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Two Wheeled Tales

Motorcycle Mystique - Just The Facts, Ma'am: The non-fiction department. - More Wild Road Tales - Real-Life Gypsy Stories with Scooter Tramp Scotty - Borderland Biker by Derrel Whitemyer

Two Wheeled Tales

Time for a short read? Here's where you'll find both fictional and true life biker stories to give you instant entertainment as fast as your modem can fly.

Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 26

Be careful what you wish for

By Derrel Whitemyer
The explosion was our signal to leave. No sounds of pursuit followed; actually there were no other sounds than Larry and I turning our bikes around and riding on.
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Bandit's Fiction: Slugfest
Sticky shards of beer bottle splashed against his face as Harrison rolled in the soiled sawdust to escape a worn, pointed cowboy boot. His troubled mind whirled. What was he doing diving towards the cigarette butt-strewn deck of the cowboy bar anyway? Less than a half hour before he pulled his '78 Shovelhead up to the litter-infested curb in fr...
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Lothario’s Grand Thrill

He introduced the girl to the ride of a lifetime

By KK Hartmann
Lothario Fade introduced the girl to the ride confident she’d be amused and beguiled with his sanguine sway.
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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 18

Nice Color, but can it go four miles in less than two and a half minutes?

By Derrel Whitemeyer
Larry looked at me then towards Kate, “Pretend for a moment we do agree to take you. Out of curiosity, how were you planning on the three of us traveling four miles in less than two and a half minutes?"
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Harley-Davidson, The Sweet Years

At Last the Final Report: Evos Rule

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
Written by Scooter Tramp Scotty who lives on the road on his Evo, and has for two decades.
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Follow Your Heart

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
This is a piece I feel compelled to write. It is about my own struggles with the idea of following only the true call of one's heart.
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Motorcycles Aboard The Great Ferry Lines

Traveling along the Intracoastal Alaska Marine Highway System.

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
For anyone who would like to ride the huge ships that carry cars, semi trucks, motor homes, and motorcycles from the city of Bellingham, Washington to the distant shores of Alaska.
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