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The POLO from Biker Lid

Product Review

By Bandit

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Okay, so we’ve been brainwashed to wear helmets for the last 40 years. Hell, it’s now cool to wear full-faced helmets, and I tried a couple of times. It’s like the brothers think they look badass in an all-black full-face job, or they think it separates them from society, like Darth Vador. Whatever, each to his own.

Full face helmets are dangerous. They limit peripheral vision, gives the rider a false sense of protection and puts their spinal cord in serious harms way. Did you know that only about 25 percent of injuries are to the head. Back injuries are much more severe. The best protection a rider can have is the ability and senses used to avoid accidents. Okay, enough of that, let’s party and be cool.

Over the years, there has only been one helmet that worked to allow a rider to look cool and still be agile-- the polo helmet, but they weren’t legal. Harley came out with a helmet that tried to do the trick, but was way too mushroom, yet it had DOT approval. We tried some out, but they still didn’t do the trick for us. Wait, the Redhead loves hers and feels it gives her additional protection. There you have it.

Brothers and sisters continued to wear Beanie and Polo helmets, without DOT approval, so you know what that meant. Towns like Huntington Beach profiled and busted riders who wanted to ride to the beach wearing illegal helmets. I’m sure there were other police departments around the country, who used this restrictive maneuver.

This is interesting. I tried to research the history of Polo Helmets for Polo field events on horses. It led me to Equestrian Helmets, but I still couldn't find the original designer or history.

But generally, these stylish helmets had aerodynamic qualities and a bit of a visor to prevent sun burns to the face. Equestrian helmets have changed some for more safe-guards including face shields and wider brims.

When I came across an Australian Hamster, Keith McClure, who was manufacturing light, tough and DOT approved Polo helmets I had to check them out, test them and have them modified by George “The Wild Brush.” Here’s something about the Biker Lid company based in Australia. Don’t let that fool you, they are also distributed into the United States.


The company's vision is to provide innovative high-quality products for motorcycle riders & Bikers We have searched the world looking for innovative quality products that work and offer value for your money. Our company believes in delivering the best service on the Internet, we want to save you valuable time by only providing products that meet our high standards. We are committed great service and reliability.

Motorcycling Being a Rider or a Biker

It’s not easy to explain the passion you feel, for some people is their hobby, for others it’s an obsession, a vice, for many others it’s a way of life. Everyone as his own way to explain, to feel, for me it’s life and passion; on two wheels, and it’s called Motorcycles.

Keith McClure aka Fat Albert, is founder of & Farkew.Net. and Now Albert as he likes to be known started first riding on Vespers and Lambretta’s at the age of 9 and then the trial bikes. Today he enjoys those Sunday rides and those hearty breakfasts. He can’t stop doing it. The whole staff loves to ride. It allows us to go further and further, more miles, more turns, more landscapes and embrace more cultures.

In 2010 we got together for this adventure and called it Far Kew Clothing and Helmet Company, the online shop for bikers. What moves us is you, the motorcycle riders. All we want to offer is what you need to enjoy your passion as we do. From Rider to Rider, it’s our way to help the everyday Motorcyclist. We work every day to improve our site and our customer service. We Provide you with the best experience, supplying you quality & great product knowledge.

THOUSANDS of clients trust us.

If you want a free sticker, drop me a line at



Here’s the skinny on the Biker Lid Polo Helmet:

Polo Motorcycle Helmet Dot Black from Biker Lid

DOT Approved Low Profile Mayans Style

Regular price $135.00 Sale price $88.00

Ships from USA Delivery 7-10 days (limited Stock)



POLO Helmet sits low and snug won’t blow back in the wind.

EPS Liner
Light & Comfortable

PROTECT YOUR BRAIN! The fact that this helmet meets and exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards FMVSS 218

Simple! Mushroom or no mushroom look? Go for the Low-profile Polo No Mushroom Head Helmet

FOR SMALL & BIG HEADS - If you've been searching for a half-helmet with a wide range of sizes, then your search is over! comes sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL

Quick release helmet chin strap clip

Weight: 600g or 1.32 pounds (super light, less strain on the head and neck)

Sizing Tips:

To measure your head for the correct size, take a tape measure just above your brow around your head just at the top of your ears. If your head measures in between sizes order the size smaller. Our helmets should fit snug when new they stretch and mold to the shape of your head. Also see hat sizes below

PLEASE check size chart

S-55 -56 22 1/4" - 22 1/2" = hat size 7

M-57 - 58, 22 3/8" - 22 3/4" = hat 7-1/8 to hat 7-1/4

L-59 - 60 , 23 1/4" - 23 5/8" = hat 7 3/8 to hat 7 3/8

XL-61- 62, 24" - 24 3/8" = hat 7 1/2 to hat 7 5/8

XXL-63cm , 24 3/4" = hat 7 3/4 to hat 7 7/8

So far, we have discovered the following benefits to the Biker Lid Polo Helmet. They are super light and comfortable. They are DOT approved and you can wear one anywhere. I like the slight brim for sun protection and enough protection in the rain to keep going.

The interior of the helmet is comfy and high-quality material. It feels official. And finally, an extremely important benefit is the quick release snap, which you can easily pull with your gloves on. I also like the way the snap or latch slips together and tightens. It allows me to adjust the fit from light to firm without messing with straps and taking the helmet off and on.

This snap frees me from pinching snaps and cumbersome straps. I can’t wait for you to try one and let me know what you think.

The staff will bring you more reviews as we put more miles on our Biker Lid Polo helmets. If you buy one, don’t hesitate to send us your comments.


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