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The Wicked Bitch vs. Google

Google Announced Mandates of the Highest Order

By the Wicked Bitch with photos from Sam Burns

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Photos of the Wicked Bitch and her books.
Photos of the Wicked Bitch and her books.

Editor’s Note: Wild stuff is happening, and The Wicked Bitch is taking her shot as Climate Doom. Hang on! This is here take on the Google Mandates and not expressly agreed on by the vast and unrelenting Bikernet Editorial Board. –Bandit

Google is now denying the ability of climate change deniers to make money off its platforms and to spread ‘climate misinformation’ through advertisements. Google announced Thursday it will no longer allow advertising to appear alongside "content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change." Google (GOOG) will also prohibit advertisements that deny the reality of climate change. This insane policy, starting next month, applies to any content on YouTube and other Google platforms that refers "to climate change as a hoax or a scam," as well as denials that "greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change."

You have to ask yourself, what in the Ayn Rand, Anne Frank, 1984 and talking pig, Third Reich shit is THIS now? It seems that since the America people laid down like docile little lambs to being censored on social media, they have decided to take it one step further. Now, they are refusing to do business with people who deny ‘climate change.’

Well, you know, I deny climate change, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am old enough to remember that potato headed Dan Quayle and his spastic, dire, feckless tirades about ‘global warming.’ I also survived Y2K, murder hornets, my Mom’s Miss Clairol making a hole in the ozone layer, riding in cars without catalytic converters, killer bees, quite a few Arkansas tornadoes, one Iowa Derecho, and so far, the Kung Flu. I know that political aspirations to ‘change the climate’ are always ostentatious jackassery that stokes fear in the tree huggers, and is used to teach children not to litter highways or throw out plastic bottles or don’t use straws or let cows fart or mow our yards or whatever the hell else we are supposed to do or not do these days… What's one more fairy tale? Santa Claus and Smokey the Bear.

The main reason I don’t agree with climate change is one that many of you may not agree with, and that’s okay… I reckon since we are still allowed to say ‘One nation under God’ in a few places in America… I am going to go on and say this. I don’t believe humans can change the climate because I am a Christian. If someone asked me to describe why weather seems more extreme these days, I would reply, “yea, God’s pissed.’ It irritates me to see President Magoo and the Tweaker of the House stand up and declare they are such big Catholics then turn right around and push ‘climate change.’ I suppose they have a different Bible than I do. It’s so very hypocritical… but I mean, so is them supporting abortion, so.. there ya go.

Now, I, and everyone who believes the same way as me, are not allowed to advertise on social media like youtube or google. We are banished from free speech in our country. Between racism, climate change, ‘political correctness’, Facebook jail… they have wiped their asses on our First Amendment. I guess those Democrats have a different Constitution than I do, too.

I am not surprised that they are acting this way. I have been banned from operating my B&B on airbnb, Expedia, Hipcamp.. many sites… for my political beliefs and Confederate memorabilia. They add one more brick to the prison wall every day and no one notices they are being pinned in.

It’s terrifying that the American people are willing to give up their freedoms so easily. I think a whole lot of people need to realize not all concentration camps have fences around them.

--The Wicked Bitch

Here’s the wildest truth. Climate Alarmism or Climate Doom IS misinformation. Oops. –Bandit

Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.
Join the Cantina, Quick! Touch her.

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Reader Comments

Regarding "I think a whole lot of people need to realize not all concentration camps have fences around them. "

- and regarding the life and beliefs of tax-paying citizens

THE BEST EXAMPLE of that quote is "People's" Republic of China.

Who are those "People" in that Republic ?

Certainly not the daily hardworking citizens trying to raise a family and hold on to a job and save for retirement or hospital bills.

Instead of the ridiculous Trillions of Dollars on Transport Bill - why wouldn't this new Democrat President provide Free Healthcare which exists in closest ally United Kingdom for so many decades.

It may be unanimously agreed that Defence Budget needs to keep increasing every year - but if they are just going to start wars and then abandon the war without having achieved the "PURPOSE" of that war - who are the men and women dying overseas for all of this ?

At least give Veterans the benefits they need (NEED - Not WANT) from the incredible Defence Budget every year ?

World is a Global Village
Saturday, October 16, 2021
Editor Response Thanks for this.
?????????? totally agree. You are one beautiful lady. God bless you and God bless America.

Donna Wilson
North Little Rock, AR
Friday, October 15, 2021
Editor Response Thanks!
Thanks, Bandit… Love and Respect, as always

green mountain, IA
Friday, October 15, 2021

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