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Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice 2017 Dealer and Brand Expo a Success

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Continues Dealer Growth Investment

By Dawn Zassick and Beth Rauch with photos from Rigid Frame Richard

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With 180 vendors and nearly 800 dealers and their staff attending, the 2017 Tucker Rocky/ Biker’s Choice Dealers and Brand Expo has been the biggest yet.

In an industry driven by relationships, the Expo offered Tucker Rocky a chance to connect with customers and build relationships throughout the organization. Dealers get to meet and discuss their business with knowledge experts representing the brands as well as their peers. This provides the dealers with the unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the products from the vendors and to ask questions face-to-face.

It also provides the chance to network and gain access to educational seminars, training and roundtable discussions geared towards helping dealers grow their business.

Tucker Rocky plans to continue the Dealer & Brand Expo on an annual basis.

Held at the Frisco Convention Center in Frisco, Texas, in 42,000 feet of exhibition space, the Expo started on February 9th and will end February 10th with a party celebrating the 50th anniversary of Tucker Rocky. Tucker Rocky has been a staple of the powersports industry in Texas since 1967 and became a national name in the industry over the last 50 years.

Investment was a major theme at the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice press conference held February 10, 2017 during their Dealer & Brand Expo.
She's the reason RFR rode out to feature the expo. Can you blame him?
She's the reason RFR rode out to feature the expo. Can you blame him?

President Eric Cagle addressed the press and discussed many of the changes that have taken place over the last year. The investments are designed to continue making Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice a customer-driven organization. Some of those investments in infrastructure and personnel were covered, but the level of behind-the-scenes dealer support investments are worthy of a much lengthier explanation.

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice 2017 Dealer & Brand Expo offered dealers the opportunity to get together with vendors and gain an in-depth understanding of the products they’re selling. Each sales representative also received over 20 hours of focused training from our vendors regarding their new product lines for 2017.

Each day of the show, there were five hour-long classes for the dealers on such topics as using social media and visual merchandising to promote their business and tips for engaging the customer to close the sale.

Technical sessions covered getting the most from the ordering systems used by the dealers including Lightspeed and the new TRDealer2.0. In addition to the classroom training, dealers would visit booths with their representative and get a mini course in that product line from brand managers on hand at the show.

A huge investment in our dealers comes in the form of the Helmet and Apparel team. This group of men and women are conversant with all helmet and apparel brands merchandise. The team provides in-depth training for dealers on the products as well as works with the dealers to set up new merchandising displays and help the dealers improve the flow of helmet and apparel brands to their customers.

Another huge investment in our dealers is the development of team selling. It was introduced in 2015 and has made significant strides in aiding dealers with their sales. Our selling teams each include at least one Metric, V-Twin and Helmet & Apparel representative, all of whom are experts in the area they serve. This investment has allowed dealers in the major riding markets access to a team that is equipped to address specialization requirements and solve selling hurdles the dealer may be experiencing.

Finally, brands have been embarking on ride alongs, visiting dealers in different cities in an effort to train them on the current product lines. While a ride along sounds fun, these are an incredible investment in our dealer’s success. All too often, one person from a dealership gets trained in a product and then he or she needs to pass that information along. With hard parts and
apparel brand managers going into dealerships and training the teams personally, the dealer can see significant successes sooner when a new line comes in the store.

2017 will continue to see investments in Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice that will benefit our dealers, brands and the company as a whole.

Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice has been earning the trust of the best dealers in the industry for 50 years.
For more information, visit Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice online at www.tuckerrocky.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To inquire about becoming a Tucker Rocky dealer for products and accessories, contact the New Dealer Development Department at (817) 258-9255 or newdealer@tuckerrocky.com.


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