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Another Action Packed Weekend Coming

By Bandit, Uncle Monkey, Rogue, Bob T., Jim Waggaman, Gary Mraz, Buck, Buckshot, Sin Wu, Mr Lucky, Nuttboy, and the whole cast

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It’s almost Veterans Day and I plan to take advantage of the USS IOWA tour on Saturday, since I did three Vietnam tours on the St. Paul, a heavy cruiser.
A very similar ship. I’m sure it will bring back memories of 5-inch shells kicking out onto the wooden decks as we bombarded the coast.

Buster, the Saddlemen brother who bought the amazing shrunken FXR, called the other day in a panic. Something went wrong with the bike and tore up the BDL primary belt. He brought it over to the Headquarters in the back of his truck. We unloaded this little puppy and began to operate. Amazing, one of the inner primary bolts dropped out and jammed under the belt. Actually, once we pulled the bolt free he could have ridden it home and for years to come.

This was a sharp wake-up call for all of us who build custom bikes. When we clean our choppers, we need to check for loose nuts and bolts. This problem could have been sorta easily prevented. It also pointed a finger at mid controls. I was a fan of mid controls for years, but they can be a mechanical pain in the ass and prevent access to primary systems readily, ah but they’re cool and clean up the front of the frame.

It was a lot of work, but I installed mid-controls on my son’s Mudflap girl FXR, then he changed his mind. From a mechanical standpoint, it was a major relief to remove them and open up the entire driveline to easy access on both sides.

Reminds me. I need to ride Frank’s bike around the block. Erik Lundmark is headed to the headquarters on Sunday to shoot my son riding his Mudflap girl for the first time, then tattoo a redhead on a shop lift. Should be interesting.

Let’s hit the news:


IMS ULTIMATE BUILDER SHOWS BY BIKERS CHOICE--The 2012 Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show kicked off in Atlanta, GA on November 2-4, 2012 with builders coming in from as far as Chicago and Dallas. And it was worth the trip for these metal artisans as they garnered four out of six top awards.

The IronWork Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award was handed out by Vincent Stemp to Kyle Shorey for his Speedmetal custom bike. The bike will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications took the win in the FreeStyle class at the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Atlanta with Speedmetal. The bike doubled up on trophies as it also took IronWork’s Magazine Editor’s Choice award and will be featured in the magazine in an upcoming issue. The bike began life as a customer’s Saxon Crown chopper. The wheels, engine, brakes and tranny were salvaged from the donor bike. A key feature of the bike is the prototype springer, which will be available to the public shortly.

1. Kyle Shorey, Shadetree Fabrications - Speedmetal
2. Kyle Shorey, Shadetree Fabrications - Black Betty
3. Don Parkinson, Biker’s Dream - Shake Spear

MOD Harley
Modified Harley was won by a builder new to the Harley market, Blacksmith Motoring. The bike features 8 stage candy paint with ghost graphics, cholo exhaust system, acid etched ape hangers Blacksmith Diamond 21” Front, 16” Rear and Remote Air Ride.

1. GIO, Blacksmith Motoring - El Puro Vato, 2005 Deluxe
2. Dell Battles -Orange Crush, 2009 Roadglide
3. Steve Studstill, Biker’s Dream - Top Gun, 2006 Roadking

Performance Custom
Garwood Custom Cycles’ Neptune Crisp took the win in the Performance Custom Class at the Ultimate Builder in Atlanta. The 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 features a 19" Front Wheel, 300 Wide Tire kit with Chrome RC Component Wheels, Air FX Air Ride System and Braided Brake Lines. Dual blue/ white light kit with remote and headlight halo makes the bike glow.

1. Steve Garwood, Garwood Custom Cycles – Neptune, 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 1000
2. Steve Garwood, Garwood Custom Cycles – Turbusta, 2004 Suzuki GSX 1300R
3. Steve Garwood, Garwood Custom Cycles – Crisp, 2011 Suzuki GSX 1300R

Retro MOD
Michael Lewis of Violent Choppers took the win in Retro Modified with Flat Busted, a 1947 Harley-Davidson UL Flathead. The rigid custom retro bobber features a Harley Flathead 80” engine, a S&S Super E Carb and a deep black paint job by Kelvin McKeig.
1. Michael Lewis, Violent Choppers - Flat Busted, 1947 H-D UL Flathead
2. Kevin Kaspar - Skank Banger, 1968 H-D Shovel
3. Jonathan Vershure, Custom Café - CB750 Café Racer, 1980 Honda CB750

MOD Street
GIO from Blacksmith Motoring drove in from Chicago to debut his latest build, El Vendetta, and took the win in MOD Street at Ultimate Builder. The 2008 Yamaha Retroliner turbo-charged Blacksmith 120ci stroker with forged pistons, lighten crank and Blacksmith heads & intake. The bike rolls with a 26” front wheel, air ride and 6 piston Hawg Halters brakes.

1. GIO, Blacksmith Motoring - El Vendetta, 2008 Yamaha Roadliner
2. Chip Simmons, Simmons Motorworks - 2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750
3. Charlie Michael, Garwood – Jaded, 2002 Yamaha Roadstar

RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE FUND RAISER SUCCESS--By the way two things, first thank you for posting our flyer for the Establishment Ronald McDonald House fund raiser. We had a great turn out with over 200 riders come through.

We were able to donate over $5400 to the house up 10% from last year.

--Jay Martinez
JCM Unlimited Inc.
909-793-1998 Office


P/N: MK731: 110-Piece Solid Brass Acorn Nut Assortment Tray

Brass is class, and a great gift idea for old school bikers! Conveniently stored in the heavy-duty Tray with lid is a 110 piece assortment of Solid Brass Low Crown acorn nuts in 12 of the most popular UNC & UNF nut sizes.

Available along with a collection of classic inspired parts at . Or, call “Mr Lucky” direct at 832-559-8560 and get the whole skinny!

The brass acorn nuts add a nice finishing retro touch. Don’t remember if I sent you the press release on the assortment tray or not, so image & copy are attached. The tray as well as the individual bags of 5 & 10 are selling well, and make a good holiday gift.

P/N MK731, $74.99. Made in USA.

--Mr Lucky
6411 Saffron Hills Dr. Spring, TX. USA 77379
P: 832.559.8560

Here’s the link:


HELP FOR OCEAN BREEZE ANGEL RELIEF FUND--As the days unfold in the aftermath of Sandy, two neighbors and I have been helping other neighbors get the simple basics to survive.
Please “like” our facebook page which we started to help communicate easily with everyone;
Ocean Breeze Angel Relief (formally known as Jeani’s Blue Tent Relief)

The Wall Street Journal just did a wonderful video on us on Sunday, click here to view.

Who knew that this tiny neighborhood (officially known as Ocean Breeze, Between South Beach and Midland Beach, Staten Island, NY) would be the epicenter of the devastation, and as of yesterday one week after Sandy hit, there is NO heat, lights, and it was below freezing last night and some residents insisted on staying in their water logged homes, for a lack of anywhere to go and to guard their possessions.

We have learned some simple things... HOT pizzas are the number one best perishable food donation, and work gloves, garbage bags and STURDY Rubbermaid tubs are the most sought after items this week. HOT coffee and Hot Chocolate too.

Anyone wishing to get involved please contact me.
We will have a staging and sorting location in New Jersey as well as a distribution center on Staten Island.
Today we will be regrouping and I will have official information later for everyone.

Today's list of needs:
Instant heat packs and SPACE blankets
LOTS and LOTS of large storage tubs with lids
Water resistant work gloves
Contractor Garbage bags
Flashlights with batteries
Folding tables & chairs
Face masks
Large Ikea shopping bags
Solar lights
Sponge mops/brooms/shovels
Dish soap/lysol/bleach
Plastic storage shelves
XL & 2XL men's hoodies
Gift Cards from Home Depot/K-Mart/Shoprite/etc.
Pre paid cell phones

Thank you more soon... Just trying to get this out first thing before the day get going.

DEMO DAYS AT WESTMINISTER HARLEY--Westminster Harley-Davidson in Westminster California hosted Demo Days that included music, food and vendors, The Spade Brother were on hand and Chris Nielsen had has his incredible art there. He has been on the cover of QUICKTHROTTLE Magazine seven times.

Westminster also offered Trikes to ride. The only authorized Champion dealer in Orange County. The Trike Riders of Co California participated with Westminster. Call or email Westminster Harley


ACE CAFÉ AT SALON MOTO LEGENDE PARIS, 16th - 18th November-- On the eve of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the cafe having originally opened in 1938, and teaming up with the 59 Club's official French Section in memory of the late member "Gigi", Ace Cafe London is privileged to be able to confirm attendance at the annual Salon Moto Legende Show, Parc Floral de Paris, Vincennes.

The Ace presence and display at the show, will feature an array of Ace Cafe, Rockers and StoMoCo items, alongside "Gear with Grit" from Red Torpedo, sponsors of the TT Red Riders (to include Guy Martin, Conor Cummins, John McGuinness and Maria Costello) together with the unique TT "Milestones" 2013 calendar featuring Rachael Clegg. The critically acclaimed book, "Ace Times - Speed thrills and tea spills, a cafe and a culture", by author Mick Duckworth will also be available.? ?

For more information about the show and the French section of the 59 Club:


TEN WAYS TO PREVENT AND TREAT THE FLU-- With flu season here, prevention is your best defense against the fever, body aches and cough that the virus can bring on. Use the slides in this photo album to learn about ways to prevent the flu, as well as some natural treatments if you do catch the flu.

Wash your HandsWash your hands, especially when you're out in public places, with hot water and soap. When you travel, it's a good idea to carry alcohol towelettes with you.

Get a flu shotGet a flu shot. This is especially important for those over 65 years old, as well as anyone with a weakened immune or respiratory system, nursing home residents, and health care workers who have regular contact with patients. Pregnant women whose last two trimesters fall during flu season (generally November to April) might consider getting the shot as well. Since the vaccine now protects against H1N1, most people should consider getting vaccinated.

Wear a mask in contaminated areas. Avoid contact with people who have respiratory illnesses. Airborne droplets from sneezes and coughs are what spread the influenza virus from person to person.

Don’t touch your face or eyes. Minimize the spread of germs by avoiding touching your hands to your face or your eyes.

Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after using it, and wash your hands.

Treatment: Go to (or call) your physician. He or she can prescribe medication if the problem is indeed the flu. It is important to start taking this within the first 48 hours of symptoms - its effectiveness declines as the illness builds.

Treatment: Try elderberry extract. This can help to lessen the symptoms and speed up recovery.

Treatment: Eat garlic. Raw garlic is best - try at least two cloves per day, chopped up in a sandwich or in soup.

Treatment: Get rest. Lack of sleep and too much stress can make the body weak - if you get the flu, rest as much as possible while your symptoms are resolving.

Treatment: Drink fluids. Staying hydrated helps to eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes from your body.

TRUCK DEAL OF THE WEEK--  Ron Arant started this unigue truck and sold it quite a while ago.

The current owner has dumped a lot of money and time into it but needs to sell due to health issues.
The asking price is 10K and very fair but he may take less if it's close.

Call Ron Arant at 360-943-0792 if you are interested or if you know anyone.

--Art Q


THE BIKER RETIREMENT HOME--  Someone on the rig asked me if I was going to buy a motorhome and tour the USA when I retire.
I showed him this photo from my run to Florida a couple weeks ago.

Replied that was my "motorhome" and I am looking forward to taking it on the road next summer.

By the way no more knocking engine, the compensator nut replacement worked

FROM THE BIKERNET THINK TANK--  "The trouble with us is we talk about Jefferson, but we do not follow him. In this theory that the people should manage their government, and not be managed by it, he was everlastingly right."

- John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.
(July 4, 1872 – January 5, 1933)
was the 30th President of the United States (1923–1929).

--Mark Temple
BOLT of California

CAMPAGNA TRIKES DISPLAYS AT EVENT NEAR LOS ANGELES IN NEAR FUTURE--   We are currently travelling across California and Arizona. We'll be attending multiple car shows in the coming weeks.. It would a great opportunity to come and see our latest vehicles and meet Campagna Motors's team.

We will have on display 2 new V13R (one Army concept) 'The Roadster with Attitude' sporting a Harley Davidson engine. We will also have the latest edition of our T-REX RR.

Please find below the dates and events information:
Good-Guys Pleasanton

23rd Autumn Get-Together
November 10 & 11, 2012
Alameda County Fairgrounds
Pleasanton, CA

Good-Guys Del Mar

2nd Del Mar Nationals
November 23 to 25, 2012
Del Mar Fairgrounds
Del Mar, CA
L.A. Auto Show

Nov 30 to Dec 9
Los Angeles Convention Center

We are working with Campagna and some highly secretive sources on a potentially historic trike project. We chose to work with Campagna due to their handling capabilities, and the fact that some of their models are V-Rod powered.

Any day now, we could bring you a concept drawing and photographs of major components. The entire team is walking on air.—Bandit

BIKERNET SHOP by CRANK AND STROKER DEAL of the week--  I was thinking of putting the 5 BALL Henley’s on sale for 19.99.

Also the Bikernet from 19.99 to 15.99.

DOES THIS DESCRIBE BIKERNET--  Bikernet has been the definitive go-to source for motorcycle information and entertainment for over 17 years. Reaching far beyond news, tech and eventcoverage, Bikernet also follow the romantic side of our beloved lifestyle:the girls, the road stories, and the biker fiction.

We're at heart of it all because we live the dream everyday by building custom motorcycles, writingbooks riding across the land, traveling around the world. At the end of the day, we still find the time to pull over to help broke-down bikers.

Bikernet: It's where the ride begins and the adventure never ends.

Supreme Bikernet Advertising Director



Just a few thoughts on True duals on geezer glides. I ran stock Harley (crack an’ leak) headpipes on my glide for 7 years. I put Bassani muffs on it, ran okay, as long as my welder was used yearly to fix the cracks. I bought a set of Cobra true dual headpipes, put ‘em on with the old muffs. I’ve been wrenchin’ for over 30 years on these chug-a-bugs, and I have to admit, my bike runs better, gets better fuel mileage, and I don’t need to weld them all the time.

Hmmm, so I have to say I think they are a better idea than the stock headpipes for a wiggle motorcycle.

Rapid City, SD

DEAN AND DEBBIE ANDERSON--  Early Tuesday morning, only a few hours after making her final appearance at our Monday night giveaway show during our 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally and getting a standing ovation, Debbie slipped into unconsciousness and died Wednesday Oct 31 at 2:15 the ships infirmary. She was in no pain. Her last wishes were to be on this 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally cruise.

Debbie was the co-owner of the High Seas Rally and sole creator of the HOHS Dialysis Fund. While I (Dean) got the fun part of the job creating the games to raise the dialysis money, Debbie was the heart and soul, who made it happen. Until just this year when her health was failing, she handled all patients and all paperwork since the beginning. Raising almost $300,000 on this 2012 Rally cruise alone and over 1.6 million since 2003. A tireless worker and humanitarian, loved by all who met her.

Two years ago almost to this day, Debbie was diagnosed with a rare form of not one, but two kinds of lung cancer. Since Debbie never smoked, her odds of getting lung cancer were less than 3%. In addition, the 2 forms of lung cancer she contracted only show up in 2% of all cancer patients. That's just plain bad luck. Given only six months to live, she bravely fought on for two years and beat the one cancer in her lungs, but the second cancer moved to her liver and we never did get ahead of it.

During this cruise, we know our veteran High Seas Rally cruisers knew something was terribly wrong because we have been together for 40 years, married for 37 and are rarely seen more than a few feet apart but it was my decision alone to not mention this situation to our friends and passengers. Only myself, my son Cody, his wife Carla and ship medical staff knew of her death. None of our staff knew. It was much too painful for me to mention during the cruise and would have been in direct conflict with what this rally is all about. Debbie also agreed.

She requested to be cremated and have no funeral. Instead, she wished us to have a party in her honor on a future High Seas Rally cruise. She was, is and always will be, the most important person in my life. Although I know you all wish me well, please do not attempt to contact me personally for the next 30 days. Creating the High Seas Rally was easy compared to writing this. I need some alone time to get through this. She was my angel. Once again, thanks everyone for making Debbie's Dialysis Fund and the High Seas Rally a runaway success. Rest assured, the show will go on.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, a donation to the HOHS Dialysis Fund will help continue Debbie's passion and is greatly appreciated.
Debbie Anderson
High Seas Rally
21 Hannah Circle
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980



Someone stole a fellow Mopar owner’s 1967 Barracuda Fastback this morning around 8AM out of his garage.

The car was his baby. PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open for any info. The car was stolen from Menifee, CA.

LIC. Plate # 2AQS198 VIN #BH29B72221774
Let's keep our eyes and ears peeled

Sheriff's #951-776-1099


BIKERNET FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER SEMINAR--The mother of a 17-year-old girl was concerned that her daughter was having sex... Worried the girl might become pregnant and adversely impact the family's status, she consulted the family doctor.

The doctor told her that teenagers today were very willful and any attempt to stop the girl would probably result in rebellion. He then told her to arrange for her daughter to be put on birth control and until then, talk to her and give her a box of condoms.

Later that evening, as her daughter was preparing for a date, the mother told her about the situation and handed her a box of condoms.
The girl burst out laughing and reached over to hug her mother, saying, 'Oh Mom! You don't have to worry about that! I'm dating Susan!'

--Dr. Nuttboy


This was quite the unusual automotive creation.

Six wheels - lots of stereo.

City Jogjakarta, Island Java, Country Indonesia

Good show - good people.

--Art Hall
Bikernet International Editor and Travel Guru


THE BIKERNET MANTRA-- Keep it original and fun and you will succeed man!

--Robert Pandya

That's our code—to the end. Where the adventure begins and the ride never ends.—Bandit



glean \GLEEN\, verb:
1. To learn, discover, or find out, usually little by little or slowly.
2. To gather (grain or the like) after the reapers or regular gatherers.
3. To gather slowly and laboriously, bit by bit.
From what little I can glean, it's the edited journal of a voyage from Sydney to California by a notary of San Francisco named Adam Ewing.
-- David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas: a Novel
We all looked at each other, trying to glean something each from the other.
-- Bram Stoker, Dracula
Glean traces its origin back through Latin to the Celtic glan, "clean, pure." The sense "to learn or gather slowly" appears in English before the sense of "to gather grain left by the reapers."

ALL NEW BIKERNET DEPARTMENT—We decided to kill the classifieds. We didn’t like the service, and the system changed hands, so we looked around. We need to make a living, but we also want to provide solid services and entertainment for our readers, which is our number one priority. So we kicked off the Trave Department. You’ll see the new button on the top of any page to the right. Here are the four departments, and shortly you will see it fill with content.

Travel Stories

Motorcycle and trike touring stories from here and abroad. If you have a story you would like to share don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite editor or

Travel Maps

We want you to have access to all the travel resources you need to make any motorcycle touring adventure pleasurable, or at the minimum, don’t get lost.

Travel Tips

Tips and travel products from cheap camping sources, and gear, to high-end motorcycle security.

Travel Destinations

Motorcycle touring destinations from five start restaurants or hotels, to the best camping spot in the Himalayas. Don’t hesitate to share destination notions from the finest café latte source to a warning about the rattlesnake infested campground. Reach your favorite Bikernet editor or the janitor,

SAVE A LATE MODEL 6-SPEED TRANSMISSION TECH BY ROGUE--The Attitude Chain Adjuster solves the issues associated with the stock auto tensioner. The concern most have with the stock adjuster is its ability to over-tighten the chain. How can that happen? Well, the first moment the chain has enough slack to it to ratchet the shoe up another notch, and thus tightening the chain, it will. One notch tighter might not be an issue, but you don’t have any control of when this mechanism stops tightening the chain.

The end result in many cases is the primary chain is so tight that it will start wearing out left side motor case bearings, inner primary bearings, clutch hub bearings and transmission output gear bearings. This can be a very costly and troublesome issue if you encounter it. Check Rogue’s tech:



KENDON SAVES THE DAY—A brother had a breakdown with his new FLH. It was a freak deal and maybe he just rattled a brake cable free, because his battery let go and left him along side the road in Orange County.

He needed to haul it quick to California Harley, in Harbor City, we loaned him our Kendon Combo stand-up trailer. He was so impressed with it, and the ease to load his bike he immediately ordered a Kendon trailer.

Bikernet Tech Editor and Grease Monkey

Click on the banner for more info.
Click on the banner for more info.

BENNETT’S PERFORMANCE LAZER CUT PRODUCT LINE—We’ve been tossing these in the news from time to time. Eric now offers points covers, derby covers, and license plate frames, in two styles of satin black, and chrome.

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Reader Comments

Saw the Popular Science pics of the Indian Arrow on the Veterans Day Thursday news. I had one I bought back in the late '70s and never could find parts. Traded for a Sporty basket case in '85.

Then I saw one for sale for 40 grand. Completely ruined my day. Tequila time to drown my sorrow.

Johnnie Gutierez
Freer, TX
Monday, November 12, 2012
Editor Response There's always another winning project. Get to work.

I just went on a benifit run to support the Bogey Crek Camp. This camp was founded by Paul Newman and allows croniclly ill kids to have a week of fun and be with other kids.......
My wife won the raffle for a bike trailor made by . Pretty wild the platform lowers to ground level via a crank. Check out the site.


Daytona Beach, FL
Friday, November 9, 2012
Editor Response Thanks for the tip. Air Ride trailers also lower to the ground.
Thanks for the article on Sears. Nice to know that there are pepole and companies left that have morals, and a conscience, and are not all about making a buck. They obviouslly care and are doing something about it. Good on them and also on you for giving them a shout-out on something that is most worthy.

Well done.

David Macdonald
Victoria, , BC, Canada
Friday, November 9, 2012
Editor Response Thanks Brother. I'm a Vietnam vet and going to hang out on a Battleship today.

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