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I have 2019 Street Glide Special, I love the look of my cruiser and whenever I get a chance to add something that gives it that custom touch, I go for it. Well, Klock Werks has created a simple yet effective part to accent the vent in the Harley-Davidson 2014-2020 FLH “batwing” style fairing. And on top of not only looking good this Florida boy is hoping it will keep some love bugs from flying through the vent.

You have a choice of round pattern or honeycomb pattern, but only the round pattern comes painted. My preference was to use the round black pattern which is anodized aluminum, although either one would look good.

Now most of the riders out there know Klock Werks windshields on sight but they also offer a whole line of accessories for your motorcycle, not limited to just Harleys. Check them out at They are a great company with great support and that it is hard to find.

The vent screens are located here:

Fairing Vent Screens for H-D 2014-2021 FLH (

The install is straight forward and quick. I did find that 2 sets of hands are probably easier during the glue install portion.



 Loosen but do not remove three screws (with flat washers) securing the windshield to the fairing.

 Raise and remove the windshield.


 To remove the outer fairing start by removing the two bolts from each side of the inner fairing.

 At this point I personally like to turn the wheel to the right so there is less chance of the fairing falling when the three screws that hold the windshield are removed. I take both outside ones out first and the center one last. Just a personal preference.

 Remove the wire from the headlight and place the outer fairing in a safe place to protect the paint.



Prep the vent opening on the inside fairing. Use an alcohol solution to remove any contaminates allowing the cement glue to adhere better.


 Place a small amount of cement around the opening at areas that will be covered by the outer fairing when on.


 Take the vent screen and place into position. Hold until the cement starts to set. This is where two hands were better for me, once tacked up I placed the outer fairing on to keep it from moving.


    Re-install the outer fairing by reversing the procedure to remove.

If you do get any glue in the holes I found once it was set up, I could poke it out and user a blower or air gun to clear the vent.

Now ride and enjoy with another great Klock Werks product. I definitely love the look!

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