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The ARCH KRGT-1 Gets EPA/CARB Approval

The Magnificent World of the Ominous ARCH Receives a Blessing from the Two-Wheeled Dictatorship

By AMD Mag with comment from afar

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Arch Motorcycle, the "ultra-premium" American V-twin manufacturer co-founded by Gard Hollinger of LA County ChopRods fame with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, has had its first production model certified as emissions compliant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) in the United States.

This means that their KRGT-1 is now road-legal for sale in all 50 states.
Powered by a proprietary S&S Cycle T124 Twin Cam style 124 ci/2,032cc 45 degree downdraft, fuel injected V-twin, Arch Motorcycle is no "celeb-fest" boutique bike building ego trip - this is serious contemporary production V-twin motorcycle design and engineering from the top drawer. With the help of S&S Cycle and other collaborators, Arch Motorcycle is doing it, and doing it right.

Gard, the all-powerful ARCH mastermind, who only owns one shirt.
Gard, the all-powerful ARCH mastermind, who only owns one shirt.

Ever since its unveiling last year, the KRGT-1 (the first of a series of designs) has won admirers with all who have ridden it; indeed with up to 100 planned for production, although the $78,000 price tag places the bike outside of mainstream consideration, it is far from excessive for the quality and originality that Hollinger and Reeves' decade long collaboration has produced. Be under no illusion - the KRGT-1 is an achievement worthy of recognition.

Working in conjunction with S&S Cycle, Arch have developed a new downdraft induction system that is positioned between the two halves of the "fuel cells" (gas tanks to you and me).

"Shaped and efficient" intake air dams collect and deliver the air, and the multi-function design allows the dams to support the frame and the billet aluminum headlight housing.

Each of the two halves of the gas tank have no less than 66 hours of machining in it (!) to reduce 534 lbs of aluminum to two 9 lb 'cells', which are then custom-finished and joined. The right 'cell' interior has been designed and reinforced to act as an aluminum structural chassis member - with the entire Arch downdraft system contained between the two 'cell' chambers and the tube and billet steel frame.

A multi-functional oil pan/transmission mount and a cross-member/battery tray have been designed in-house and made, in the company's own words, "by carefully chosen outsource partners". S&S have also collaborated to develop the Arch "Unitized" drivetrain - a compact unit that is said to provide a "strong, serviceable, proprietary system that streamlines and balances" the KRGT-1.

An Arch "cove reflective taillight embodies design elements that challenge expectation - the multi-function LED unit sits inverted and hidden within the reflective aluminum rear cowling, eliminating the need for traditional plastic lensing.

"The Arch modular billet aluminum swingarm requires over 17 hours of machining. Hidden behind its strong sculpted exterior, pocketing and wire channels reduce weight by 55 percent. Titanium adjusters and a hollow chromoly axle complete the assembly."

Front suspension is a 43mm fully adjustable Ohlins inverted set-up with a fully adjustable piggy-back reservoir Race Tech single shock with hydraulic preload adjustment at the rear.

Customer options include 2" or 3" handlebar pull-back risers, narrow or wide mounted footpegs and forward or mid controls in a "limitless array of unique finishes" - over 200 parts for the KRGT-1 are said to be being manufactured in-house.

The transmission is an Arch proprietary 6-speed with custom compact high torque main shaft, and an Arch Bandit dry belt with compact clutch basket with a right side 530 O-ring chain final drive.

The wheels are ultra-light BST South African manufactured carbon fiber items - 3"x19" front, 8"x19" rear; the brakes are Swedish made ISR 6-piston monoblock radial mount calipers with dual ISR floating dampened discs.

Don't ask me, I'm innocent.
Don't ask me, I'm innocent.

The KRGT-1 weighs in at 538 lbs dry and has a 5-US gallon tank for a range of around 200 miles, a 68" wheelbase, 30 degrees of rake, 5" of trail and 27.8" seat height.
Historically, not every bike offered in this price range has warranted the ticket; indeed there are plenty who would argue that short of the rarefied air of the MotoGP paddock, no bike warrants this kind of price tag, especially in a post-Lehman custom motorcycle market characterized by garage-builds, and a long overdue return to "roots.”

However, there will always be top-end projects, regardless of the economic and build cycle, and in the Arch KRGT-1 the market has a motorcycle that is aspirational and innovative in equal measure - the craftsmanship, styling and engineering screams "ride me", not just "own me".

Posted by AMD Mag


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