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“Waymore’s Blues”

A Classic Low-Buck Chop

By the Stealth with photos by Vickie Pullin

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The owner (left) with the Stealth, Bikernet East Coast Feature Editor, discussing the Bikernet feature, whiskey, and going for a ride.
The owner (left) with the Stealth, Bikernet East Coast Feature Editor, discussing the Bikernet feature, whiskey, and going for a ride.

Well I woke up this mornin’ drizzlin’ rain,
Around the curve come a passenger train,
Heard somebody yodel and a hobo moan,
Jimmy he’ dead, He’s been a long time gone,
Been a long time gone, Been a long time gone,
If you wanna get to heaven gotta D-I_E,
You gotta put on your coat and tie!

--Lyrics by: Waylon Jennings

Chris Wade, the owner of this classic Panhead named it Waymore’s Blues. Never was told the reason except that Chris digs the song by the old outlaw Waylon Jennings and that’s good enough for me.

Through all my years, the ups, the downs, the good times and the bad, I have never lost my passion for motorcycles. When my son Justin passed away at the age of 16, the toughest time of my life, I almost lost that passion, but I re-claimed it. When I see a bike like this Panhead, the passion inside of me starts to burn. Just like when I first got into bikes a long time ago.

You know what I am talking about, that feeling inside, the excitement, knowing this is the reason I love bikes and the people who build and ride them. For me there is nothing like that feeling, nothing else comes close!

Chris told me it took him, with the help of some good friends, about 5 years to produce what you see. This 1953 FL Panhead features the best of everything: S&S cases, 1963—'65 barrels, Andrews A-grind cam, S&S carb, Bare Knuckle Springer, and a classic Santee straight-leg rigid frame. Chris wanted his good friends to have a hand in this build.

Rori at H&G cycles, known to us as Heavy, and Ben Jordan stepped in to help. Ben has had some heavy duty iron featured here on more than one occasion. Heavy handled the majority of the engine work while Ben knocked out all the welding and fab work. Ben also laid down the killer Kona Blue paint job. This bike is a no nonsense lean mean machine! There is nothing extra, nothing else needed.

So after everything was finished and the Pan was ready to roll, Chris rolled it down to the Easyriders Show in Charlotte. I mentioned to Vicki (my wife and photographer), that I thought his bike was the best in the show and as it turned out the judges agreed. That is right the Pan took home “BEST OF SHOW” honors!

Chris told me he was knocked out when the show host announced his award, and Chris, being Chris said he was happy for all the guys who had a hand in making this bike a show winner. Give yourself some credit Chris, you had a BIG hand in this!

Chris is a family man and he always attended the “RUN FOR BREATH” in memory of my son Justin. Chris tells me he loves this bike. He and his wife Sarah have a daughter, Maggie, and I believe she is around 8—9 months old and has a heart condition that will require surgery when she is a little older. Chris may have to sell his bike in order to pay medical bills, and he tells me he is all right with that because his daughter means the world to him.

Chris, you are a stand up guy and I am proud to call you a friend. You know you and your wife and Maggie are in my prayers. The rest of you reading this, send up a prayer for Maggie and her family. I hope everyone enjoys this bike as much as I do!

Until next time, RIDE!


Owner: Chris Wade
Bike Name: Waymore Blues
City/State: Waxhaw, NC
Builder: Owner & Rorie at H&G Cycles, Jordan Designs
City/state: Waxhaw, NC
Fabrication: Ben Jordan
Welding: Ben Jordan
Machining: Ben Jordan


Year: 1953
Make: Harley Davidson
Model: FL Panhead
Displacement: 93 inches
Builder or Rebuilder: H&G Cycles
Cases: S&S
Case finish: Natural
Barrels: ‘63-‘65 Panhead
Heads: Harley Davidson
Head finish: Natural
Cams: Andrews A Grind
Lifters: S&S
Carburetion: S&S
Air cleaner: TT & Company
Exhaust: J&P - Owner


Year: 1963
Make: Harley Davidson
Gear configuration: 4-speed
Final drive: Chain
Primary: H& G Cycles
Clutch: Foot
Kicker: yes


Year: ?
Make: Santee
Style or Model: Rigid Straight Leg
Stretch: 2-inch
Rake: 32 degrees

Front End

Make: Bare Knuckle
Model: Springer
Length: Stock late-model

Sheet metal

Tanks: Ben Jordan
Fenders: Front Street
Oil tank: After market (7 year old Chinese girl)


Sheet metal: Ben Jordan
Base coat: Kona Blue
Frame: Powder coat black



Size: 21-inch
Brake calipers: Brembo
Brake rotor(s): Harley-Davidson
Tire: black


Make: Harley-Davidson
Size: 16-inch
Brake calipers: Harley-Davidson
Brake rotor: Harley-Davidson
Tire: black


Foot controls: Speed Demon
Finish: black
Master cylinder: Speed Demon
Handlebar controls: Speed Demon
Shifting: Hand
Kickstand: One


Headlight: TT & Company
Taillight: TT & Company

What’s Left?
Seat: Rich Phillips (Betty Page)
Mirror(s): nope
Gas caps: tiny
Handlebars: Front Street
Grips: Speed Demon
Pegs: Speed Demon
Oil filter: Steel Co
Throttle: Speed Demon

Specialty items:
Throwback Risers – engraved for Jimmy (VATO LOCO)

Credits: Heavy, Ben Jordan, Sarah & Maggie


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