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Tuesday Edition

The Saddlemen Report

By Bandit

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THE SADDLEMEN REPORT-- Went down to Saddleman a couple weeks ago to talk to a good friend of my grandfathers named Buster. Brought my stock Dyna seat and asked him what he thought would bring the bike more to life and he recommended the step up seat.

I've been doing a little research and agreed with him a 100%. He had a light brown one that said would do the trick and was ready to go. But after looking at it next to my paint I decided not to go down that rode. 

I wanted a clean black seat to match the frame of the ‘05 Dyna but also wanted something custom and unique. Buster showed me a few mock ups of other seats they have done for clients recently then threw out the idea of the Orange and silver stiching to tie everything in together. 

Man was he right this seat came out clean and after a few minor adjustments do to my height they got it dialed in and ready to go. I'm anxious to get in on my bike and take it out to test its comfortability.

I'm currently working on a painting for Busters office over at saddleman for all his help with this project. Thanks again to buster and all the guys over at saddleman for making this happen.

--Frank Ball Jr.



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