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The All-New Brass Balls Cycles LED Headlight

For the Supreme Custom Look Coupled to the Best Visual Technology

By Bandit with photos from Brass Balls Cycles Staff with vintage shots courtesy of the Bob T. collection

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This just in from Brass Balls Cycles. They recently created a custom LED headlight for the bike market.

“I wanted something containing LED technology,” said Dar Holdsworth, the boss of Brass Balls. “The light they throw out is amazing in a couple of respects. Not only does it light the road like never before, but the oncoming car visibility is enhanced yet not glaring.”

Dar's uncle, Frank Ball during one of the initial headlight tests.
Dar's uncle, Frank Ball during one of the initial headlight tests.

After extensive research he discovered an LED lens assembly manufactured by JW Speaker. They are a US company and this light is by far the best on the market used extensively on trucks.

“Not only does it work amazingly well compared to standard lights and other LEDs, but it looks like a glass work of art,” said Dar.

Upon further investigation Dar discovered additional skinny. It's the same LED light bulb Harley sells for $395 for a 5-3/4-inch unit and $495 for a 7-inch bulb. “And that's just for the bulb,” Dar said. Harley has their unit made with Harley-only mounting designed specific for them to fit a standard H-D headlight bezel. Their version can't be purchased by any other small motorcycle manufacturers. So Dar buys the 5 3/4-inch unit JW Speaker makes for universal applications.

"We didn't want the H-D bezel unit anyway. We wanted to offer something unique and made completely in the USA. So we designed and tested our bezel and bracket on several bikes. It functions great. It looks great, and it is all 100 percent made in USA.”

In order to bring these to market they needed to buy and produce at least 25 units. So they are currently, for this week only, pre-selling them on their campaign site. See link below.

“As a special thanks to those who order and help us bring these to market, we are giving them a $100 discount on the complete unit,” said Dar. “So in essence, they are getting the LED bulb assembly and our machined billet aluminum bezel and bracket for the same price Harley sells just the bulb for.”

A Brass Balls build-off winner sporting the new LED technology.
A Brass Balls build-off winner sporting the new LED technology.

Here is the link to the pre-order campaign. There are 5 days left to reserve one.

The Brass Balls design basically picked itself, and Dar designed a special mounting bracket, and a set of Brawler Trees with the mounting bracket built in for exact headlight alignment. It is absolutely DOT approved.

“From the front it is similar to the H-D unit. H-D offers a chrome bulb ring,” said Dar. “We offer it in black to enhance the look of the bulb. Our headlight unit is billet 6061 aluminum, polished or powder coated to the owners specifications.” From the side this unit is completely custom with a billet custom bracket. It’s too cool. by Darwin Motorcycles

Brass Balls team mascot.
Brass Balls team mascot.

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