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The Funniest Guy in Biker Media, J.J.

When Bikers Meet Humans--A Book Of Short Stories

By Bill Hayes and Buckshot
6/11/2010 4:24:41 AM

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“Biker media” takes many forms; from the “infiltration books” to movies (good and horrible) to the documentaries that are so popular on the cable stations (again, both good and God- awful) and other various manifestations of how artists, writers and producers interpret our way of life.

A lot of this stuff is the same ol’ same ol’ but amidst it all there is a writer who has nested into a totally unique little niche; a guy who definitely rolls his own dice. A true individual.

J.J. Solari began to write for Easyriders magazine back in 1975. Well, actually, what he did was a lot more than writing; what J.J. did was to look at our lifestyle in a way unlike anyone ever did before or anyone has done since.

Some riders aren't meant to read Solari books…

It’s obvious to any real biker that it doesn’t take much to make a normal day into a crazed “adventure” when you have the mix of big bikes and the kinds of friends that most of us have and the places to go that most of us have to go. Just waking up can be a jolting thrill if you don’t know who might be sleeping on your couch, or your floor, or even your bed. And you have to consider if they’ve sobered up yet or not. And how many of them there might be. And if someone wants to take a ride. And for how many hundreds of miles. And for what reason (if there even is one). And just when the next party starts.

It’s an always “interesting” way to live and J.J. Solari details each and every edge-filled second of that electric (sometimes short-circuited) existence in his classic short stories.

For years his pieces have been read in the pages of Easyriders then on Bikernet. Now, his new book, When Bikers Meet Humans, has been released. When you buy this book and bring it into the relative serenity of your very own home, it will be like uncaging a truckload of hungry mongooses in your living room. Open the door even further, let in a random multiple vortex tornado or two and you’ll set the ambience perfectly.

Should we ride to Hollister or read JJ's book? Fuck that Mickey Mouse sonuvabitch, let's ride!

J.J. Solari is a genuinely hilarious man. He is seriously funny. But he is also pretty much dedicated to looking at our lifestyle with all the laid-back sensitivity of a thirsty Great White thrashing around in a vat of AB Negative.

You’ll laugh yourself into hyper-ventilating fits when you read this book—but then again, maybe you won’t if you’re easily offended, or if you spend a lot of time watching Paul and Jan Crouch on TBN and you actually send them money, or if you listen to Bread’s Greatest Hits a lot, or if you’re still a virgin.

If you don’t quite fit into any of those categories, trust me, this book is a screamer—literally. You’ll love it!

It’s available (along with a bunch of other cool and truthful biker media stuff) at Music-and-DVDs .

Read this book, goddamnit. Or, if you know this guy contact Michael Lichter, quick:

J.J. Solari’s
“When Bikers Meet Humans”
A book review by Buckshot

What does a depraved biker do when his frustration with society, dogs, cagers, an’ most every fuckin’ thing else on the planet reaches its boilin’ point? He becomes an author! You’ve probably laughed yer ass off at his stories in Easyriders, an’ if ya squat down an’ squint, you’ll find one right here on Bikernet called “The Burial of Mokes”.

Have ya ever had yer leg shreaded by some ferocious Fido just fer ridin’ past his house? Have ya ever tried ta bury a brother when ya were short on cash? Have ya ever coveted that rush of freedom ya feel after a large dose of sweet revenge? If so, this book’s the one ta learn how ta read on. Out’a consideration, he’s even kept the chapters short so yer legs won’t fall asleep on the shitter! Not many authors’d go that far ta assure the comfort of their readers, but that’s just the kind’a guy J.J. is.


Now if yer squeamish about the whole blood an guts thing, maybe this book ain’t fer you, but if ya have a totally depraved sense’a humor like most of us, you’ll laugh till the tears run down yer leg. He even had the world renown artist, (well, it IS a small world, ya know) Thomas Broersma, sprinkle nostalgic black an white line drawing illustrations through the book just in case yer imagination couldn’t quite wrap itself around the details of the gore an’ devastation wrought between the 389 pages of this literary masterpiece.

You’ve probably heard the ol’ saying; “The pen is mightier than the sword”. After ya read “The Killing of Mauser”, you’ll know that ol’ sayin’ is a crock’a crap!

Step right up. Just one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar. Buy a W8Lessrotor or read JJ's book. That's right, step right up.

I’ll bet yer wonderin’ “how can I get a copy’a this modern classic before the price goes up?” Well, the secret is ta go on e- bay, type in When Bikers Meet Humans, an’ ol’ Bill Hayes, literary purveyor to Hollywood’s elite, will sell ya one from his exclusive on-line store fer the paltry sum of $13.13 plus shippin’ an handlin’, which is also dirt cheap.

Ya better hurry, cause when it makes Oprah’s Best Seller list, the price’ll probably go through the roof!


Booze Fighter Banner
Bill Hayes, the author of this feature and owner of this bike, wrote a MotorBooks best seller on the history of the Booze Fighters. You can buy this book or JJ's by simply clicking on this fucking banner.

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Reader Comments

I started to read Easyriders almost when it first came out. I enjoyed Solari's stories to the bone. I can't wait until I get his book.

Guadalupe Rodriquez
Victoria, TX
Monday, March 20, 2023
Editor Response It will blow your mind!
Hey Bandit, besides Solari, I'm told you're the last ones breathin'. Anyway, J.J. had me hooked with Willy and the Weed. Sometimes I think he was the most interesting writer on the staff. I'm gonna get his book, if only to throw it on the pile of EZ rags. I hope the print is a size these eyes can see.

Wally Husky
352 Rt 347 Scott Tnshp, PA
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Editor Response Let me know. I'll hook you up.
I remember J.J. Solari's stories in the first 3 volumes of Easyriders Best Biker Fiction paperbacks back in the '70s.
I bought them all at Woolworth's!
I lost those books over the years and that is a shame because they are rare and really expensive now.

Still remember Solari's stories of Reno and the Booze Fighters and Wally Pierson.
I remember the No Class Chick story about the guy in the race who had a girl rider with him but she OD'd and died and the race rules said he had to ride with her. Hilarious!
Those are some gut-bustin' funny tales.

Does that When Bikers Meet Humans have those stories?
Could you at least share the table of contents?


Tyler Raleigh
Garden Grove, CA
Saturday, November 4, 2017
Editor Response I need to fix the shop with a list of his classical stories. They are all in the book we carry. Send me your address. I'll send you a copy.
JJ Solari published a short story in Easy Rider Magazine in the mid '70s called "No Class Broad". I was wondering if anyone knows where I might get a copy of that story.

Thank you in advance.

Clifton, Co. 81520, CO
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Editor Response It's "No Class Chick." And you can buy his book through Amazon, which contains all his great stories. I believe it's called, "When Bikers Meet Human Beings."
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