics of human-machine reaction, time, control and out-of-control dynamics has to be experienced to be understood. But if  you’re like me  and  there is no way in hell I’m trying  this on my Harley,  Unknown Industries 13th Level DVD is as close as it gets.  



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Reader Comments

Wow wow wow I'm impressed.
My hubby just learned to wheelie.
This will come in handy.

Thank guys
I really love your site

gautwng, pretoria, Angola
Saturday, January 14, 2017
Editor Response Look for the recent Big Bear Story and their Wheelie crew.
Just wanted to point out most of the unknown guys ride FXRs not Dynas, though I know a couple of them do.

okc, OK
Monday, November 3, 2014
Editor Response Did we miss that? We are FXR fans, and don't miss the next all-FXR show in Sturgis.

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