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Since the beginning of 2012, UltraCool's first cooling unit has really evolved into the dynamic cooling system it is today. Improving it through trial and error with miles & hours of testing we have produced a fan assisted cooler that will reduce your oil temperature between 30-50 degrees, and striving to keep it anywhere between 200-235 degrees at all times even through extreme conditions.  We will always continue to help the biker community in finding a solution for their overheating needs. With bigger V-twin engines, stricter fuel emissions and stop & go traffic at some point wherever you ride, these being only a few factors that are contributing to the damaging heat that is building up in your engine. Heat destroys the properties in your oil. Our fan assisted oil cooler has a efficient free flowing high heat dissipating exchanger, 220 CFM dual sealed waterproof fans, steel braided oil lines, a plug n play wiring harness w/relay and waterproof connectors, a thermal switch with waterproof connector that activates and controls the fans when your oil reaches 210 degrees, as our goal is to control and maintain your oil temperature at it's earliest stage to protect your engine & investment.  goal
"Let UltraCool take care of cooling your oil, and your oil will take care of your engine"