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Trial Rider and SuperEnduro World Champion Becomes the First Female Ambassador for LAPIZTA Watches

By Myriam Ananias

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Miami, FL - One of the most outstanding professional motorcycle riders of this decade, Emma Bristow, is the first female athlete to join the ranks of distinguished ambassadors representing the brand. Just like her fellow ambassadors, Emma shares a deep-rooted passion for extreme motorsports and adrenaline-fueled races. Emma began riding Trials at the age of 4, and she has dominated the motorcycle scene ever since. After a successful career in Europe, she went on to compete in the most prestigious international tournaments, conquering the Super Enduro crown twice, while having an equally impressive finale when she became the first British rider ever to win the FIM Trial World championship, all done in a year.
A native from Boston, England, and currently running for the Sherco team, Emma proudly wears an Accentor watch. She chose this model to be her lucky watch, for its design embodies the very essence of motorcycle racing. LAPIZTA is honored that the Accentor has become Emma’s inspiration every time she takes to the track to face her next challenge, being the timepiece she will be wearing this season. “Every LAPIZTA creation revolves around passion, determination and endurance, and no one represents this more eloquently than Emma,” said LAPIZTA Marketing Director Gerliz Cancino. “Like LAPIZTA, this young athlete is constantly seeking perfection, pushing herself harder to excel as one of the pioneering female riders in this challenging world of extreme motorsports.”
ABOUT LAPIZTA: Lapizta is a dynamic brand known for its bold timepieces that reflect the infinite passion of extreme lifestyles. From the materials to the design of each intricate layer, every Lapizta timepiece infuses elements of extreme sports with style and function. Founded by third-generation watchmakers, Lapizta, derived from the Spanish word “la pista”, or the racetrack, is committed to bringing the world of extreme sports closer to its most passionate aficionados. With a growing reach in adrenaline fueled industries and rapid expansion across the Americas, Europe and Australia, Lapizta is winning over fans worldwide. The brand is backed by world-famous athletes like three-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves and is quickly cementing itself as “The Official Timepiece for Motorsport Fans.” Explore Lapizta’s Infinite Passion and complete collection atwww.LAPIZTA.com.


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Reader Comments

Dear Ms Dawson,
Regarding the Emma Bristow's press release, I was commissioned by LaPizta owners to write this article in early 2015, along with several other pieces for their brand ambassadors.

This was first featured in LaPizta website and later in the About time magazine, among other media outlets.
Naturally as the creator of this piece, I would like to be duly recognized in your column as the rightful writer.

I would appreciate your consideration on this matter and please do not hesitate to contact me should you need to further discuss this matter.

Kind regards,

MMyriam Ananías
Creative and technical writer, editor, proofreader, professional translator and content consultant

Myriam Ananias
Sunday, March 13, 2016
Editor Response We took care of it. We always try to respect authors and their works.

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