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Hang on for the Tribute, the Scandal, The Hot Products, The Action News, the Girls, and Bad Jokes

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Uncle Monkey, Jack McIntyre and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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I’m a disabled Vietnam vet and so is our Performance Editor, Ray C. Wheeler.
We have a lot of close brothers who are also disable veterans. My brother, David is also Cambodia veteran.

I was honored to sit at a dinner table recently with my 93-year-old mom and Archie, a veteran from WWII. He was in Okinawa, when the Japanese surrendered. I was moved to know a man who was on the spot.

I also recently read a book by the mother of the Redhead of Redheads, Alison. Her mom, Betty Bettencourt Dodds wrote a book, The McClelland Civil War Letters, after she discovered a passel of letters written by two young brothers to their folks after they left home during the Civil War. Amazing book, easy to read. One of the sons was killed in New Mexico, fighting Apache Indians. The other, John McClelland fought from the beginning of the war until the very end, and was even in the procession for Lincoln’s funeral. Amazing.

I was caught off guard when he said his cousin attended the play at the Ford theater and saw John Wilkes Booth jump onto the stage after he shot the President. Incredible. Over 600,000 died in the Civil War and 60,000 died in Vietnam.

Here’s to all veterans, old and young. We all stood tall for Freedom. I wish our government would put Freedom first. It works, it’s what so many died for.

The Weekly Bikernet News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, and Chopper Town.

BRASS BALLS CYCLE CELEBRATES VETERANS DAY-- On yesterday, of all days, Veteran's Day honors our veterans for their service to our Country.

We are so grateful to those who put on our Country's uniform and serve our great Nation. On this day, Veteran's Day, we'd like to express our sincerest thanks our veterans... and encourage you to do the same in your own special way. is still raffling this amazing original 1974 Honda CB750. Please support their efforts to support our troops and buy a few tickets. You'll be helping a great cause and You might even win this bike! Click here to get yours today!

Help Us Help Our Troops
Too many soldiers & veterans suffer from PTSD. We'd like to give them something positive to focus on, while also showing our gratitude for their service. If you are a business owner or have the ability, and would like to sponsor a bike kit for a soldier or veteran, please contact us at


BEST ALL-TIME CLEANEST ORIGINAL PAINT 1914 H-D V-TWIN CONFIRMED— A brother recently came across this amazing 1913 V-Twin and it’s for sale.

He sent detailed shots of it to Steve Huntzinger who is a master restoration expert. Steve was so impressed he almost gave up his rare 1912 Sears for this bike. The Sears was his first and a very prized restoration, residing in his living room.

If you are seriously interested drop a note to Don Whalen.

NEW CANTINA IMAGES FROM THE MAN-- The end of summer Daytona Biketoberfest parties are the place to be! As you wonder through the images of this gallery, you will understand the point that I am trying to make. Our man on the street, Photographer Chopper Dave puts his all into shooting for you, so make him proud, join the Cantina and check out all of the great shots he has sent in for you all! ENJOY

Co-Editor of Bandit's Cantina

Click to Join
Click to Join

JIMS BIKERNET TOOL OF THE WEEK-- The Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool.

Save time with JIMS Ultimate Clutch Adjusting Tool. Imagine grabbing just one tool for a clutch adjustment, instead of 3 or 4 separate tools that don’t work well. No more open end wrenches that don’t fit due to awkward angles, or multiple attempts to lock the jam nut and adjuster screw in the correct position.

JIMS new clutch tool allows the technician to quickly and accurately tighten the jam nut without changing the adjuster position. Our custom socket driver allows the hex key to work through the driver and the ergonomic handle stores the key when not in use.

JIMS No. 5502- For all Big Twins 1985 to present including most aftermarket lock up and slipper clutches.

Suggested retail is $65.50.

Made in USA and guaranteed for life. For more information contact us at, visit, or call (805) 482-6913.

--Clark Kirkendall
555 Dawson Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012
805.482.6913 Fax 805.482.9224


BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

Hope your doing better Scotty, if you need anything while in south Louisiana, hit me up,
Weasel Thad at,

-- Houston Thad Cranford
Clinton, LA

- I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them.
-Phyllis Diller

-Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room.

- What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.

- The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron.
-Phyllis Diller

--from Jerry and Rogue

EXCLUSIVE: Biker massacre which killed nine in shoot-out started because of parking rage in breastaurant lot – but seven months on NOBODY has been charged with murders

By Shekhar Bhatia In Waco, Texas For

Nine bikers from rival gangs died and 20 were wounded when the rival Cossacks and Bandidos clashed inside and outside Twin Peaks, Waco

Now Daily Mail Online can disclose that the violence started when leader of one gang, the Bandidos, drove over member of rival gang's foot.

The victim was actually there to direct bikes in the parking lot - but when he screamed fellow Cossacks started the violence.
Witnesses tell Daily Mail Online how man was shot point blank by rival who said: 'Take that motherf*****' and another left to bleed to death.

Police had been monitoring both groups for six weeks because of tensions, which went back months and now face claims of cover-up.

By Shekhar Bhatia In Waco, Texas For

It was a gun battle that shocked the nation and left nine people dead, twenty wounded and 177 under arrest.

Now six months since the biker massacre at the Twin Peaks 'breastaurant' in Waco, Daily Mail Online can reveal the immediate cause of the violence - and how police are accused of having allowed it to happen.

Remarkably, nobody has been charged with murder despite the scale of death and injury, and the fact that 177 people were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the massacre.

The background to the shootings can also now be laid bare - and with it come claims that police knew well that a war was in the offing between the two gangs who clashed, the Cossacks and the Bandidos.

Officers had been trailing rival gang members for up to six weeks before the outbreak of deadly violence.

They had cataloged a string of violent outbursts involving guns and knives between the warring factions.

One Cossack had been attacked on Interstate 35 near Waco by 10 rivals with a hammer and a Bandido had his bike stolen at a fuel stop after being attacked with chains and batons.

At least five other incidents had taken place and in the run up to May 17, police were sure a turf war was brewing between the two rival biker gangs.

Police were also aware that many were planning to attend the Waco gathering with guns and other weapons.

Officers had previously been called to disperse the rival bike groups in March at the same Twin Peaks with the Cossacks warning that the 'breastaurant' was in Waco, their territory, so the Bandidos should not be there.

The starting point for the rivalry appeared to be the previous year.

On December 12 last year ten Bandidos were said to have burst into Gator's Jam Inn Bar in Fort Worth, shot dead Geoff Brady, 41, of Arlington, Texas, and wounded three others.

Brady was a Ghost Rider, who are allies of the Cossacks. Three men, said by police to be Bandidos, are on $100,000 bail after being held on suspicion of that murder.

Then the Cossacks had their meeting place at Mexia, around 50 miles from Waco, burned to the ground in what is believed to have been an arson attack early in the New Year.

The Bandidos had been attempting to elicit payments from Cossacks, which had been refused.

There was also anger among the Bandidos that their hated rivals were wearing badges proclaiming Texas was their rightful home - a direct incitement, they believed.

With this background, a peace summit was called at Twin Peaks by the 12 different districts of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, which seeks to regulate the groups.

But it was not to be peaceful, and it immediately went wrong over parking rage.

David Martinez, president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos, rode his new Harley-Davidson ahead of his gang into the Twins Peak parking lot.

Clifford Pierce, 53, who despite his age, was a Cossacks 'intern' and had been left outside to direct bikers to leave their machines in designated spaces away from the door.

He tried to direct the Bandidos troop to parking spaces away from the main lot, but screamed when Martinez ran his 2015 bike over his foot. Pierce, although later wounded, survived.

His screams caused fellow Cossacks to confront their rivals and a gun battle ensued.

The Bandidos leader produced his weapon and was followed by others as some groups of men dived for cover inside the restaurant while others went on to confront each other.

It is unclear if both groups knew that they were being watched - but in fact police with sniper rifles were on standby and started firing at people they saw brandishing guns or were perceived to be a threat.

Waco officers were in the lead. They say that they had 24 officers present, of whom three opened fire, discharging 12 rounds. But it is unclear how many rounds were fired in total by the multiple law enforcement agencies who were present.

One father whose son was blasted to death has told Daily Mail Online he would have lived if police hadn't refused him urgent medical attention to his bleeding wounds.

Speaking for the first time, Rick Kirschner,71, revealed his 47-year-old son Richard jr - nicknamed 'Bear' in the motorcycle fraternity - lay dying from three gunshot wounds in his knee, hip and buttocks outside the restaurant for at least 15 minutes before he was taken to hospital.

See the complete article at

BIKER’S CHOICE NEW BATTERY LINE-UP-- Lithium Ion Battery Added to Twin Power Line

Biker's Choice is excited to announce the addition of Lithium Ion batteries to the Twin Power line. Twin Power is known for their high quality parts and accessories designed for the Harley—Davidson enthusiast.

Considered one of the most durable and reliable batteries currently on the market, Twin Power’s Lithium Ion battery provides the user with ultra-high cranking power but at a third of the weight of a lead acid battery. It also has a service life more than twice that of a conventional lead acid battery. The battery has a low self-discharge that allows it to be stored up to one year if required.

It is perfect for use in low temperature environments. Twin Power’s Lithium Ion batteries are also designed with a built-in charge and equalizing protection so that they can never be over-charged.

The batteries have been constructed with no corrosive liquids or heavy metals, making it ideal for the enthusiast who is concerned about the environment. It is easy to install with heavy-duty terminals already in stock configuration. Superior vibration resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damaging the battery.

No shimming or adaptors are required to fit the motorcycle factory battery box.

Twin Power’s Lithium Ion batteries offer riders long-lasting performance and comes with a two-year warranty.

For more information, visit Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice online at or on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To inquire about becoming a Tucker Rocky dealer for Offroad products and accessories, contact the New Dealer Development Department at (817) 258-9255 or

--Dawn Zassick, Sr. Director of Marketing,


This department will cover complete touring model bike builds or severely modified baggers. We started this department so we can post all the techs in one area. Ultimately you can roll from chapter to chapter and watch the bike come together in one place.

All-Controlling Bikernet Baggers Editor

Stormie will be featured in an upcoming 5-Ball Leather Apparel shoot. Hang on for her and new apparel...
Stormie will be featured in an upcoming 5-Ball Leather Apparel shoot. Hang on for her and new apparel...

Five Harmonies

Individual harmony achieved through joy
Interpersonal harmony achieved through respect
Family harmony achieved through deference
Social harmony achieved through cooperation
World harmony achieved through peace

--Venerable Master Hsing Yun

SHOW RESULTS-- Sacramento Results from the 2015 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show circus made its second stop in the capital city of California at the 350 acre Cal Expo facility located just East of downtown Sacramento. Motorcycle enthusiasts were treated to stunt shows, Supermoto racing, demo rides, the latest production motorcycles and the killer custom bikes from the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show competition.

Shaun Ruddy of Chop deVille took People’s Choice Award for the second week in a row. Bell Helmet presented him with a Custom 500 lid for his award.


Shaun Ruddy rolled down from his win in Portland, OR with his 2015 Indian Chieftain and sidecar and came away with another check for $750 in Sacramento. His Indian was a highlight for enthusiasts attending the show. This bike features a custom air intake, a chopped Liberty sidecar, stretched bags, custom paint, custom Chop deVille exhaust pipes and LED lighting.

1st #250 – Shaun Ruddy, Chop DeVille - 2015 Indian Chieftain

2nd # 625 – Darrell Schneider, 2013 KTM690 DUKE

Shaun received another award in Sacramento. Renowned artist, Makoto Endo, selected Shaun’s custom scout Café Racer for his motorcycle drawing. Endo paints a bike on a large canvas at the Progressive booth. And he only uses chopsticks.


Some of the most interesting bikes in the series compete in the Modified Retro class. These are bikes that are older than 1984. And our Sacramento competition didn’t disappoint. Separated by just a point, #575 Kirk Taylor and #800 Paul Binford duked it out for the top position. When the final votes were tallied, Northern California custom bike builder Kirk Taylor came away with the win.

The bike is a 1980 Harley-Davidson set in a rigid chassis. It features an 80ci Shovelhead engine, custom tank with dual ridges and Taylor’s renown paint.

1st #575 - Kirk Taylor, Custom Design Studio – 1980 Shovelhead

2nd #800 - Paul Binford, Binford Custom Cycles –– 1975 Harley-Davidson FLH named 209 Special

Custom Bikes are popular with enthusiasts. The first bikes you see as you enter the convention center are from the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder competition. They are placed on the red carpet and are positioned in front of the main entrance of the pavilion.

Throughout the 10 show series approximately 400,000 enthusiasts will see the custom bikes J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder competition. The total cash and prize package for the series is $100,000. The Chicago round will host the US Championship and will provide $50,000 in cash and awards. Sponsors include J&P Cycles, Harley-Davidson, Progressive Insurance, Bell Helmets, Speakeasy Original, The Leatherworks and 5 Ball Leathers.


Andrew Ursich started out building custom hot rods. And during his spare time he decided to build a bike from a basket case Sporty. Andrew hand made the headlight bracket, then the fender struts, the inspection cover and the shift and brake linkages. Then his attention turned to making and modifying the sheet metal. He made the battery box, the ignition counsel, point cover, and modified the pipes from straight drags to upswept puppies. For his effort, he was awarded a check for $1,000.

1st #475 – Andrew Ursich – 1980 Sportster named Brass Monkey

2nd #675 – Ernest Cruz – 2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide named Trouble 12



When Jon woke up on Friday, the day of the load in, someone had vandalized his trailer. They unscrewed the fasteners and bolts on his bike and relieved him of his tools. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and he walks off the stage with a check of $2,000 and a much happier builder.
The bike features paint by Blair Peterson, S&S Shovelhead, open chain primary, split tanks and a custom girder frontend. His custom built boardtrack scoot rolls with 24” wheels front and back. Jon also walked away with a Speakeasy Originals’ ring entitled Made in America.

1st #275 – Jon Macdowell of Bonneville Customs, 2014 Custom Boardtrack

2nd #300 – Mark Shell of Bonneville Customs, 2007 Anarchy Disruptor

Next up is Long Beach. Some of the greatest custom bike builders in America roll into the friendly confines of the Long Beach Convention Center – Reserve the weekend of November 20-22, 2015:

Charles was part of Kicker and Big Hommie Custom at the SEMA show this past week in Las Vegas and made it back yesterday early morning.



I verified this with Todd Washam, Legislative Asst. for the Honorable James Sensenbrenner and Paul Blieberg, Legislative Director, for the Honorable Reid Ribble regarding the NHTSA Lobby Ban.

The ban from NHTSA lobbying the States without an invitation is current law, which stays in place unless specifically changed in the current version of the bill that passed the House this week, I actually read the entire bill yesterday and there is no mention of discontinuing the ban.

What did not happen is getting the ban extended to the DOT, that was always a bit of a long shot and frankly to take attention away from the NHTSA ban, removing that ban is on the agenda of the Whitehouse Administration, in part because this current administration doesn't believe anyone should be able to direct the federal government, and the fact that is torques NHTSA off to no end.

We haven't been mentioning it on our recent press releases specifically because it is on the radar of the Administration and we don't want to call attention to it.

The only other slight negative is the motorcycle awareness study wording was changed from "shall" to "may" as it applies to the National Academy of Sciences. There were House members that wanted this out so we are choosing not to lobby it now and make it a cornerstone ask during Bikers Inside the Beltway to make the "may" actually happen.

Both staff's that I spoke to that are very involved in the House Highway bill agree this is prudent.

This is a very good highway bill for motorcyclists given the re-instatement of the Motorcycle Advisory Council which by wording has the MRF a part of it, the Checkpoint funding ban and the fact that it specifically mentions not to be used for helmet enforcement is strong, and the awareness effectiveness study is a first.

I intend to remain in contact daily with Highway Bill Conference committee members as the Senate and House conference on this to negotiate differences to best monitor for negative activity.

As a final statement of concern though, the place of greater concern on the NHTSA Lobby ban is getting it removed during the Appropriations bills that are being considered in the next five weeks. It will take eyes and ears on this process to make sure we don't get back-doored, especially given NHTSA and the Whitehouse are opposed to it.

--Kirk "Hardtail" Willard
MRF President/Board Chair



Five Roland Sands custom Indian Scout Hooligan bikes will compete in the race piloted by Roland Sands, Red Bull stunt rider Aaron Colton and special guest riders.

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced it has stepped up as the title sponsor for the upcoming “RSD Super Hooligan” flat track race in Las Vegas.

The street-bike based race takes place indoors on a short track at the Orleans Hotel & Casino the evening of November 21, and is presented in partnership with Roland Sands Design and AMA Pro Flat Track in conjunction with the “Superprestigio of the Americas” race. The winner of the Super Hooligan race will receive a new 2016 Indian Scout – making the Super Hooligan race a bit more competitive than the average weekend amateur event.

Hooligan racing is traced back to the 1930s, at a time when legendary Indian Motorcycle dealer Clarence “Pappy” Hoel began organizing regional hill climb and flat track motorcycle races in and around Sturgis, SD. Hoel was a founding members of the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club, and he and the Gypsies are credited with starting the now world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 1938.

Indian Motorcycle’s rich history in racing dates back to its inception with records in every racing category, including land speed, dirt track, transcontinental racing and venues like Daytona and the Isle of Man.

In 1911 the Federation of American Motorcyclists published the records for 126 different categories of racing and different distances, and of those 126 racing records, Indian owned all 126.

Hooligan racing is a throwback to a post-war era where riders took virtually any available motorcycle to race in the spirit of seeking adrenaline and enjoying the comradery. Today the flat track Hooligan racing category is rapidly gaining in popularity with riders of all ages and experience levels because it brings the fun back into a less structured environment where any rider can race virtually any motorcycle.

“Framers” or custom race chassis machines are not allowed in the class. It’s designed to allow racers to lightly modify an existing street chassis for racing action, a familiar situation for the world famous Indian Scout.

The company also announced it has partnered with Roland Sands Design to build and race five custom Hooligan racers based on the Indian Scout. The custom Hooligan Scouts will race in the RSD Super Hooligan event in Las Vegas, with a world-class team of riders that includes Roland Sands himself, Red Bull/KTM stunt rider Aaron Colton, plus some surprise guest riders. These new custom motorcycles will be revealed to the media on Friday, November 20 during the International Motorcycle Shows press event in Long Beach, CA.

“The Scout is a great machine upon which to base a custom bike with modern rider friendly performance. The engine and chassis are rock solid and don’t need a lot of work, so DIY customizers can focus on the aesthetic modifications,” said Roland Sands. “It has been a blast designing and building these custom Indian Scout Hooligan bikes and after a quick test run at the local flat track I feel we have a competitive bike that will rip on the track.”

For more information on the Super-prestigio of the Americas visit Fans can enjoy live streaming of the event on To join the IMS Press Day on Nov 20, please contact

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