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The "Pandemic" Con

Official Bikernet Medical Center Scientific Study by Dr. Solari

By J.J. Solari with images from Sam Burns and Barry Green

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The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the writer. Me. Period. No one else on earth thinks like me or has the opinions I do. And if they do they're keeping pretty fucking quiet about it.

It's not a conspiracy if it's dancing naked on your lawn and shouting, "We're actually doing this to you!" into bullhorns while setting off fireworks.

The "pandemic" is a hoax. But it's not a conspiratorial one.

They're being pretty up-front about it. Even Greta
Thunberg and Allay-handro Ocasio I-yam Inigo Montoya
Cortez Con Gleem could see through this one. But
Americans are now so fucking stupid they believe

Not that there's a lot of Americans. A very large
part of the American population is here illegally, from
places with actual real and deadly health dangers and
since they are immune to danger in general.... being here
illegally: with their fucking infants and children: which
takes some fucking nerve and kay-hone-A's; not to
mention recklessness and child abuse - they laugh at
these silly restrictions protecting them from the flu when
they have to normally deal with TB, malaria, typhoid fever, diphtheria, reptiles, insects, putrid water, infections from everything, rotted food, drug dealers, and cops who make the drug dealers look valiant and saintly.

Their attitude is, "Do ju theenk I am wore-reed about deh plu my pren? I doan tink so, puto." Plus, they come here from places so restricted and tyrannical that telling them they have to wear a useless mask on their face and need to stay home with their 20 other immediate family not harsh to people who used to live in bone-dry landscapes and disease-infested jungles and were eating rattlesnakes and algae because there ARE no stores to go to, mask or no mask, social distancing or no social distancing.

And being out of work? Leettle Seester Yolanda and Cute Little Juan can always be rented out just like before in the
former homeland. So, they have at least SOME sense of
how to deal with reality.

Meanwhile the rest of America is in some dreamworld
created by the opiate of gullibility and the intoxication of
socialism and believes government is inherently good, that mandatory schooling of children in classes full of crazed strangers taught by impotent losers taking advantage of children’s' innocence and gullibility is "education," that humans affect planetary climate, that a man's butthole is a woman's vagina, that planets billions of miles away affect and influence human decision-making and terrestrial events in general, that tv news hacks who literally cannot spell "restaurant" are wise gurus of wisdom and gentle guardianship of human existence, that Choko-Balls are the NUTRITIOUS part of "this nutritious breakfast" of steak and eggs, that taxes are not confiscation, that arrest is not kidnapping, that legislation is not tyranny by committee but
is instead "democracy," that the Bill of Rights is actually a
bill of rights, and that the Pope has the authority to
eliminate two of the ten commandments. Which he did this year and I suspect you are hearing about it right now for the first time. From me, of all people: The World Champion Commandment Breaker.

I know a hoax and a con and a lie when one shows up. I
was born and raised in a traveling carnival that went up
and down the San Whoa-quin Valley, yes including
Fresno. I worked in show business as a child with the
elites of Hollywood, I had jobs with Loretta Young, Peter
Graves, Fess Parker, Leo Carillo, Ed Sullivan, Broderick
Crawford, Richard Conte, Vincent Price, Jack Webb, John Wayne, James Arness, James Mitchell, Judy Canova, Walt Disney, Jerry Lewis, fucking Lassie.

I was Born an Italian in Boston with relatives in the North End who were in the import business via Genoa, bringing allegedly silk from China, and there must have been SOME silk in the shipments because Adolphe Menjou, considered the best dressed man in Hollywood, got his linings from my grandfather.

My other grandfather was in charge of food
preparation at Harvard for 30 years where he would take
me as a child and regale me with the grandeur of America and show me the vast libraries there and emphasized the value of higher learning. I tap danced for the Sica brothers, sometimes allies of, sometimes renegades from, Jack Dragna, at their insistence at their restaurant in San Fernando. And Joe Sica, one of the first 11 Original Las Vegas Black Book bad guys showed up at my grandfather's burial. I either did a good job tap dancing or he wanted to make sure he was dead.

Talented and successful Italians and talented and successful Jews were all I knew. I talked frequently on the Disney lot when I was a Mouseketeer with that fellow from Nazi Germany who designed rockets to kill British civilians in the ‘40s and rockets to send Americans to the moon in the ‘60s, because I was a total WW2 addict as a child and, awestruck and inebriated with gratitude.

I learned from him about the most driven bureaucrat in history since Alexander of Macedon, Adolph Hitler: revenge-filled artist who would show the world what artists can accomplish when truly pissed and crawling with the gifts of persuasion and with a flair for design mixed with firepower.

I've worked in construction, restaurants, retail,
vagrancy, and then hit rock bottom as a hack for
Easyriders Magazine: probably the lowest level of
employment available since the building of the pyramids,
where propriety was greeted with caution, where decorum was something you did with cakes, where attire was something that went onto wheel rims, where grooming was what brides married, and where proofreading was what you did when checking-out a liquor bottle's label.

I experienced the Easyriders "offices," where the people all the people at all the previous places of employment
mentioned went out of their way to avoid, because it
contained a lot of the kinds of people only a hardened
carhop could deal with - bikers with long police records
either in existence or pending. Bikers who shambled,
plodded, fell, slept and scratched themselves through the
oil-dripped hallways and went in and out of the rooms and offices in every imaginable variety of consciousness, a lot of it altered. Biker tramps from both heaven and hell who could read a person better than Kenneth Branagh can read Shakespeare....., therefore I can smell a con ten trillion miles away,
who's behind it, and why. Because I've seen damn near
every version of humanity possible for there to be and the kind of mischief and stupidity and hoodwinking they are capable of and am not impressed by fame and certainly not by bureaucratic title, so bullshit from notoriety doesn't get by me. I see the bullshit. Not the notoriety. I am only impressed by ability and job performance and when I see proclamations coming from clearly and without controversy and as all would agree the most inept and worthless useless piles of crap on earth, bureaucrats and news hacks.....I know I am being conned.

Anyone with an IQ higher than 9 and who has anything
close to an awareness of how anything works at all on this planet of the apes, has known from Day One, which was two days after the Senate tore up Pelosi's impeachment fuckass nonsense.....that this flu emergency is a con job.

And you have to be a pretty trusting imbecilic never-had-a real-job dumbass loser to think it's anything else.

There's so many lies involved you can even itemize them.

Lie Number One: that the "pandemic" is making the rules
you are now obeying. No. A fucking useless, probably
child molesting, public servant bureaucrat sociopath is
making the rules using as justification the
recommendations of "health advisors." Most of whom are
such physical freaks of Nature you wonder what they are
doing on Earth at all, forget about giving health advisories
to Terrestrials.

And now Biden, the guy who Homeland
"security" is declaring anyone who has a PROBLEM with
him as a national security threat, has installed, in the
National Health Emperor slot, a fucking man who is
insisting he is actually a woman - a guy who doesn't know
that genitals, not your opinion, are what proclaim one's sex to be, a man who literally doesn't know a woman's twat from a hole in the ground OR from a man's ass.

.....he's now in charge of Virus Command. Remember: Levine thinks his balls are a twat. He thinks his cock is a pussy. And he fucks guys. Because he thinks their anuses are vaginas.

This is a guy fucking-up at 100 on a major scale
of 1 to 10. Levine is confused on real easy stuff. This is
kindergarten knowledge, knowing if you're a boy or a girl.
And he's confused about it. And he is now going to keep
you from getting the flu? He's that fucking intelligent?
And he, she, or it is going to blame what he, she, or fucking it plans to do to you.....ON the flu.

He, or whatever the FUCK he is, is going to fuck you up.....and blame a virus for it. He's going to blame a virus.....for what he's doing.

There's a reason Biden likes this guy: because he's a
degenerate pervert. But at least Levine sticks to ADULT
Caress Partners. Far as we know. Unlike Biden, who, if
you're 11 and you're female, and Biden's in the room, you are going to be VERY uncomfortable and suicidal in very short order, soon as he gets over there and does his love dance with his hands down your hair and face and tries to kiss your lips. To Joe Biden... Miss Levine With A Dick who looks like something that went through the transporter wrong is a fucking Grade-A version of normal.

Lie Number Two: that Covid-19 is something different from the millennials-old annual winter cold and flu season. It isn't. It's the fucking flu. It's the annual cold and flu season disease. Its job is to kill people. People on the margins of life. Old fucks. Sick fucks. Fucked-up fucks. Maybe you. Maybe not. The flu has a fucking job to do and you standing six feet away from the obliviosity at the check stand and then sitting at the dinner table with fifteen people all named Sanchez and eating from the same just-killed-chicken buffet acquired from out in the yard and beheaded by not going to give you the flu or keep you from GETTING the flu. It's just going to keep you annoyed at the supermarket. The flu doesn't care what you put on your face, how far away from the big fat cow in front of you at Trader Joe's you stand, how many times you play with your balls before taking your produce out of the shopping cart so the hasn't-had-the-flu-yet cashier who deals with three thousand flu-carrying contaminated customers a day and still hasn't died can put her ass-scratching mitts all over it and then give it back to you, the flu doesn't care if you eat inside or outside a restaurant or fucking even eat at all, the flu doesn't care if you live in a slum or a suburb or in a tent or on an island or in the park with 5,000 tubercular aids victims or on the fucking moon, because it will have gone there with you, motherfucker, and if you are destined to be overwhelmed by its little fucking spikes.....there's not a goddamned motherfucking thing you, or your rectal-faced sexual abomination National Health Advisor, Rachel Levine, or your brain-dead mayor or your child molesting governor or your shitbrained county supervisor or your ass-breathed city councilman can fucking do about it, sparky. Because it's the flu.

It's been around a lot fucking longer than you have, ben-dayhoeputo cabrone, and if your immune system says, "fuck this shit" and throws in the're gonna get the fucking flu. And if you're in pretty good health and are still gonna get knocked right on your
ass, fucker. And if you are in an old folks home because
you now have the resistance and resilience of someone
who spent a year in Auschwitz courtesy of're gonna die, bud.

Tell your buddies where you hid the porn,
the drugs, the guns and the video-ed evidence of the
killings......and kiss your ass goodbye. Do you remember
before Feb 2020 when there was such a thing as the 24-
hour flu? That's the one that drops you in your tracks for
one full day and you don't move, you don’t wake up, you
don't eat, you don't drink.....and 24 hours later you spring
to your feet and say what the fuck just happened?
Remember those days?

That's the flu. The one that kills the marginal ones. And remember the long-drawn-out flu that would fuck you up, make your bones hurt....and then
proceed to your lungs so you could cough up kind of
attractive piles of green and yellow clumps of writhing snot balls?....that you would look at with a kind of admiring sense of accomplishment?.....that's also the flu.

The one that kills grandpa in the dead of winter and clogs his breathing effectiveness enough to make his brain click the off switch, show's over, that's all, folks. IT'S CALLED THE FLU!!! IT HAPPENS EVERY FUCKING YEAR!!

And every year it mutates. In order to kill new people.
Because, you see, if you get it - and everyone gets it - if
you don't die from it or even know you have it and you
come through the other side's because
your immune system killed it and restructured itself to
forever be immune to it. So, what does the flu do in
response because it's a million-year-old cunning mother
fucker? mutates. That's it's job. And it's really good at
it. Probably better at it than you are at yours. Because it's been at it longer. Millions of years longer. While you have been at YOUR job for only....oh, wait, you lost your job. By order of a crossdressing bureaucrat. In order to keep you safe.

Now, then; your faithful government representative piece
of shit and his piece of shit failed-novelist journalist pals in the "news" departments....have correctly concluded that you are an idiot and that you'll believe anything. So, they are declaring the Twenty-Twenty-ONE flu......"a variant."

Well, yeah, asshole, it's a variant. That's what the flu does. Every goddamn year. It changes. It variants itself. In order to kill new old people. YOU can't stop it, Gavin fucking Idiot NEWSOM can't stop it, Joe Child-Sniffer BIDEN and his fucking freak show of a HEALTH GURU can't stop it.....all they do is stop you. Not the virus. Just you. And so that's what they've done. Because they can.

They can't stop the flu because the flu has half a brain. But they can stop you because you're a fucking moron. As is being proved. For one full year and counting.

Lie Number Three: the flu can be "slowed." Or "curtailed."
Or "lessened." Or "corralled." Or "impeded." Or "stalled."
Or "halted." Or "reformed." Or "retrained." Or "re-directed." Or "paused." Or "impeached." Or "repurposed." Or "reeducated." Or "converted." Or "reasoned with." Or "stopped." Or "threatened." Or bribed." Or "blackmailed." Or "tricked." Or "brought to Jesus,"..... It can't. It ain't like us when it comes to diplomacy or bargaining or convincing. Furthermore, it doesn't care what you do or don't do to pretend that you have some strategy against it. It's like honeybadger. It just plain fucking doesn't give a shit. It doesn't give a shit about you or your rules or your plans or your protective gear or your whereabouts or your defenses or your masks or your fucking hand-sanitizer, or
your social distancing or your garage full of toilet
paper....... the flu says Fuck You to all of those things.

Do you see any of this bullshit you and your asshole governor are doing actually WORKING? No? Well, then, let's keep doing it. Forever. Because you're insane.

Lie Number Four: We're all at risk.
You'll notice no bureaucrats have died of the flu. They
never do. At least not while in office. They die when they
retire from fucking your life up when they hit 90. THEN
OLD!!! You would think a city councilman or certainly an
Arab TSA agent who has to feel the gonads of 50,000
travelers to Foreign Country Hell every day....would die of
Covid-19. Wouldn't you. No. You wouldn't. 'Cause you're
pro'bly fucking stupid. But in fact, he should be dead of the pandemic global catastrophe massacre pyroclastic flow of the bat-created wet market Chinese bio-chemical lab World Health Organization flu by now. But he ain't. He's still right there feeling your wife's pussy and thanking Allah for the miracle of flight.

Lie Number Five: The healthy are a threat.
Here's where Karl Marx comes boldly in, all unwashed
and unshorn and full of fleas and French coffee and
eternal unemployment.

Because of the fake Pandemic Emergency Holocaust
Abattoir Butchershop River of Blood Apocalyptic
Screaming Global Health Massacre Catastrophe Great
Concerningness Covid-19....the HEALTHY are being put in quarantine. No one has a problem with it. We're
quarantining the healthy. Because....they are a threat. Not to themselves! God forbid there be any self-preservation involved in any of this tyranny. No, they are a threat to everyone who is NOT them. Did I say no one has a problem with this? Well, if I didn't, no one has a problem with this.

On a normal planet this is called lunacy and/or The
Diabolical Upheaval of Right and Wrong. On Earth this is
called "caring."

EYE call it Marxist Communism.
"We're all in this together." Yeah: against our wills,
Valiant Comrade. YOU don't matter. Everyone else does.
YOUR immunity is a threat to everyone you never met.
You go to the store? take off your mask for a
second?...... you can be killing someone in Tanganyika in
an oxygen tank via a tracing modeled study contagion
vector biometrical analogue probability function indicator.
Your family get-together is not a time for joy and
happiness, it's a Superspreader. If you violate the
meaningless useless idiotic made-overnight rules invented by freak-faced Health Advisors and decreed by
"concerning" unemployable bureaucrats enjoying a free rein Reign of are being irresponsible. And the idiot hacks with "media" by-lines pulling the strings of the bureaucrats like THIS asshole below is..... are pouringit-on what a selfish cruel person you are.

Kelsey Boring, SENIOR REPORTER of the Greta
Thunberg mongoloid publishing-twin The Huffington-Post
Hall-Monitor of Virtue, is upset with you. You dare to
endanger others with your disobedience? Kelsey doesn't
like that. You better behave, worm with a penis, or else the stiletto heels rivaling Sapphic Isles Daughters of Wrath will stand on your nutsack,

Filthy Man Creature that you are who dares to defy the vaj-hatted warrior of guilt and accusations and makeup-free butt-ugliness.

Lie Number 6: The vaccine actually "makes you safe" from the Get Rid of Trump Flu.

There is no way to know this. No experiments have
been run on actual humans that the vaccine actually
works. Actually, I should say vaccines, plural. Everyone
and their ballsacks are making Covid-19 vaccines this
week. They'll be packaged inside every box of useless
Chinese facemasks in a few days. Even though there is no tested experimental evidence that any flu vaccine, forget about this one made yesterday in a garage in Bakersfield by methhead toothless Sunland-Tujunga arroyo inhabitants, actually keeps anyone from getting whatever the fuck Covid-19 actually is, assuming it even exists.

Lie Number 7: This will someday all end.

No. It won't. Fauci and Gates are making new laughingfaced predictions every other day about "variants," and will the vaccine work on them or not, yes it will, no it won't, "studies suggest that possibly maybe perhaps could according to reports from the science and the World Health Disinformation Organization and the Center for Demonic Control according to experts close to a source, it's too soon to tell but let's temper optimism with caution.

The important thing is that we all are in alignment and full
accord and not deviating from the dictates of safety for us all because people are dying."

Well, yeah! That's what we fucking do! We die! Deal
with it! My kid wants to see her grandma!! Asshole!! I want to go to the saloon! Asshole! I want to see the Rose
Parade! Asshole!! I want to sit down at MacDonalds!
Asshole! I want to see a stripper, asshole. I'm gonna die
whether I get the fake fucking flu or not! But I wanna live
first!! Asshole!

"Oh, well I'm sorry Mr. Solari, you can't do that because
you might catch the flu."

"I don't care!"

"Oh, but you might give the flu to someone else."

"I don't care about that either! That's their problem!
Besides I don't have the flu!"

"Oh, but you might have the virus. You're just not sick."

"So, what's the problem??"

"We need to know if you have the virus."

"What the fuck for??"

"So that if you do we can claim you have The Covid
and that you're a menace to the weak and infirm-otons
and maybe to one race or ethnicity or another in particular that we need to keep around so they'll vote for us, being even stupider than you, you being an Italian and probably a bit feral, and so we can continue making you suffer. Because we're insane. You're stupid and we're insane. And it's all Trump's fault."

Lie number 8: the flu obeys what we tell it. We tell it don't
pass through a useless petri dish on our face and it will
obey us. We tell it never travel six feet through the global
world atmosphere we all walk around in to get to another
person and it will obey us. We tell it to succumb and
surrender to a vaccine that has never been experimentally tested on a Covid-19 or non-Covid-19 human living being and it will obey our directive to it to keep us immune.

We tell it not to contaminate take-out food handled by teenage-or-worse couldn't-care-less bottom-rung employees on the job-ladder who are pissed off and convinced they should be paid more but are nonetheless very diligent and respectful of your need to stay healthy and free from whatever contaminates they are plowing into your food with their fingers, tongues and feet and maybe cocks but since it's TAKE-OUT the covid viruses are courteously committing suicide so you will stay safe via the edicts, which edicts and overnight protocols the viruses will obey because they knows that only by sitting inside a restaurant with other diners eating the same asshole-employee contaminated food the take-out customers are getting gives you the flu.

Take-out is flu-free. Because studies have shown.
What's the answer to this? The answer is get used to it.
You've proven you're a dunce. So therefore "Wear A Mask While I Caress This Little Girl" Biden is going to pour it on. Because he can. And because you won't care.

Thank you. Sucker.

--JJ Solari

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Reader Comments

I must agree with Bill May, don't always like J.J.S political views. I love his writing, verbiage or whatever. It's fucking funny. Please keep at it . P.S. sorry for the late post as I was on a bender.

Ruben Serrano Sr.
Sinton, TX
Thursday, February 11, 2021
Editor Response No problem.
I don’t agree much with JJ but I love his writing. I have been reading his BS forever. I lost two friends to this flu. Healthy people in their fifties. A husband and wife. I have got a flu shot every year for 22 years. I haven’t had a flu for 22 years. I have had 2 sinus infections from riding in the cold and rain. I don’t know enough about politics to judge any of those people.

I do depend on a social security check to survive and if a bunch of assholes overthrow the government it would probably stop. This Covid is some rough shit, and if you’re over 70 like me and Bandit and JJ you don’t want to get it. I just want some warm weather to ride in. Peace

Bill May
Nashville , TN
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Editor Response Good point brother and I look forward to your new story.
Tell it to the 400,000 plus dead and people in the hospitals trying to catch their next breath.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Editor Response Hey, I always appreciate your input. Have you watched "What the Health?" Life is nuts and then we die.
All I have to say is NICE!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Editor Response J.J. will love it.

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