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With News from Europe, Paughco, Cannonball, Indian Motorcycles, Pirelli, Choppertown, the MRF, the Chip, and the Cantina

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Uncle Monkey, Jack McIntyre and the rest of the Bikernet Crew

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Interesting times in the motorcycle world.
I wrote a book in the ‘90s about the future and banning motorcycles. It’s already happening. There’s a plot. We need to step up and fight for freedom.

I’m also discovering much more to the climate change equation, what can be done and what is happening naturally. The planet’s climate change will happen whether all motorcycles in the world are gone or not.

We are also going to publish the FEMA (Europe) report on traffic and mobility. Motorcycles are proven to be King, but is anyone listening. Here’s a start:

I’ll find more. In the meantime join your local motorcycle rights association, and the Bikernet Weekly News is Sponsored in Part by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (yes, you can join), Choppertown, Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, and Las Vegas Bike Fest.

Love this Pan.

Belongs to Boomer, a friend of mine at the gym. Owned for something like 40 years and rides it to and from Big Bear and other mountain hot spots to Orange county and LA several times a week. Hard ass MF for sure.

A true biker at heart. Oh when its warm the jacket doubles as a seat cushion.

--Bob Clark

This week we have ALL FOURTEEN Vintage Torque movies on sale. Click below to download them all for just $49.99 this week - that's more than 60% off. Thanks as always and have a great weekend!

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These hot rod movies cover rides from the low buck to the high and Kustom. Sorry - NO Billet and NO Trailer Queens. The rides you see on this video are DRIVEN. That is what cars are for... in case you forgot. So sit back and relax and get educated on the scene that has been around for 50 years.

Stay Independent
--Zack and Scott

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Click to get there, quick.


Close out pricing on the remaining stock of a limited production run. Once these are gone we will not be producing them ever again. CLOSE OUT PRICE $159.95

One of the most reliable methods of testing the voltage under load performance of the Shorai LFX battery is with an adjustable carbon pile load tester. The tester uses carbon stacks to simulate the draw a battery experiences under starting conditions. A battery with good starting performance will show a higher voltage measurement under load.

Most Carbon pile load testers modify the amount of resistance by twisting a knob that is connected to a threaded post. Rotating the knob clockwise will compress the carbon discs together to lower the circuit resistance and permits higher current flow. Unscrewing the knob counterclockwise will reduce the number of carbon discs that are in the stack which increases the circuit resistance to lower the flow of the current (Amps). If the knob is unscrewed completely, it will disconnect the circuit, and result in no current flow.

Before testing the voltage under load, your battery must be fully charged to 14.4V. This voltage can easily be achieved by using a balance type charger like the Shorai BMS01. If the battery has been deeply discharged below a resting voltage of 12.86V (~20% SOC), it is important to balance charge the battery before load testing. If the LFX battery is over-discharged, it can be recovered by cycling the battery between the load test and a slow charge saturation/cell balance process.

The Battery Council International testing protocol states that a battery should be loaded with 1/2 of its rated CCA for a period of 15 seconds. For example, the Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 battery has a CCA rating of 210 Amps, so it should be tested at 105 Amps for 15 seconds. During the test, Current and voltage levels of the battery are measured. The battery passes the voltage under load test if the voltage remains above 9.6 volts at 50 degrees F or higher. Lithium battery performance will increase as the case becomes warmer. In colder temperatures, a second load test will deliver a better representation of how the battery will perform under starting conditions.

When testing a Shorai LFX battery, it is important to take appropriate safety measures:

1. Always wear safety glasses and protective clothing.

2. Testing should take place away from flammable materials.

3. The testing area should be in an open space with good ventilation and/or an exhaust fan.

4. In the case of a load tester or battery malfunction, pouring a bucket of sand over the test area will control a thermal event.

5. Stop testing if the test battery's temperature exceeds 140 degrees F, or if the voltage drops below 9.6V.

Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC tops Round 5 podium

Fredric Aasbo topped the podium in Canada this weekend and, with three rounds remaining in the 2016 Formula Drift season, the defending champion is in a close fight for the points lead.

"To win here today, it took everything I've learned over these years, the best crew in the business, and our Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire SR by Toyota tC -- which is a pretty fantastic creation," said Aasbo. "It feels like we've been struggling over the past few events, but now we're back."

Aasbo was an early favorite among the enthusiastic fans that packed the Montreal area Autodrome St-Eustache for Round 5 of the Formula Drift Championship. Although it was the first full points race for the series at the Canadian venue, Aasbo won there last season on the way to the World Championship. He didn't disappoint on his return.

A strong qualifying score earned Aasbo a bye run in first round competition and he battled past Pat Goodin in the Top 16 and Matt Coffman in the Great 8. The Final 4 between Aasbo and Odi Bakchis was close enough to split the judges, but Aasbo advanced to face down two-time champion Chris Forsberg for the event win.

The longtime rivals made for thrilling competition and fans let loose with thunderous applause as the two champions drifted inches from each other under the lights. With a powerful lead and flawless chase, it was Aasbo who took the battle and the event win -- his second this year.

"The drivers put on such a good show here in Canada," said team owner Stephan Papadakis. "As the competition got into the Top 4, everyone was so close in ability and car setup that they really put on a clinic in how world class drifting is done."

As the season heads into the home stretch, a battle of champions has emerged at the top of the standings. Defending champ Aasbo is a slim three points behind 2010 title winner Vaughn Gittin Jr. and 27 points ahead of two-time champion Chris Forsberg. And all three are eager to win another series crown. "This is going to be one of the most crazy championship chases of all time," said Aasbo. "It's going to be one heck of a show all the way to Irwindale."

Next, teams travel to Monroe, Washington, August 5-6, for Throwdown at Evergreen Speedway. The championship then travels to Fort Worth, Texas, September 9-10, before wrapping up the year with the California season ender at Irwindale Speedway October 7 and 8.

Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport with an emphasis on car control skill. Drivers compete in knockout heats on a closed course, sliding sideways in trials judged on speed and style. With origins in Japan, it is one of the fastest growing forms of motorsport in the world.

In 2016, the series again offers live and on-demand online coverage on the Formula Drift Livestream with 360,000 views recorded during the Montreal event. Formula Drift also returns this season to CBS Sports Network for 20 half-hour television programs. The fast-paced action featuring bracketed head-to-head match-ups anchors the coverage.

Defending champion Fredric Aasbo returns to Papadakis Racing in 2016 for his sixth season with the team.

A two-time Nordic Drifting champion (2007, 2008), Aasbo made his U.S. debut at a global drifting invitational in 2008 and turned heads when he won the 2010 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year title.

it has been reported by a call from Ed Martin to Tiffany this morning that former MRF Board member, long time and former ABATE of KS State
Coordinator, and Mid South Mile Founder passed away last night.

This is amazing. David Mann from chopper artistic fame also lived and died in Kansas. I was caught off guard. Both were major contributors to the motorcycle industry.


Something has to change. In a day and age when traffic stops become literal life-and-death episodes, or at least become the spark that can set off a tinderbox of protest and violence, the interactions between police and motorists need to be examined more closely.

Jim Walker, perhaps the NMA’s most prolific member in lobbying for reform of traffic laws and how those regulations are enforced, recently posted the following letter to a state law enforcement agency. He has not received a formal response yet – it has only been a few days – but we are hopeful that his common-sense recommendation will pick up support from that as well as other police departments. You can be sure that Jim and the NMA will continue to spread the word.

Jim’s letter:

Think how both the public and the police officers would benefit if "lightning struck" and magically almost every posted speed limit on a collector, arterial, trunk line, and freeway were instantly corrected to the nearest 5 mph interval to the 85th percentile speeds so that almost every main road would have a speed limit no more than 2 mph away from the actual 85th speeds. (There might be a very small percentage of exceptions for truly unusual situations, but each one should require substantial written engineering justification by police and licensed professional engineers willing to document and sign off on the reasons.)

Police officers would have drastically fewer exposures to traffic stops, some of which become very dangerous.

The predatory 5 or 10 over speeding tickets issued for revenue in speed traps would virtually cease to exist.

The public would no longer automatically see traffic officers as those sworn to "stop and collect,” and would begin to regain respect for them as officers who are sworn to "serve and protect" -- an evil change that started in the 1970s with the 55 mph National Maximum Speed Limit.

The vicious circle of unjustified tickets for revenue, warrants for nonpayment, and what amounts to a "debtor's prison" of suspended licenses for poor people would be drastically reduced.

The entire relationship of police and citizens would change for the better, most notably in the cities with large percentages of disadvantaged and often minority citizens.

There will always be criminals, including a very small percentage of genuinely bad officers.

But drastically reducing unnecessary interactions between police and citizens might help begin a healing process that is becoming desperately needed.

National Motorists Association

Just released by Belt Drives LTD. these new BLACK 2-inch OPEN DRIVES are specifically designed for owners of 1970 to 1978 Shovelheads.

The stunning appearance is a real crowd stopper and compliments the superior performance and reliability BDL drive are known for.

These are total packages and in addition to the legendary 2-inch belt and new guard, each kit includes BDL’s smooth-as-silk, Ball Bearing Lock-Up pressure plate and propriety Kevlar clutch.

The Shovelhead kit with its unique side guard, rear clutch cover and mini-starter housing, clutch assembly, application specific belt and drive components will be a focal point on any scooter.

More importantly it will provide years of precise, exceptionally smooth, primary drive and clutch performance. For additional information contact Belt Drives LTD at 714-693-1313 or catch them on the Web at


Vicki Sanfelipo acts as the road guardian emergency pace vehicle for the cross-country Cannonball run. She will blog on Bikernet daily Cannonball reports. Michael Hupy and Bikernet stepped up to help her be there for Cannonball riders.

“There are currently 19 people riding antique Indian Motorcycles,” said Vicki. “The winner of the 2014 Cannonball rode an Indian.”

The riders gather in Atlantic City NJ on September 8th. We leave from the Boardwalk on Sept. 10th. The ride tries to stay off of main highways and will take 15 days, ending in Carlsbad, CA on September 25th. There are 100 riders and bikes must be at least 100 years old.

Riders are from:

South Africa
United Kingdom

--Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT
Executive Director ASM/Road Guardians (Bystander Assistance Programs)


A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his father as to when they could discuss his use of the car.

His father said he'd make a deal with his son, "You bring your grades up
From a C to a B average, study your Bible a little and get your hair cut.
Then we'll talk about the car."

The boy thought about that for a moment, decided he'd settle for the offer
And they agreed on it.

After about six weeks his father said, "Son, you've brought your grades up
And I've observed that you have been studying your Bible, but I'm
Disappointed you haven't had your hair cut."

The boy said, "You know, Dad, I've been thinking about that, and I've
Noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John the
Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair, and there's even strong
Evidence that Jesus had long hair."

"Did you also notice that they all walked everywhere they went?"

--Ray Russell

Went over to Deus again on Sunday for an event and found out Julian
is still in Colorado racing off-road event.

He'll be back later this week and I'll
catch up with the latest from him.

Here's one of the Indian Larry bike's currently at Deus.

In the meantime, here's a feature about the
recent Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance....
a posh mix of cars and bikes...and
this story/event not published anywhere as yet...
so first at Bikernet.

--Paul Garson
Supreme Senior of the Vintage Realm

You’ll see it soon on Bikernet.--Bandit

Autopilot Warning May Not Help Tesla in Crash Defense - Interview Available with Civil Law Attorney

Joshua Brown's death in Florida was the first involving Tesla's semi-autonomous technology, triggering chatter in legal circles about who was liable for the crash and prompting a probe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the National Transportation Safety Board, which typically devotes its attention to mishaps involving planes and trains.

In a court case, lawyers for accident victims or their families would have other lines of attack if Tesla blames accidents on drivers failing to heed warnings. They could assert that Tesla's software is defective because it doesn't do enough to make sure drivers are paying attention.

Attorneys could also argue that, in Brown's case for example, the car should have recognized the tractor-trailer as an obstacle, or that Tesla could have easily updated its system to address such a foreseeable problem.

Story Link:


I got there mid afternoon just after the fire marshals closed the event. Seems as though a few cars had moved around or out of the warehouse and caused the closure. The parking lot was also used for display. It was a big show.

There were still lots of cars and motorcycles. Some 64 bikes had actually registered for the competition.

This was a counterculture event in my estimation featuring low riders - suede chopped and channeled rods - rat rods and customs.

Vendors of course offering merchandise relevant to the era.

Bikernet supported Eddie’s Whitewall National last weekend, but we couldn’t make it with some bikes.

Looked like a good time in a terrific San Pedro facility, next to the Brewery, only a few feet from the water. The weather was perfect, the girls were hot and we were packing for the Sturgis run.

I hope we can make it next year.

--Wrench and the gang with photos by Art Hall

Check out Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing's James Stewart and his return to racing at the eighth round of the 2016 AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Millville, MN.

Team Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing is grateful for the support of their sponsors: Yoshimura R&D, Suzuki Motor of America, Dunlop, Motorex, Showa, Renthal, Vortex, Shorai, RG3, Elf Racing Fuels, Seven, Hinson Clutch Components, Matrix, Works Connection, GET, Excel, NGK, D.I.D., Twin Air, Moto Tassinari, Roy’s Cyclery, Guts Racing Products, Mechanix Wear, Kokusan Denki, N-Style, Ogio and SoCal Supertrucks.

To learn more about Yoshimura and view their wide variety of performance products, visit
For more information, visit

--Jake Klingensmith
Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing PR

ABOUT BIKER: An Action Adventure Book

True stories of riding the highways of America and Europe on a Harley-Davidson chopper in the ‘70s. Lot’s of humor and a true look at what the outlaw biker world was like in that era. Author Bob Bitchin knows clubs and the biker lifestyle, you can smell the oil and hear the Harley thumping!

About the Author - Bob Bitchin was the editor of three of the most popular motorcycle magazines of the ‘70s, and the creator of Biker, Biker Lifestyle and Tattoo magazines, as well as Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine.

He was also the national director of the US Helmet Law Protest in 1979, which brought over 100,000 bikers to the streets to protest the helmet laws.

Details at

Click to buy direct.
Click to buy direct.

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The Oregon frog story was so good I laughed out yuh think
they paid up?

When are they gonna change the ancient speed limits
in this damn state?

It's not like cars weigh 4 or 5 thousand pounds
and have drum breaks all the way around..fucking revenue collectors
is all the popo are in this damn state. I-5 is the only freeway where the speed limit is 65...that's right 65! But I digress.great frog story..
never heard of no yellow legged toad's man.

p.s. take your fucking
windshield off your scooter you fucking's embarrasing!

Danny MacDonald
Portland, OR
Friday, July 22, 2016
Editor Response Incredible. This state is in trouble.

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