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Strider Bike: Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast

Greg “Edge” Scheuer and the Flying Piston Builder’s Breakfast August 7, 2022

by Greg 'Edge' Scheuer

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Edge's grandson named Finn
Edge's grandson named Finn

I answered the phone without checking caller ID, always a mistake.

It was Marilyn Stemp with the world-famous Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast. I have been invited to modify a Strider balance bike, the kind that young kids can push with their feet and learn to balance. I don’t have actual builder talent but what an opportunity to hang out with famous builders like Arlen Fatland, Rodney Smith, Zach Ness, Cabana Dan, Pat Patterson, Chris Callen and Billy Lane, And maybe I’ll learn how to pronounce Cabana Dan’s last name. And the food is really good. Sooo…

However, the bike isn’t exactly finished when the phone rings.

Marilyn Stemp: “Is your bike done?”

Me, as in, Greg (aka Edge): “We are have having a problem with speed wobbles when the bike gets over 35 mph.”

Marilyn Stemp (exasperated sigh): “You have a three-year-old pushing the bike over 35 mph?”

Me: “Ahhh… yeah. The kid should be a great soccer player in the distant future. Like… when he turns five.”

Marilyn Stemp: “What’s your plan?”

Me (pause): “I am calling the guys at Suspension Technologies in Largo, FL. They are the best with handling issues. This should only set me back a week, 10 days tops. I am worried about the safety of the children.”

Marilyn Stemp: “F-#k! the kids, ship the bike Tuesday.”

Me: “Absolutely.”
Marlon Brando in the movie "The Wild One" (1953) riding a 1950 6T Triumph Thunderbird.
Marlon Brando in the movie "The Wild One" (1953) riding a 1950 6T Triumph Thunderbird.

So, the build thing is that some people are given the opportunity to customize a Strider kid’s balance bike and these balance bikes are unveiled at a breakfast that raises money for a great charity. The entire take on my build was to recreate the famous picture of Marlin Brando from the 1953 film, “The Wild One.” Using one of my grandchildren as a stand in for Brando. I have two grandkids that are both about three so the timing was good. Luckily, I had a build team which is the only reason the bike is finished.
Edge's grandson named Wilder
Edge's grandson named Wilder

The big score was a, vintage, miniature, solid brass trophy close enough to the trophy in the movie to make this project worth trying. Time on Etsy lined up Triumph tank badges, miniature bungee cords, a toddler leather jacket and a small page-boy hat, and a small fog light that could be used as a headlight. The credit card took some hits but it feels justified for an organization that helps kids learn to ride bicycles. Bicycles lead to motorcycles.
Jason Fant, Columbia, SC
Jason Fant, Columbia, SC

The next nut to crack was a miniature gas tank that would fit the contours of the Triumph tank badges. Jason Fant in Columbia, SC was able to sort through 75 different dirt bike tanks until he found one that could be hacked up and welded back together for this Strider. Jason has started High Standard Blasting Company in Columbia, SC that cleans all metal. He does a lot of motorcycles, cars, including frames… even fences. Any metal being prepped for work.
Matt LeGwin, Wilmington, NC
Matt LeGwin, Wilmington, NC

Smoothing and paint were handled by Matt LeGwin in Wilmington, NC. Matt paints cars but he also has a long history with bikes and his paint jobs have appeared in EasyRiders through the years. He partnered up with Eddie Trotta back in the day and always felt like he was walking around with Elvis. As fun as that was perhaps working with builder Scott Britt may have been what took Matt’s business to the next level. Matt’s customers reach him at Outlaw Customs, LLC (910) 617-668 for one-off paint work.

The photo shoot with my two grandsons’, Wilder and Finn, was a hoot but eventually we got there. Special thanks to Prince Jeff Najar for the opportunity to work with the Flying Piston Benefit.

See you in Sturgis!
- Edge
About Tiny Strider Customs: "The Tiny Strider Customs Bike Program was developed in partnership with All Kids Bike charitable organization. Proceeds provide Learn-To-Ride Programs for public elementary school kindergarten PE class with the goal to teach children how to ride a bike." 
About Flying Piston Benefit: "The Flying Piston Benefit assists in raising awareness and funds for non-profits and individuals in the biker community. New ridership and veteran’s concerns is our focus."

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