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Action from Harley-Davidson, Australia, Cannonball, Trailblazers, Bonneville, Triumph, Kawasaki, ABATE, the MRF, and Vegas Bikefest

By Bandit, Rogue, Bob T., SideHack Jerry, Scooter Tramp Scotty, Rick Raus, Felicia Morgan and the whole gang

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It’s all nuts.
I watched a documentary about the earth and our battles for and around water. The scientists in Greenland said they could not confirm or deny the naysayers about man’s impact on the climate. The water and ice levels have been consistent for 10,000 years.

They also went onto explain how our governments could run amuck with fear tactics and we could virtually lose our democracy (Freedoms) to control freaks. Does this sound familiar? Join your local motorcycle rights group and ask them what they are doing about the EPA and their bullshit attacks on everything we cherish. Let’s hit the news goddammit.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source magazine, Choppertown, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Iron Trader News, and Las Vegas Bikefest. Hang on. It’s going to be a good one.

EIGHT DARING MOTORCYCLISTS-- to Put Everything on the Line at Sons Of Speed Inaugural Race

Sons Of Speed Debut Race Set For Biketoberfest 2016—Tickets Now on Sale, Selling Briskly

Tickets are on sale for the Sons of Speed inaugural race, set for October of this year. The SOS debut race features eight daredevil motorcycle racers and will run Saturday, October 15, 2016, during Biketoberfest at New Smyrna Speedway just sound of Daytona Beach, Florida. The Grand Prize is a brand new shovelhead motor donated by S&S Cycle.

“There has been so much enthusiasm from sponsors, fans and potential participants since we first announced the concept,” said Billy Lane, renowned bike builder and founder of Sons of Speed. “Now the date’s set, tickets are selling fast, we have a full slate of riders and we can’t wait for October.”

Inspired by early twentieth-century board-track racers, the Sons of Speed race hearkens back to a stripped down, wide-open approach to motorcycle riding. Held at New Smyrna Speedway’s half-mile, banked racetrack, the inaugural race will feature eight riders in several different heats, and winners of the heats will advance to a championship round.

Each racer will sit astride identical hand-built racing chassis holding pre-1925 1,000cc American V-Twin engines, and most racers will customize their machines by fabricating handlebars, exhaust, fenders, foot pegs and fuel/oil tanks.

Patrons have three ticket options:

(1) Special presale pricing for single-day tickets: $15 for adults, $5 for kids until

September 1—these tickets get you in the gate JUST on the 15th (after 9/1, single-day

presale tickets are $20 per-person)

(2) $50 presale gets you VIP access and choice seating, allowing you to watch the practice session on the 14th and attend the race on the 15th

(3) $250 presale gets you a 1-hour group tour of Billy’s shop and choice seating for both days.

Check out the Sons of Speed Facebook Event Page for updates and breaking news. The Sons of Speed vintage race would not be possible without the support of Choppers Inc., S&S Cycle, Rise Above Consulting and Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson.

Ticket link

VEE RUBBER TIRES COMING TO BIKERNET BAGGERS—We are rebuilding an Evo Bagger as a tribute to our former editor, Richard Kranzler. And just recently the Paughco team reached out to me regarding tires.

Metalsport has distributed Vee Rubber tires for big wheel baggers for several years. We are not running a big wheel, but we reached out since they carry a broad line of white and black wall tires.

“We carry the 120/70/21 in white wall or black wall, but the 130/70/16 we don't do that size,” said Terry from Metalsport.

“In white wall we have a MT/90/16, 150/80/16, 180/60/16 & 200/60/16 but I am out of the MT/90/16 white walls for 2 weeks.
In black wall we have a MT/90/16, 140/90/16, 180/60/16 & 200/60/16 and I have all of the black walls in stock.”

Vee Rubber was the first major tire manufacturer to step up and build quality tires for big wheel baggers.


ED KRETZ MEMORIAL RIDE--3rd Annual Kretz Memorial Ride
September 10, 2016
Please join us for the third annual ride. We will begin the ride with check-in and breakfast at 7:30 am at O’Brien’s Café in Sedalia 5585 Highway 85, Sedalia, CO 80135.

The ride will start at 9:00 and the route will be presented at check in.

The ride will end with a BBQ lunch at the Kretz Museum at 3891 Seminole Pl., Sedalia, CO 80135. Please join us to see the motorcycle collection and some of the memorabilia that was so important to Ed.
The cost is $30 per person and includes breakfast, lunch and a t-shirt. All proceeds will be going to benefit caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s.

Please let us know if you plan on attending and would like to pre-register and order a shirt. Email any questions to

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ride date has been changed. Don't forget to notify your hotel. Start with breakfast a 7:30am at O'Brien's Cafe" in Sedalia. Any questions:


If you love wheelies, burnouts, drifting, wild motorcycle modifications, adrenaline filled performances, and the sight of road bikes blasting down dirt roads, the new 1 WR Gripper Seat will deliver.

The amazing new Saddlemen 1WR Gripper Seat co-developed with V-twin stunt rider Rob Carpenter to specifically meet the grueling demands of the professional stunt scene is now available for the HD Sportster A single screw installs the hi-tech seat that fits the rider, their style and the motorcycle.

Based on 30 years of street and track testing, the designers at Saddlemen know how important the interface between the body and seating surface are to motorcycle control, especially during aggressive conditions.

This new seat utilizes a unique Tri-Gripper cover with diamond waffle pattern developed after years of studying frictional contact mechanics under real world conditions. Underneath, Saddlemen’s UltraFOAM provides a perfect balance of rigidity, user compliance, durability and comfort.

Key features include:
• Tall lumbar support combined with Tri-Gripper cover locks the rider into the bike for increased bike control during acceleration, braking and extreme angles which directly translates into improved rider confidence.

• Made in the USA

• Fits both 3.3 and 4.5 gallon fuel tanks

• Ride the seat that Rob Carpenter from 1 Wheel Revolution recommends.

• Specially formulated foam that provides feedback and control as you steer the bike
All Saddlemen seats are designed, tested, and built exclusively in the USA for the long ride. American made quality and craftsmanship is something Saddlemen takes very seriously.

Every seat since 1987 has been constructed at Saddlemen’s Long Beach, California manufacturing facility. Every detail, every stitch, and every step of the process from raw materials to the final product has been carefully considered and inspected to insure that Saddlemen’s standards for quality, craftsmanship and comfort are continuously upheld.

Saddlemen remains America’s first choice when you decide to upgrade your motorcycle seat because Saddlemen recognizes every body and every bike is built a little different and that sometimes even the best motorcycle seat may not meet everyone’s expectations. Unlike other seat companies who might defer the blame on the rider or their bike, Saddlemen will help make it right, call and their friendly Product Specialist will gladly assist.

Fits the 2004 – 2016 XL Sportster with both the 3.3 or 4.5 gallon fuel Tanks. Priced at only $305.00.

Saddlemen seats are available at most local motorcycle shops served through Drag Specialties, a leading distributor of accessories and parts for Harley Davidson® motorcycles. Call 800-397-7709 or visit .


SUPPORT FOR OUR RIGHTS FROM A BIKERNET SPONSOR-- Hupy and Abraham is Sponsoring a $2500.00 matching grant for the A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, Chicago Chapter. We were also the top sponsor of the A.B.A.T.E of Illinois State Seminar this year.


Motorcycles as Art Curated by Michael Lichter Presents Finest Display of Motorcycle Art at Sturgis Rally.
Experience the creativity, spirit and personal expression of motorcycle history and culture at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip this year at the rally.

Our man on the scene, Jack McIntyre, shot this masterful exhibit and the evidence will shortly be published in Bandit’s Cantina. This internationally renowned exhibit allows you to explore dozens of unique custom bikes paired with corresponding 2-dimensional artwork. Get an up-close look at the work of some of the industry’s most influential master builders and artists by enjoying the images in this gallery & really study each motorcycle, each is amazing in it's own way.

Click to Join
Click to Join

HIGHWAY PIRATES--Cops no longer happy to steal just cash

A police department near you could soon begin using technology that allows officers to scan debit and prepaid financial cards and freeze or empty the accounts if they have a hunch about possible illegal activity.

We’ve routinely told you stories about officers deciding to confiscate motorists’ cash based on suspicion the money was made illegally during routine traffic stops. In cases where the officers are wrong, the victims of this civil asset forfeiture usually end up going through a long, tedious process in an effort to get their money back. Sometimes they never see it again.

That’s because civil asset forfeiture is a shady area of the law under which cops can assign criminal status to an inanimate object without actually ever charging the rightful owner with a crime. Police departments, of course, have an incentive to hang on to the property they seize because it can later be used to pad their bottom lines. And inanimate objects are notoriously lousy at testifying to their innocence.

You probably haven’t worried about this nefarious process personally unless you are in the habit of traveling around with large amounts of cash.

But things are changing.

Thanks to new technology called ERAD, Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machines, a cop can take a look at your bank account or any type of prepaid card during a traffic stop if he has reason to believe you’re up to something suspicious.

ERAD’s makers boast:

The annual value of illegal and illicit activities occurring in the U.S. is estimated to be more than $120B. And while most of that money is transported in bulk-cash shipments, more and more is being transferred with prepaid cash cards and other electronic methods. Unlike cash, the money associated with prepaid cash cards can be moved by criminals using a mobile phone or internet application in minutes, even after the criminals have been arrested and the prepaid cards confiscated. With billions of dollars being illegally loaded on prepaid cash cards, Law Enforcement needs the tools to obtain a balance, freeze or confiscate those funds.

Now there’s a solution that can do in seconds what used to take hours.

The ERAD credit, debit, prepaid, and gift card cloud based program provide real-time analytics, recording, and balance information at law enforcement’s fingertips.


Cops in Oklahoma have already begun using the technology, claiming that it really does make residents safer.

Here’s a report from the state’s News9

Here’s how it works. If a trooper suspects a person may have money tied to some type of crime, the highway patrol can scan and seize money from prepaid cards. OHP stresses troopers do not do this during all traffic stops, only situations where they believe there is probable cause.

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s someway that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.”

Troopers insist this isn’t just about seizing cash.

“I know that a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money. That’s a very small thing that’ s happening now. The largest part that we have found … the biggest benefit has been the identity theft,” Vincent said.

“If you can prove can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we’ve done that in the past,” Vincent said about any money seized.

That’s right, they’re protecting folks from identity theft with the threat of actual theft by agents of the state. The cops have now evidently become some sort of weird combination of superhuman lie detectors and digital extortionists.

If you’ve ever endured the misfortune of back and forth questioning with a cop, you know how badly this can turn out for people who don’t understand their rights. He’s your buddy, just tell him what he needs to know and there will be no trouble. Just go along, he’ll lead you where he wants you and, remember, everything will go just fine if he hears the right version of the truth.

Officers are trained to leave benefit-of-the-doubt thinking at home. You’re guilty until proven innocent. Even if you aren’t guilty of anything at all, every second that ticks by during an interaction increases your chances of being charged with something. After all, there are so many laws on the books that we’re all probably breaking at least one at any given moment.

But what about the 4th Amendment? Cards stashed in your vehicle that could contain nearly every financial detail about a person would seem pretty clearly to fall under “papers and effects” protected against unreasonable search and seizure.

They don’t. At least not according to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals which said in an opinion last week that reading the magnetic strips on credit, debit and gift cards does not require a warrant.

Better have your story straight next time you head out, comrade.

--from Rogue
Editorial Emperor
Bikernet Baggers

OLD CANS!--He used to go to all the public functions...especially the picture theaters. And he always carried a sugar bag to collect empty bottles and cans. His name was ... Albert (Tapper) Torney. Everyone thought he was a bit eccentric and kids would tease and hassle him. Then it was discovered that he sold the empty bottles but only some of the cans.

After he died in 1998 (aged 86) his large collection of model cars made from aluminium cans was discovered.

This goes to prove..."you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" - or a sculptor by his sugar bag.

Here is just some of his collection . . . .. and quite amazing too . . . .

--from Buckshot

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Rebuilding The S&S Shorty Series Carbs

"They also mentioned bikes not running air cleaner elements or running velocity stacks are recommend to remove the bowl vent screw part number: 11-2161. It should be removed to insure atmospheric air pressure equals air pressure in bowl cavity above the fuel level."

Is it recommended to remove the bowl vent screw when using a steel mesh screen secured over the intake opening with a bird blocker/deflector?


San Antonio, TX

Yes, the secondary bowl vent should be removed, even if you use a screen and Bird Deflector. Either way, we hope you don't run into any birds!

Savannah Rose

CAR VS. BIKE: Which Is Fastest? Touring Car and Isle of Man Winners Go Head to Head

Twenty-three time TT Winner John McGuinness swaps Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP for BTCC Honda Civic Type R.
Double BTCC Champion Gordon Shedden shows off his riding skills aboard Honda Racing’s TT winning machine

What happens when you pit double Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Champion Gordon Shedden against 23-time Isle of Man TT winner John McGuinness, head to head on each other’s race-winning machinery?

Dunlop and Honda hosted the unique event at Scotland’s Knockhill circuit, which saw Gordon swap his race-winning Halfords Yuasa Racing Honda Civic Type R for John’s Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP for 30 laps of the Scottish track.

The two vehicles are very different – the number of wheels aside – but the similarities are the brand of chassis and tyre manufacturer – Honda and Dunlop. The sportsmen are different too, but both Gordon and John are at the peak of their sport, both capable of using the tyres to their maximum to achieve the best lap times. Whether that’s in a 27 lap race, over 21 miles against 31 other cars on a smooth race track, or a single 37.73-mile lap of the daunting Isle of Man TT Mountain course, held on closed public roads.

Swapping machines is no mean feat – to get competitive lap times, they both needed to learn the car and bike respectively in just a handful of laps. During that time, they also had to adjust to the very different tyres that were the only thing between their vehicle and the tarmac.

Tyre Talk – the differences

Size matters – the contact patch on a bike is tiny compared to that of the car, just the size of a credit card. At around 3-4 times smaller it has to take a power to weight ratio quite differently (close to 1 for a motorcycle against close 0.25 for a BTCC). And that is just for the rear tyre. The front contact patch on a motorcycle is yet again even smaller and needs to cope with the bike slowing at close to 1G deceleration.

Wheely important stuff – the BTCC wheel is 18 inches in diameter – an inch bigger than that of the TT rear wheel, although the overall tyre diameter is actually bigger on a motorcycle. This means the tyre mechanics are different.

A bit on the side – Gordon needed to rely on the sidewalls of the tyres on the Fireblade, while John’s Civic Type R was (mainly) squarely on the base of the tyres. The motorcycle tyre will deform more in the sidewall and tread area to key into the asphalt and generate grip whereas the BTCC tyre will mainly deform in the sidewall area to withstand the weight and get the support required.

Under pressure –tyre pressures vary. There’s up to 1.1 bar of difference between the bike and car pressures to get the best performance – double the pressure in the front tyres when cold for the bike compared to the car. A motorcycle tyre will run between 1.5 bar to 1.6 bar hot, whereas a BTCC tyre will be aimed to run at 1.85-1.95 bar hot. It may not seem such a big difference for most people but Gordon or John would have spotted that change of tyre performance with less than 0.1 bar difference!

The magic ingredients and construction – While some ingredients or at least concepts may be tried in one discipline and transferred into another, the secrets inside the tyres are very different – but they have to stay secret.

John McGuinness: “It was brilliant; I didn’t want to get out of the car to be honest. The first session all happened really fast but then I settled down into a groove. The whole mindset changes when you swap from what you know to something new, and I was a bit nervous, but we’re all racers and just want to go fast.

“It’s hard to see the apex, you’re strapped in tight, and it’s quite warm in there. You’re breathing in engine fumes and there are lots of rattles and bangs, it’s such a different world but I was shocked by how nice and precise it was. Dunlop put on some soft, sticky, amazing grippy tyres on the Honda Civic Type R and they gave me so much confidence to go fast.

“My Honda Fireblade had the same tyres we used at the TT where we did a 132.6mph average lap and we brought it here and did some riding on those same tyres, which is testament to Dunlop and how good their product is. You know we put our lives in the hands of a few things, but tyres are such an important part of the package.”

Gordon Shedden: “It was absolutely out of this world, you maybe build a picture of what you think it’s like in your head, but nothing compares to it when you’re out there. It’s phenomenally fast but once you get used to it you learn to relax and get more confident. It was an absolute privilege to have a go.

“It was the first time I’ve ever ridden on a slick tyre and I cannot believe the grip that the contact patch the size of a credit card can actually give you, it’s just absolutely mind blowing. The speed obviously is as you’d expect, the world passes by at a million miles an hour. I can only imagine what it’s like going round the TT course, and John is welcome to stay on that!

“Each stint I started to relax more and get more confidence in the grip that was available. The brakes on the race car are fantastic with four big slick tyres to hold the thing on, so you wouldn’t believe the bike would have the stopping capability that it does.”

Watch the Video:


I’ve watched love Jugs grow into a monster. They now have systems for Indians. I’m building what could be the first Streamlined trike for Bonneville, the Salt Torpedo by’s racing team, 5-Ball Racing, including JIMS and Paughco.

It’s a Belly Tank configuration housing a 135-inch JIMS Twin Cam engine. Since it will be completely enclosed with limited ventilation, over-heating will be a major consideration.

We anticipate using two Love Jug systems to keep the monster JIMS engine happy during runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The over-heating issue was a major consideration until I became acquainted with the Love Jugs product. I’m confident Love Jugs will do the trick and we can focus on breaking records.

In the near future we will publish tech features on Love Jugs installations and testing during overall Salt Torpedo trials. This is going to be quite an adventure.

--K. Ball
5-Ball Racing Team Mechanic and Tool Washer

BUMMER FROM THE AMERICAN MOTORCYCLISTS (AMA) MAGAZINE—Writers Arthur L. Caplan and Brendan Parent, whose May 25 article in the Washington Post unfairly equated riding motorcycles with smoking and quoted healthcare cost estimates related to motorcycle crashes without providing comparisons for other types of vehicles.

The writers also ignored the role of distracted drivers and other factors involved in motorcycle crashes.


New TRAVELING Bikernet Reader Comment!--

I sent you a story about my bro hitting the same deer twice. He hit him once, went into a wobble almost pulled out of it and the deer crossed back in front of him again .

Tell your friend if he wants to see it happen just take the Highway 299 from Canby to Alturas, especially at night.

Torrance, Calif.



BONNEVILLE QUOTE OF THE WEEK-- Salt conditions are very hard and dry and we are ready to race. We have a great volunteer staff looking to help pull the event through.

We are running this as a participant sponsored event has and we have no major sponsors. It’s the enthusiasm and hard work of the competitors and volunteers making it happen. Can't even say enough great things about land speed community.

We are ready to rock and roll and set some records.

--Bill Woods
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials
AMA Land Speed Grand Championship
2016 : August 27 – September 1
Online Registration has Closed.. But you can still register on the salt during the event!

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, The AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land speed racing event. This AMA and FIM sanctioned event offers AMA national and FIM world record opportunities. Contenders in many classes, including streamliners biding for the absolute world record, will be there. Everyone can have a shot at the course. You can ‘Run Watcha Brung’ or take a shot at records!

Click for news and info
Click for news and info

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Reader Comments

Another week banging the keys I see! I am excited about the new motor, a little less excited about having to come up with a nickname. I do like the suggestion of Gatorhead...just sounds cool.

Congrats on the upcoming 20 years as I have been a fan for most of it, I think I started following in 2003. My babies have grown up right under my nose while I feel like I've lost a decade to chasing the dollar.

Looking forward to another motorcycle adventure soon but until I can swing it I will live vicariously through Bikernet. Keep up the great job. Oh, and I have been looking at your other pages as well, you need more cool trikes to be featured...I like them all!

Humble, TX
Monday, August 29, 2016
Editor Response Thanks. We have a wild trike coming very soon.
I think hippiechris is talking about staggering the ring gaps not the measurement of the end gap. It's a good idea for a mechanic to follow a set guideline or method to not only insure, but to speed up the process. Repetition, practice, method whatever you want to call it helps. Keep the manual open as well. Refer to it every time. Make notes. Learn, practice, teach.

Friday, August 26, 2016
Editor Response You may be right 10 and 4. Lee said to stagger the gaps, but it really doesn't matter because the rings are moving constantly.
Good point on the Timken bearings. Did they do anything to stop the scissoring of the flywheels? Oil pump design. So many things to learn of.

Friday, August 26, 2016
Editor Response Yep, hope they fixed all the other issues plaguing big twins.
Lifestyle deal of the week doesn't seem like much of a deal.

Friday, August 26, 2016
Editor Response You may be right. Prices are all over the place. My grandson just bought a low-mileage 2005 (better year) Dyna for $4000. How much is a sorta stock '83 Road King worth? Last year Shovelhead.
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