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It's all Nuts...

By Bandit, the Wayfarer, Bob T. RFR, Rogue, Sam, Laura, the Redhead, Bill Bish, Barry Green and the rest of the crew

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A couple of infrastructure changes.
From now on, we will post the news on the Free side of the Bikernet Iron Curtain for one week each week. We will also do the same with selected articles before slipping them into Bandit’s Cantina archives for our esteemed members.

We need members, but I want the largest readership to check the news. We also need to inform the largest possible audience of the issues facing motorcycling and of happenings on Bikernet. So, what the fuck, I’m giving it a shot.

Let’s hit the news. It’s going to be a good one:

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The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

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MAJOR LEGISLATIVE ALERT--Landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level passes House committee

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that could decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level, giving states more room to craft unique regulations.

The "Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019" -- also called the MORE Act -- could officially remove cannabis from the list of federally controlled substances, expunge federal marijuana convictions and arrests, and approve allocation of resources for communities affected by the war on drugs, according to the bill's text.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., and co-sponsored by more than 50 lawmakers, passed 24-10 in the committee on Wednesday.

It would also establish an organization -- called the Cannabis Justice Office -- to introduce a 5% sales tax on cannabis sales in states where it remains legal, according to the bill.

"These steps are long overdue. For far too long, we have treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem instead of a matter of personal choice and public health," Nadler, the committee's chairman, said during bill markup. "Federal action on this issue would follow growing recognition in the states that the status quo is unacceptable."

Nadler added, "Despite the federal government’s continuing criminalization of marijuana, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical cannabis.”

The landmark bill marks the first time a congressional committee has passed a bill in favor of legalizing marijuana at the federal level. It will still need to pass the full House before moving to the Senate – where it’s likely to stall.

The MORE Act would remove marijuana as a Schedule I substance, a category that also features other drugs, such as heroin, LSD, ecstasy and peyote.

"States have led the way -- and continue to lead the way -- but our federal laws have not kept pace with the obvious need for change," Nadler said in a statement. "We need to catch up because of public support and because it is the right thing to do."

Former Vice President Joe Biden has spoken out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana and expunging criminal records for possession charges, but like Nadler, thinks each state should decide whether or not to legalize it.

Biden's lukewarm approach to marijuana has put him at odds with other 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, such as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who have each supported sweeping legislation to reform how the criminal justice system deals with the drug.

News At

THE TEXAS HANDLEBAR REPLACEMENT ISSUE--Biltwell, yes but not plug & play handlebars. I eventually plan on running the wires through the bars, but not today! But at least I did replace the soldering gun when I was getting the Shovelhead running.

Is the Dyna I’m not ready to get old, kinda bike? I’d love to have the Road Glide back, as it was time for cams and a suspension upgrade. I pushed that bike and prior to December 7th, probably more than I should have. I still want an FXR though. I want to build this in black of course.

Some more red pill, blue pill stuff! Laura Dern of course, I saw 2 or 3 commercials with her yesterday for the actors studio, never mentioned her name to Robin, didn’t acknowledge the commercials in any way. And now she just happens to appear in my Instagram search.

Not the first time either one day I’m standing in the back yard, Tomball is in the flight path for Intercontinental Airport. I looked up and an Air Emeritus plane is flying over, says so on the bottom. I don’t say a word, continue walking to the barn and guess what’s on my Instagram feed! Maybe now that I know Laurence Fishburne is in my future? Yours too now?

Bike still doesn’t run, there are 9-18 gage wires on the throttle side and they ain’t going through them bars! Can only make it about 3/4 of the way down and I just learned yesterday they sell a dimpled version of this bar!! I could have ridden it this weekend, now I got to deal with the bars and get my VetsAid images sorted and posted for All Access Music News. One of Brad Paisley so far, not bad for 600mm.

I did at least clean the wires up, J&P Cycles has been off-line for two weeks, I just thought it was 3 days, just haven’t felt the soldering vibe yet. Last wire picture until back together. Still need to add turn signals on the back. I got a run, stop, turn type to add some light to the back for the daily commute.

Forgot the image of the damaged wire, that happened on the way out. I was pulling it back out and it just stopped! The drilled bars would be fine with just an on/off, turn signal and brake light.

Probably not tonight ‘cause I’m beat, but tomorrow I’m going to put the old bars back on until I can get these Biltwells with the dimples. Really just wanted a plug & play option, we just had an amazing weekend!


THINKING ABOUT XMAS—Scott Jacobs has a cool line of tin signs.

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QUICK, OPEN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY-- What's the difference between hungry and horny? Where you stick the cucumber.

What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip-off!

What do you do when your cat's dead? Play with the neighbor's pussy instead.

--from Rogue

MORE WILD LEGISLATIVE NEWS--'Free the Nipple' movement: Women can now legally go topless in 6 states--Women in six U.S. states are now effectively allowed to be topless in public, according to a new ruling by the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The decision stems from a multiyear legal battle in Fort Collins, Colo., where a city ordinance forbidding women from going shirtless in public has now officially been ruled unconstitutional.

It's an outcome that affects more than just one town. Since the 10th Circuit encompasses six states — Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma — the decision means it is now illegal for any town in those states to create a law forbidding public toplessness.

What started as a small-scale fight has turned into a major win for the 'Free the Nipple' movement, a global gender equality campaign that emphasizes women's rights to choose how they display their bodies.

The Fort Collins law received its first blow in February, when the 10th Circuit originally deemed its anti-topless law unconstitutional. The court's ruling determined the law was based on "negative stereotypes depicting women's breasts, but not men's breasts, as sex objects."

In its decision, the court also pointed to nearby cities such as Denver and Boulder, both of which allow women to be topless in public. Neither of those towns had women "parading in front of elementary schools or swimming topless in the public pool," as Fort Collins officials had argued was a risk.

After that defeat, however, the city still had the option to appeal the law or take its issue to the Supreme Court. Fort Collins finally decided against that earlier this month, though, stating it had given up on fighting the law it spent more than $300,000 trying to protect.

"We made a huge impact way beyond Fort Collins, and we were just trying to start a conversation," Brit Hoagland, one of the plaintiffs in the original lawsuit, said of the victory. "And that conversation reached to so many more people. It’s a miraculous achievement I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime let alone so soon."

Andy McNulty, the attorney who argued on Hoagland's behalf, said it was obvious to him that laws like the one in Fort Collins should be considered unconstitutional.

--Dillion Thompson
Yahoo News

March 28, 1935 - November 11, 2019
John died peacefully surrounded by his loving family on November 11th at the age of 84.

He was born March 28, 1935, in Milwaukee, WI to Ruth Godfrey Davidson and William H. Davidson. He was married to Karen Christiansen in 1966. They had two daughters, Amy (Unitan) and Carrie (Wood).

John graduated from Wauwatosa High School in 1953. He went on to play football and earn a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lawrence College in Appleton, WI.

After college he proudly served in the US Army stationed in Fort Lee, VA and Fort Lewis in WA state. After his service he returned to Milwaukee to work for Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company.

John joined the Harley-Davidson Motor Company at the age of 25 in the dealer relations department. He went on to a distinguished 22-year career with Harley-Davidson. John held leadership roles in marketing and sales before being elected as chairman of the board and president of the Motor Company from 1973 to 1979. He was involved in the product development planning for the Evolution V-Twin engine, a legacy that propelled Harley-Davidson forward beyond John’s time with the company. He retired in 1981 from the company.

He continued his family’s lifelong commitment to the Milwaukee community through his tireless passion of Ducks Unlimited and the Davidson Harley Charitable Fund for many years. Behind John’s leadership the fund supported many area youth activities including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra.

He was an avid outdoorsman with many fishing and hunting trips to Canada and all over the country but never missing an opening day at Mud Lake in Fort Atkinson. His love of nature started as a youth at Red Arrow Camp with his brother and later annual family gatherings at the Outpost at Lake Tomahawk. He spent many sunny September afternoons listening to the Badgers and Packers from the duck blind.

One of his greatest joys later in life was spent with his family and grandchildren. From dance recitals, hockey games, Eagle Scout ceremonies, the latest lacrosse score update, he was eternally supportive of his grandchildren and teaching them the value of kindness, humility, strong character and moral compass. Maybe his most special time was the annual trip to northern Wisconsin with the whole family to fish, boat and relax in the beauty of the outdoors.

John is survived by his devoted daughters Carrie (Bob Wood) Alexandria, VA and Amy (Mike Unitan) Cottage Grove, WI who are heartbroken by his loss. Beloved grandchildren Katie, Jack, Olivia Wood and Rachel and Max Unitan. Brother William G. and Nancy S. Davidson. Niece and nephews Karen, Bill and Michael Davidson; Kevin, Karen and Lisa Cwayna and David, Josh and Katie Christiansen.

John was preceded in death by wife Karen J. (Chrissie) Davidson as well as his parents William H. and Ruth Davidson.

The funeral visitation will be held at Krause Funeral Home, 21600 West Capitol Drive, Brookfield, Wisconsin on Monday, November 18, 2019, from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM. An additional visitation will follow the next day on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, from 10:00 AM until time of service at 11:00 AM with military honors to follow at the same location. A private family burial will immediately follow.

John’s family would like to extend a special thank you to all the doctors, nurses and staff at ProHealth Care and Waukesha Memorial Hospital who provided exceptional care for John for many years, as well as a thank you to the staff and caregivers at AngelsGrace Hospice.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Waukesha Memorial Cardiovascular Center.

Checks can be sent to ProHealth Heart and Vascular Care, 725 American Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53188 – in honor of John A. Davidson.

OH Yeah,
He is the first one I met years ago when Gary Winn from the AMA set up a meeting for all of us to meet in Bowling Green KY to discuss how Harley could help Motorcycle Rights.

After the meeting I took him to his first motorcycle drag race and introduced him to some of the Harley guys racing, he actually set up something with them to get new engine cases when they blew up an engine.

He later went to their golf card division but made sure he introduced me to Willie G and a bunch of the engineers while in Daytona for Bike Week before the move. I was doing stuff with Paisano and ABATE at the time..

Senior Editor™

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Don’t Let Media Whitewash Climategate! Read Chapter excerpt revealing the truth behind scandal 10 years later—Read Chapter excerpt from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change by Marc Morano:

UN IPCC exposed as "the best science that politics and activism could manufacture."

Morano: "The Climategate scandal revealed that the UN IPCC was simply a lobbying organization portraying itself as a science panel. If the UN failed to find carbon dioxide was a problem, it would no longer have a reason to continue studying it—or to be in charge of offering 'solutions'...

The leading UN IPCC scientists were caught red-handed artificially manufacturing the “scientific consensus” for the global warming narrative. Their own words betrayed that they were acting like political partisans, not scientists—crafting a predetermined message rather than following the evidence. Climategate exposed the work product of the IPCC as the best science that politics and activism could manufacture."

Morano: "When the scandal broke, the global warming establishment—led by the UN, academia, and the media—immediately went into move-along-nothing-to see-here mode. There were several high-profile “investigations” of Climategate that were obviously designed simply to restore credibility to the UN and climate scientists The global warming industry investigated itself and exonerated itself."

Rex Murphy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation summed it up: Climategate “pulls back the curtain on a scene of pettiness, turf protection, manipulation, defiance of freedom of information, lost or destroyed data and attempts to blacklist critics or skeptics of the global warming cause.” Murphy added, “Science has gone to bed with advocacy and both have had a very good time.”

Clive Crook, writing for the Atlantic: “The Penn State inquiry exonerating Michael Mann—the paleoclimatologist who came up with ‘the hockey stick’—would be difficult to parody. Three of four allegations are dismissed out of hand at the outset: the inquiry announces that, for ‘lack of credible evidence’, it will not even investigate them.... You think I exaggerate?...In short, the case for the prosecution is never heard. Mann is asked if the allegations (well, one of them) are true, and says no.”

LIFESTYLE DEAL OF THE WEEK-- 2017 Harley-Davidson® FLSTN - Softail® Deluxe for $14,995.00


2017 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe FLSTN

This bike has ONLY 14,102 miles!!!

There may not be another more classically styled motorcycle from The Motor Company than the 2017 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe. With deep-valanced fenders, whitewall tires, a prominent saddle, triple headlights, tombstone taillight, and lots of chrome, the Softail Deluxe is many people’s idea of exactly what a motorcycle should look like. In spite of its unabashedly retro look, the Softail Deluxe has modern standard features, including the High Output Twin Cam 103B motor, ABS, and cruise control.

The over/under shotgun exhaust sounds as good as the Softail Classic looks, and it is truly an wonderful motorcycle to ride.


Crushed Ice Pearl/Frosted Teal Pearl paint sparkles in the light, is fairly unique and like new! Chrome console with a leather strap. Quick detachable windshield, chrome bars with a toolbag, mirrors, Nacelle, hi-reflective headlamp / passing lamps, blinkers, fork shroud, polished lower legs, on laced chrome rims with chrome hub and whitewall tires.

Screamin' Eagle chrome exhaust and ABS anti-lock braking system. Wide solo seat with pillion, passenger handles, floorboards, passenger pegs, and luggage rack. Chrome engine covers including black accent 103 air cover, cam with black accent H-D logo, trans cover with 'six speed', and '103' derby cover. Chrome chain guard, vivid black swing arm, black drive sprocket with polished rim, and a tombstone tailight. Whitewalls are almost new and crying for miles, very sweet Deluxe with a great price!!!


LATEST FROM LOWBROW-- "Most of art is trying to fix mistakes you’ve made along the way of creating a painting."

Chris Galley and his wife Jo are good friends of ours. We started running into them years ago at various chopper events, and still do, as they are avid motorcyclists.

In fact, Chris just got back a couple days ago from a motorcycle trip a in Nepal with Mikey here at Lowbrow and a dozen more of our motorcycle friends from around the USA.

I would imagine the trip gave him plenty of inspiration for his artwork, and at least one or two glimpses into the void, which should also be beneficial...

Chris created the cover art for the new Weirdo vol. 8 that just came out. Pick one up or get one free with any order over $150. We hope you enjoy the article and his artwork!


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adjective [rap-sod-ik]
extravagantly enthusiastic; ecstatic.

How is rhapsodic used?

When I mentioned the Betty Crocker book to David Kamp ... it didn’t seem to inspire the rhapsodic response I was hoping for.

... he can now tell you about the rhapsodic joy of a perfect day out at his home break with his boys as well as the spiritual fulfillment he felt from chasing waves around the planet as a surf bohemian inspired by Jack Kerouac.

What is the origin of rhapsodic?

Not everyone may get “extravagantly enthusiastic or ecstatic” about word origins, but they are key to understanding the development of the word rhapsodic. Rhapsodic is an adjective form of rhapsody, which historically refers to an epic poem, or part of such a poem, such as a book of Homer’s Iliad, that can be recited at onetime. Rhapsody ultimately derives from Greek rhapsoidía “recital of epic poetry.”

Such recitals tended to be done with intense expression and feeling, leading to the English sense of rhapsodic. In music, a rhapsody is “an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation,” such as George Gershwin’s trulyrhapsodic 1924 opus, Rhapsody in Blue. Rhapsodic entered English in the mid-1700s.


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