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Wild News from Las Vegas Bikefest, Branscomb, Lucas, Australia, the MRF, AMA, WRN, TrailBlazers, NMA and even M-8

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Stealth, Ujjwal Dey, Uncle Monkey, Ben, Queen La La, Dr. Willie, Doc Robinson, Sam Burns and the whole crew

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Incredible year.
A tough, challenging and progressive year. We’ve accomplished a lot, and it’s not over yet.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

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Let’s hit the news and avoid getting into trouble.
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After riding the Milwaukee 8, I was hooked! After a week of sleepless nights and standing on a street corner begging and selling and trading, I got me one! She came home yesterday. I will send you a report.

I got the St. Glide Special. The 8 is in all touring bikes this year. I think next year we will see it in all the Big Twins.

Already got a nickname for her, BLUE ANGEL! Now to go out and beg for food!


to become “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer.”

Seven-time land speed record holder named world’s fastest female motorcycle racer with award-winning top speed of 304 mph at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

Valerie Thompson earned the title of world’s fastest female motorcycle racer on September 1 at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials with a blistering one measured mile average speed of 304 mph (489.66 km/h) riding the famous Denis Manning designed “7” Racing streamliner.

After three mandatory license qualification runs, Thompson scorched the salt with two memorable runs over 294 and 304 mph. Thompson’s highest exit speed exceeded 313 mph, earning her the Top Speed of the Event Award and new title as the World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer.

“I’ve dreamed about this since I first started racing. Thank you (Bandit) for suggesting me to Denis - I've always wanted to ride his streamliner,” said Valerie. “This never would have happened without Denis Manning and team owners, John Jans and Joe Harralson. I can’t thank them and the entire “7” Racing crew members enough for all their hard work during the competition.”

“Joe Harralson and I couldn’t be happier with these results. Valerie has the talent and drive to be the fastest motorcyclist in the world … period,” says John Jans, team owner of “7” Racing.

The four-day Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials is the premier motorcycle land speed-racing event of North America. The AMA and FIM sanctioned event offers national and world speed record opportunities. Event organizers honored Thompson and Team “7” Racing with the “Top Speed of the Event Award” while celebrating her new title.

“Valerie has quickly adjusted from racing a conventional motorcycle to driving a streamliner with twice the horsepower, she is a natural racer. More importantly, she reached our goal of exceeding 300 mph on the 3-mile short course vs. the 5-mile run-up streamliners normally require to reach top speed,” stated bike designer Manning. “Our goal is creating history by making “7” the fastest motorcycle in the world again. Valerie achieved our objective of going faster with less track, I can’t ask for more than that from any driver,” added Manning.

“It's very different cause our body helps where the bike goes - in the streamliner its all in the vision and hand controls since I'm strapped in there so tight,” said Valerie. “Also you cannot feel how fast your going like on a bike, but I'm loving every moment... Denis and John are great teachers and have taught me well...still learning!”


The Australian motorcycle and ATV market grew strongly in the first half of 2016, with the latest sales figures revealing a 3.5 per cent increase over the same period last year.

The ongoing appeal of ATV and SxS (Side by Side) vehicles specifically for farm and agricultural use, but also recreationally, was strongly evident with 3.6 per cent more sold than in the first half of 2015.

The hugely diversified motorcycle market, with its myriad of models from cruisers to café racers, super-motards to motorcrossers, maintained strong momentum overall. The off-road motorcycle market rose 4.3 per cent over the first six months of 2016, while the road bike market increased 4.4 per cent. The only decline was in the scooter market, which fell 11 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Japan’s Big Four of motorcycle manufacturing maintained their strong overall market presence. Honda was the leading volume manufacturer again with 23.2 per cent of the market, followed by Yamaha with 20.1 per cent, and Kawasaki (10.1 per cent). Suzuki and Harley-Davidson had an 8.9 per cent share each.

The Chief Executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tony Weber, said that the diversity of models, affordability, and the ability of manufacturers to produce machines to cater for such a wide range of applications were key ingredients to the market’s continued growth.

“Road bikes accounted for almost half of the new motorcycle market, holding a 43.4 per cent share. Off-road motorcycles accounted for 31.2 per cent, ATVs for 21.2 per cent and scooters for the remaining 4.2 per cent.”

Harley-Davidson was again the top seller in the road motorcycle market, selling 20.4 per cent of the road motorcycles sold between January and June 2016. Harley-Davidson was followed closely by Honda, which sold 19.6 per cent, Yamaha third with 15.4 per cent, followed by Kawasaki (11.5 per cent) and BMW (7.3).

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Click for more info...

Last week’s newsletter on the new Center for Disease Control guidelines to states with regards to nighttime driving for teen drivers brought in some great comments for discussion. We thought we would share a few thoughts covering both sides of the issue.

From Walter in Indiana:

In sports or any other activity where reflexive motor skills are important, there is a very significant advantage in developing skills at a younger age. I have seen the evidence in sports that when the brain is trained to execute motor skills at a younger age, the attainable skill level is much higher.

I see the evidence of very low driving skills in most drivers every day and inhibiting young drivers from getting experience at earlier ages is only going to create more unskilled drivers on the road at all ages. Young drivers are taught to be afraid of everything - this promotes panic and causes freezing behind the wheel when anything unusual happens.

I suggest the exact opposite approach:

There is a huge difference between fear and respect. You cannot handle a situation well if you fear it - only if you respect and understand it.

Driver's education should be teaching teens at a young age on a track to handle cars - not just parallel parking, but handling slides and spins on a skid pad, exercising emergency maneuvers and making quick decisions.

I would also suggest creating ice-covered training areas for handling vehicles in those conditions (yes, that would be more expensive in Southern states). That would produce drivers with drastically higher skill levels, with quicker, more beneficial reactions and those skills could follow them the rest of their lives especially if they were programmed into their neurological systems when practiced at a young age.

Imagine roads filled with well-trained, skilled drivers - what a difference that would be... I definitely believe death tolls would fall significantly if that training were implemented.

From Mark in Washington State:

Did you ever consider that making driving a hassle is an explicit goal? I have noted several articles in mainstream media celebrating that the percentage of young people who have not learned to drive is higher than in the past. Given that many in this same media favor reliance on public transportation and consider the private auto to be an environmental disaster, should we be surprised?

From Spike in Michigan:

As with their highly-politicized anti-gun crusade, one has to question CDC "mission creep" into areas that have absolutely nothing to do with medical issues. Clearly, actual diseases are still with us, and the CDC should refocus their resources on THAT.

Isn't it odd that despite the considerable reduction in teen driving brought about by all these restrictions, insurance for them remains be as high as it ever was?

From Richard in Texas:
I remember being pull over by police in 1961 in MA, when I was 18, to see if I was 18. Then they called for back-up….wouldn’t say why.

Then they searched my car!

No probable cause….nothing found.
Tied me up for an hour such that my parents, who expected me home from work (Howard Johnson’s), called the police looking for me.
They called the State Police, who didn’t know that I was being held up by the local police (Ashland, MA).

They called hospitals too, to see if I’d been in an accident.

This was way before cell phones! (-:
When I got home they were freaked out….it was 1:30am by then…..
They couldn’t believe that I was late BECAUSE of the police so they called them to verify it.

The whole event should have never happened!
But, this and other such events are why I’m a member of the NMA!!!

--from Rogue

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On the road working in Maine.

Our Bagger Editor in chief is nuts. He’s either on the road to an event, riding his bagger or working on a tech. Check out Bikernet Baggers for all the action.


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Mississippi court allows negligence clam against state. Rider killed in construction zone crash.

The Mississippi Supreme Court decline to throw out a lawsuit over the death of a motorcyclist who lost control of his bike in an interstate 10 construction zone in 2010 and died from the injuries sustained in the crash.

--AMA magazine

In Europe FEMA made a major point to demonstrate infrastructure problems to the safety community. They pointed out sign posts, potholes, jagged railings and other obstructions major issues in injury avoidance. It’s not all about more restrictions for motorcyclists.--Bandit

Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2016. turned 20 this year. Bikernet was one of the first efforts at online custom motorcycle entertainment in 1996. It grew from a library of Fiction to full bike features, news, techs, events, legislation and so much more. currently houses over 15,000 pages of content.

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Click for the Action.

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Check the Paughco site for the cool kits.
Check the Paughco site for the cool kits.


Big Thanks for the classy ladies, the enlightenment, entertainment, eye candy, information, and the revival of the bagger segment. Maybe some owner's trikes and what they are doing cosmetically and performance wise could beef up the trike segment.

I'm at the age where a lot of my friends are going to trikes. Most wish for a little more performance while others dress them up and enjoy the ride.

My bike is twelve years old and of course I like to see things about and for these bikes. Development for the older bikes has pretty much stopped for many reasons in the aftermarket, but I would like to still get an improvement here and there that only seems available to the later model bikes. Thanks again.

Feels like old times.


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Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Wrecking Crew rider Kenny Coolbeth Jr. executed a perfect last-lap pass to score a thrilling victory in the Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines main at the historic Springfield Mile.

Aboard a Zanotti Racing/Gator H-D Harley-Davidson XR750 motorcycle, Coolbeth stalked race leader Bryan Smith for the entire 25-lap main before making his move for the win as the pair blasted out of the final turn on the legendary dirt oval at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The strategy paid off for the veteran Harley-Davidson racer as Coolbeth beat Smith to the finish line by 0.009 seconds.

“I knew I wouldn’t get all the way around him going down the straightaway like a legit draft pass,” said Coolbeth, who has now won five times at Springfield, “so I buried it off in there just like I did when I beat him the other time and it worked out.”

Coolbeth, a three-time AMA Grand National champion, has more wins than any active rider in series. The win at Springfield is the 36th of his career.

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Team rider Brad Baker finished fifth at Springfield, 1.357 seconds behind Coolbeth. Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® Wrecking Crew rider Jake Johnson finished in 13th place on the Zanotti Racing/Classic H-D Harley-Davidson XR750.

The Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew riders compete with legendary intensity befitting the long history of Harley-Davidson racing. Part of that story is currently being told at the Harley-Davidson Museum in its special exhibit “Racing Machines from the KR to the XR” that explores the role the Harley-Davidson engineering team played in creating the legendary bikes that have dominated race tracks for three decades after World War II.

After 13 of 14 races on the 2016 Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines flat track series, Johnson is third in points with 169, Coolbeth is sixth with 134 points and Baker is seventh with 124 points.

Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew riders will return to action on September 25 at the Ramspur Winery Santa Rosa Mile at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.

For more information, visit

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TIPTON CONTROVERSY--Video Proves Nothing Is Removed From Tipton’s Body.

Although the chance of Zachariah receiving justice posthumously is small, the truth deserves to be heard in hopes that the next murder by the Iron Order will not go unpunished. This is the Part 2 of a Motorcycle Profiling Project series analyzing the glaring discrepancies between the State Attorney’s review and uncut video footage.

The State Attorney’s review of Tipton’s killing first lies about the Black Pistons rendering aid. Indeed, the State Attorney contends that the Black Pistons fled after gunshots were fired and none of them rendered assistance to their fallen brother. We know this is not true, as incontrovertibly proven by uncut video footage. So what other deceit is hidden within the pages of this review?

State Attorney Implies Tipton Had a Weapon.

The State Attorney insinuates that Tipton was armed and Black Piston members removed the evidence before police arrived. The State Attorney’s review, page 4:

“One member of the Black Pistons can be seen going over to Zachariah Tipton’s body and then later handing off a cut or vest with patches signifying membership in the Black Pistons club, with what looks like something rolled up inside. A member of the Black Pistons is handed the vest and leaves the scene on his motorcycle. It is unknown if something was rolled up in the vest.”

If it is unknown, why include it in the statement of facts? The prejudice is deeply concerning, particularly when the actual facts are quite different, and particularly when it contradicts the State Attorney’s claim that the Black Pistons fled and didn’t return to Tipton after he was shot.

Video Proves State Attorney Lied….Again

Surveillance video obtained from discovery indeed shows a Black Piston hand a vest to another member. But it is not rolled up and nothing is visibly removed from Tipton’s person.

Beach Marine Video 8 at (9:38): A Black Piston rendering assistance to Tipton can clearly be seen removing his vest and handing it to another member. The vest is open and hanging, not rolled up, and there is nothing concealed or hidden. The video also proves the Black Piston rendering assistance is never alone with Tipton. A nurse and a bartender were present the entire time and removing a weapon from Tipton undetected would not have been possible.

Why Would The State Attorney Imply Tipton Was Armed?

The State Attorney’s so-called “statement of facts” is intended to create an extreme prejudice, particularly when translated to the media and the general public. Although Tipton was unarmed, it cannot be proven otherwise, implying that there was a successful conspiracy executed by the Black Pistons to remove a firearm from Tipton creates negative sympathy or calls for justice.

On the other hand, if people based their perceptions on what could be proven, the world looks substantially different. If the world understood that Tipton was unarmed and shot in the head during a fistfight there may have been more public outcry. If the general public realized that national officers in the Iron Order have issued statements encouraging members to provoke conflicts with other clubs in order to “destroy them” because they won’t get prosecuted, maybe there would have been more outrage…

To be Continued…

Myself and many others are deeply concerned about the Murder of Zachariah Tipton.

There is finally some information coming out that it is being mishandled. We knew that was happening from the beginning.

Hopefully we will be able to help bring this to the attention of our readers and pressure put on law enforcement in Jacksonville Florida to arrest and prosecute the person or persons responsible for this.



Ride & Win - Poker Runs*

Friday, September 30 - Poker Run
$1,000 for Best Hand / $250 for Worst Hand
Check-In: Golden Nugget - Grotto Atrium, starting at 7:30am (last bike departs at 9:00am). Stops include: Shucks Tavern III, Mount Charleston Lodge, Sin City Indian Motorcycle, Pole Position Raceway and ends at Red Rock Harley-Davidson.

Saturday, October 1 - $10K Poker Run
$5,000 for Best Hand / $1,500 for 2nd Place / $500 for 3rd - 6th Place / $250 for 7th - 10th Place & $500 for Worst Hand.
Check-In: Golden Nugget - Grotto Atrium starting at 7:30am (last bike departs at 9:00am). Stops include: Atomic Motors, Lake Las Vegas, Zero 1 Adventures, Hard Rock Cafe and ends at Rally Central (8th & Fremont).

*Must be registered with an Ultimate or VIP Pass to participate

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