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The Latest from Metalsport Inc.

The new 18-inch Rotor and Brembo Caliper set

By Wrench

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As you know the “Big Wheel Craze” is still going strong. Metasport’s new 34-inch 3D Wheels are now available along with New 18-inch rotor and caliper sets.

Ron Loynds, President of Metalsport, and the Metalsport crew have always maintained the cutting edge of innovation within their product lines. They were first to create the really Big Wheels and to develop Vee Rubber’s Monster tires to fit them. They offered one piece stainless steel rotors in 11.5, 11.8 and 13-inch sizes to match their Big Wheel designs.

To continue along the cutting edge, Metalsport has developed a line of 18-inch floating rotor and caliper sets to match their wheels.

These larger diameter rotors offer unique and beneficial characteristics.
The larger diameter provides more leverage to slow the wheel and the greater surface area offers more efficient cooling that will provide longer life.

Mark Ashton, Metalsport’s General Manager, began development of these 18-inch rotor sets through a joint manufacturing effort between Metalsport and Brembo Brakes. The result incorporates heat treated 420 stainless steel outer rings and 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum carriers cut to match Metalsport wheel designs.

The rotors are ‘floating’ on the carriers and are connected by specially designed stainless steel buttons for long lasting performance. Sets include a 6061-T6 caliper bracket and stainless steel hardware.

Not long ago Shannon Davis, of “The Chop Shop” (828-635-1189), tested a Metalsport 18-inch rotor and caliper set on a trip to Daytona and found it to be the best 18-inch brake he had ever used.

When asked for comment, Ron said “Quality is over the top, our engineering team has gone all out on these brakes.” Metalsport claims their new rotor set will outperform any 18-inch rotor/caliper kit on the market.

Metalsport displayed it’s 34-inch Wheel and 18-inch Rotor and Brembo Caliper Sets at the Daytona Bike Week. The question always asked was, “When will they be available?”

The answer is, “They are available NOW!”

The new 34-inch monster wheel and 18-inch rotors are now available in the following styles: Don Juan Torque, Whip, 15-Spoke and Corleone, but can be ‘Special Ordered’ in any Metalsport 2D or 3D Style including the Chip Foose designs. Standard finishes are Chrome, Polished, Black or Black and Machined.

Metalsport also provides 2D and 3D wheel blanks of the finest grade forged aluminum and rotor blanks as well. So you can cut your own wheels if you choose.

Check out all their products at www.metalsportwheels.com


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